A Little Science. A Ton of Wonder.

Guide: How to take your indoor climbing outdoors 8 tips

                The article isn’t about rock or mountain climbing.  If we contemplate what this man is doing, it’s quite amazing, and the training required must be extensive.  But I’m going to consider just one aspect.  The hand.  Yes, the hand.

                Have you ever considered how amazing your hand is:  anybody’s hand?  I’ll share some observations.  If I’m standing outside, I can tell which way the wind is blowing by the hairs and skin on the back of my hand.  I can sense temperature.  I’m also aware of the amount of moisture in the air:  humidity.  Sometimes, I’ve been able to sense electricity, which if one reads science, makes sense.

                That man must exact the correct amount of pressure on that rock, even sense the strength of what he’s grabbing, and utilize the finger tips in just the right amount as he pulls himself higher, working in tandem with all his other limbs, breathing, and line of sight.  And so much more. His grip must work with his balance, his awareness of position, and where he wants to go, and experience, which his cells remember, help.

2,063 Reeling In Fish Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

                Think of fishing.  When tying a lure to the line, eye sight working in tandem with incredible dexterity in the fingers, put the two together.   Think of how the fingers can tie a knot so small.  As the fellow in the picture flings the lure out, he must anticipate and whip forward.  As he reels, he’s also “sensing” if a nibble tugs at the hook, and he must “yank” the lure at the right moment or lose the fish.  Everything in catching the fish, the stance, monitoring, sensing, and much we never think about has to happen instantaneously, all the time, every time.  For if we lose a moment anywhere, that’s when we fall while running, choke when eating, hit the wall when not looking, and more. 

                Signals from your brain, regarding decisions and reactions, to your hands.  Instantaneously.

                I suppose, many people who have arthritis in their hands, more so I think if they’ve done a lot in their life requiring their hands (i.e. cabinet making, car mechanic, dress making, surgeon, and more.), greatly appreciate what they used to could do.  We often don’t think about it when all is good, but when age and health decline, then we know what we once had.   

What Happens at The Synapse? | Dana Foundation

                Long ago, I read about the synapse.  How the cells aren’t touching, but signals go from one to the other, all day long, every day, and all happening instantaneously, constantly, to effect all the parts of your body to meet each and every situation, trillions of situations a day, which we never think about.  We just see things in generalizations.   I remember, in my youth, a sibling telling me about how when we touch something very hot, the first signal goes to our hand, so we flinch and pull away, before we’ve had time to think about that.  I can see why.  Like suddenly falling, and if you don’t put your hand out, but think about it first, it’s too late.  And what about sudden swerves in traffic, or avoiding a running person at the mall?   What about martial arts?  Gymnastics?  Skate boarding?  Dance?  The timing?  Even reading.

Sometimes, We Don’t Need to Know… Or Say….

Photos: Draft Profile - Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes with Texas Tech.

                I think Patrick Mahomes is one of my favorite quarterbacks, and time will tell the career.  Actually, none of that matters, but we’d like to see him succeed, certainly a couple more Super Bowls.

                I mentioned this once before, but I think he lost something between last season and this season.  Can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve seen things like this before.  It’s like trying to map out your life, predict success, then it doesn’t happen.  It can happen, to some degrees.  But often, it doesn’t.

                When Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs were about to play Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I wondered what was going on in that head of his.  At Texas Tech, he was an excellent quarterback, throwing over 600 yards in one important game (They replayed the game.).  His style of play was very similar.  And given all of his success, his prior Super Bowl win, and Brady in his 40s, he may have seen himself beating the “great one”, being the Tom Brady of the future.  I think, somewhere, he even alluded to winning more Super Bowls.   But when they lost, and lost big, he must have also realized (even as the game was closing) that he was now further behind Tom Brady in regards to post-season wins.  Patrick has 1 Super Bowl win. Tom has 7.  The latter requires a lot of opportunities.  And Andy Reid isn’t getting younger.

                Before this season began, Patrick made the prediction of an undefeated season, going 20 and 0.  Why did he do that?  Nothing wrong with it.  It’s fun.  If it’s for fun.  But you have a ton of work ahead.  I think, to some degree, he did it because of the previous season, losing to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, then trying to hype himself and others up for an amazing season.  Again, nothing wrong with it.  Always do your best.  But it’s a tell.  He was trying to beat a legend.  But was it his motivation, or the motivation of fans?  Or something else?

                Except, the best didn’t happen.  The early season was a wash.  They looked like they may not even make post-season, might not even have a winning record, and Patrick was going to end up as a backup.  That bad.  Everybody was wondering what was happening.

                Of course, I have a take.  During the Super Bowl time, Andy had some serious issues, and we hoped for him, but that might in part affect this year.  But it’s also something else.  Patrick tried, I believe, to live the future.  Can’t do it.  Never works.  Well, mostly.  There is no future.  The future, in a sense, is what you do today, each and every day.  Predicting the future is anticipation, but its outcome is based upon today.

                Hear this if you will.  There is no such thing as the future.  We always live in the present moment.  Right here, right now, nowhere else.  Everything we do, we do now.  And Patrick has to enjoy being in the NFL, making millions, and competing.  What a great career he might have.  One day at a time.

                I have tried to predict the future, then live it, and you know what?  It never goes the way you predict it.  For a time, maybe, but that’s you and your energy trying to effect outcome.  The difficulty is, moments change, people change, circumstances change, and what seemed like a good idea while you were predicting wasn’t, and circumstances changed more.  His circumstances changed.

                I know.  I know.  Tom Brady did it.  He told his guys we’ll win again.  Then, he did.  But I think, with Tom, he’ll do everything possible to win, one game at a time, and motivate his team mates.  I think he plays because he loves the game.  He wins because he wants to win, every single time.  But I don’t think he lives in the past.  I don’t think he worries about what the fans are thinking.

                When Tom Brady and the Patriots lost to the New York Giants and Eli Manning, twice, each time, he just went back to work.  He, as I see it, didn’t live in the past.  He just wanted to win.  One game at a time.  Do the work.  Make the changes.  Improve.  Watch film.  The rest will happen.  Eli Manning beat his Patriot’s defense, he’ll work harder next year.

                Patrick Mahomes, as I see it, needs to forget what others think of him, or at least, not let that get to him too much.  He’ll mature.  I think he’ll be better.  But play this year, and only this year, one game at a time, and let the year be the reflection of all that.  And, if you get to post season, play each game, one at a time, to your best.  Then, if you get to the Super Bowl, play your heart out, play by play.  It never moves any faster.  And if he does win another Super Bowl, enjoy, celebrate, then next season, one game at a time.  Forget trying to catch Brady’s record.  He’ll enjoy playing more.

                There’s something else.  I think, but am not sure, but I think there’s something wrong with trying to predict and live out your life.  Because while you’re doing that, you’re missing out on all the things between the beginning and the end.  I think it can be a kind of pride, but missing out.  Hmmm….

Sometimes, It Just Happens

Ever get the feeling that something is about to happen, then it does?

Photos: Patriots vs. Buccaneers Week 4

                A neighbor likes to chat about football.  A few days ago, we were discussing which teams in the NFL might go far into the post season.  Well, I thought, the year is shaping up different than I had first thought, but then, when doesn’t it?  While I’ve thought the Buffalo Bills are a top ranked team, there’s just something there, part in the quarterback, that I don’t think will go all the way and win the Super Bowl.  Of course, I can be wrong, but usually there are tells.  Thus far, they seem to be falling away from where they landed a year ago.  Time will tell.

Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones Reveals What Tom Brady Told Him After  Showdown in New England

                In watching the various teams, Dallas doesn’t seem primed, Seahawks none of us know what’s happening, and what’s going on with Pittsburgh?  But something seems to be shaping up.  Tom Brady is having one of his best years, and he’s 44 going on 45, their defense still strong.  I looked over at Belichik’s Patriots and found six wins in a row, then looked at Mac’s stats, which are better than Tom when he won his first Super Bowl.  And New England’s defense.  Wow!

500+ American Football Pictures [HQ] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

                With several week’s left, everything is up in the air.  Anything can happen, and often does.  Injuries.  Personnel changes.  Game strategies.  Who knows?  But here is something that seems to be shaping up.  New England vs. Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl.  If you look at offense, defense, special teams, and turnover stats, things are shaping up.  Could it be destiny that Brady plays against Belichik?  How many fans would like to see that?

Nobody Wants the Real

Everybody is into image. Well…, most to degrees.

Most Beautiful Cars on Sale Today: Photos, Details

                I have to admit, I like a “nice” car, more so if it’s well-engineered, but also if it looks nice and sporty.  But I’ve pondered upon this from time to time.

                When car companies started using those flimsy panels (almost aluminum foil-like), then more and more plastics, I noticed them more.  I thought to myself, exactly what is a car, or a nice car as many might agree, that I think I want.  Notice how I asked the question.  I have to say, I’ve looked at a relative’s BMW, or one of those new trucks, and saw thin metal, plastics, wearing tires, and engines with half-lives.  It’s a product that has an image created by advertisers, linking messages to images.  And for some reason, we buy into that.  I’ve pondered, how much more worth is a $75,000 BMW that lasts 200,000 miles with very expensive maintenance and repairs versus a quality Camry or Accord that goes 300,00 miles?  I know.  I know.  But it’s reality.

                But then, that also goes with people.  I’ve pondered how much money is spent in making people “look” better.   The makeup industry.  The exercise industry.  The dieting industry.  The “education” industry, in certain arenas.  The clothing industry.  The dental and medical industry (Puffy lips or liposuction anyone?).  And so much more.  Why?  Because we buy into that, but we also don’t understand that what we’re buying into was “created” by people who created the false “need.”  Do this.  Do that.  Learn this.  Buy that.  Believe that.  Appear this way.  Be on the bandwagon.  And so much more. 

Kia Vehicles: Prices, Reviews & Pictures | U.S. News

                No.  I’m not advertising automobiles.  The Kia, from what I understand, is a good vehicle, and if it does what it’s supposed to do, families will benefit, but that’s something they’ll find out. 

                But we do the same thing, as I began above, with people.  I wonder how all this started.  I have never met anyone who is really that much more special than anyone else.  All people, because they’re people, are special and important.  But that’s not what I’m talking about.  I should see as much value in one person as I do another.  Does a person exercising every day, toning abs, wearing the right clothing, make them more special?  Does make-up, which you might scream when you see it taken off, make a person more special?  Does a degree, with yakka-yakka-yakka information, make them more special?  Does a car?  A new car?  A beautiful house?  Or books written?  Or how about street smarts or being clever?    

                We see movies about how men are stunned by a beautiful, or what Hollywood calls beautiful, woman.  Or the other way as the case may be.  Why?  And who benefits from all these viewpoints?  I can remember, in my youth, trying to talk with a “beautiful young lady.”  High school, you know.  Eventually, I did talk.  We were friends.  Years later, I looked back, wondering exactly what I was so attracted to that I had difficulty talking at first. 

                Image.  Expectations.  The way people behave.  The reactions.  And more.  Also, how the other guys talked.  She was a decent person.  I’ve met many decent people.  I will say, in the time I knew her, knowing other people, I didn’t have more “amazing” conversations than with anyone else.  She was just a decent person and I was glad to have known her.

                But watch Fox News.  The women are all dolled up.  Expensive makeup, clothing, and so forth.  Because we’re trained to be image related.  We see more value in appearances.  I don’t watch Fox News much anymore.  Perhaps ten minutes a couple times a week, at most.  But the last time, I listened carefully to what two woman were saying, and I didn’t hear anything I hadn’t already figured out long ago.  But I wonder, how many “men” find the women fascinating, thinking they’re smart, because of make-up, hair color, clothing, and an exercise regimen. 

                But that also has me pondering on the women.   Do they think they’re more special because of how the audience reacts to their make-up, clothing, and image?  If that’s so, what does that tell?  I think they’ve fallen into the trap. 

                I had a friend in college.  I though he was really cool.  He could do anything he put his mind to.  Clever also.  But over the years, I realized he was the same as all of my friends, but he had a father who had gotten him into many things (i.e. sports, music, and more), always challenging him and his siblings.  But he did something I didn’t catch back in college.  He knew how to hold out information, appear wise, and so forth, keeping people guessing.  It was a good tactic.  But when I realized what he was doing, I sometimes told him.  He didn’t like that.  That was a huge tell.  I also noticed something else.  He didn’t like it when others, mostly his friends, were better at something than he.  That was another tell.  I still liked him.  We were friends.  But the image was over.

                Don’t be “floored” by the appearances of people.  Don’t get lost in images.  Don’t “look up” to others because others do.  If you do look up to anyone, it’s because they’re trustworthy and honest.  Don’t put on a show for anyone.  And if you get “hurt” while doing all of this, you deserved it, because you didn’t follow the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding. 

                And that’s with relationships.  Who said you have to be “gaga” over anyone?  Or is it, unless you’re “gaga” over someone, you can’t be motivated to be interested?  Or here’s something else that might be troubling to realize.  Is it, unless you play the game of being “gaga”, you think you’re not interesting to others.  Like, you have to play the game which keeps people in a miasma of false ideas, though they don’t know they’re false?  I know.  I know.  It gets complicated.  But it doesn’t have to.

                Just be yourself, whatever that is.  Just be honest.  I told that to somone once and they said they wouldn’t have any friends then.  That person understood, but not enough to be honest.  But if you’re not honest, then your friendships won’t be either, and any “pain” you suffer you created.

                One of my relatives said something I’ll never forget.  He and his wife are like best friends.  I asked him, in front of her, if she was the woman he couldn’t live without.  He said, of course I could live without her.  She laughed.  You see.  They’re honest folks.  Image isn’t where they live.  They got married because they love each other, and have loved each other throughout.  But not commercial love.  Not romance novel love.  Not make-up love.  Honesty.  Integrity.  Going through good times and difficult together, every step of the way. 

***I will say this. For the most part, I have had far more interesting conversations with what the advertisers might call ordinary looking people. I wonder why? Shouldn’t all people have truly interesting, honest, and thoughtful things to say?

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Jobs at Nestlé | Nestlé Global

                When I was young, more so as I got older, I pondered that question.  And like one relative, I never did find “that thing” I had to do, wanted to do, and nothing would block my way.  I tried this and that, then eventually “chose” a  career path.

                Looking at that picture, the one above, I’m reminded of a couple of things.  That’s not real life and most people working don’t appear that happy.  It’s the same with commercials.  You know, those advertisements about how much they care about you, do all they can for you, and are their when you need them.  What about State Farm?  I’ve looked up much better quotes through other agencies.  And I’ve gone to companies, discovering their ads don’t describe reality.  When you go to work, throw out all the commercials and preconceptions, then embrace reality. 

                The dynamics of working and leading your own future is as dynamic as there are people in this world.  We’re all individuals.  No one can decide for me what I will do, unless we’re in a communist nation.  And that’s as it should be.  Schools (The good ones of decades past.) can bring in professionals to share their experiences, perhaps with video slides, a question/answer session following.  They can also have a career day, later, counselors available to those interested.  Parents can discuss the options out there, perhaps taking their children to work sites, even arrange talks with professionals.  And if the parents have their own businesses, they can have their children working there during summers, even a couple days a week during regular year.  There are many ways to bring awareness to the youth.

                But ultimately, they have to make the decisions.  And for this, I don’t know the whole “What do you want to be when you grow up?” fits everyone.  However, if young people discover areas of interest, perhaps with time, they might put two and two together and find an area they want to pursue or follow.  Together with talks, discussions, and visits with the parents, they might connect interests with career, or a job that might turn into a career. 

Careers | CBRE

                I often remember Mr. Einstein and his discovery of magnetism through a compass.  At five years of age, he noticed that needle would always point in the same direction.  He wondered why.  That did it.  He was hooked on science.  And look where that took him.

                For others, it’s simply the need to work, being responsible, and finding something, anything, you can do well, and hopefully, liking aspects of the work.  But it’s not what many are looking for:  the dream job.  I’ve often thought the “dream job” is for people who have too much time on their hands, or have not faced responsibility in much of their lives.  Sometimes, you do something because that’s the thing to do.

                Then I think of the original Colonel Sanders for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  After retiring, he went onto something he’d wanted to do for a long time.  Perhaps the work he did most of his life led to that discovery.  Perhaps.  But one never knows and can’t predict for everyone.

                I’m writing this for people who are indecisive.  It’s all on you, I would say.  You can talk with this person and that, try this job and that, learn this and that, but only you can decide.  And I believe that’s key.  As a teacher, I never told any student they should do this or that.  I did provide information, brought concepts up, and used statistics, but I always said, it’s all on you, as it should be.  You decide.  You take on the responsibilities for making those decisions.  But if you do well, I’ll be happy.  Then do a better job.

***If you worry about what you want to do: good luck. Only you can decide. I wouldn’t even try to tell anyone. Not my life.

Dog Whisperer Message

Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer - YouTube
From the 'Dog Whisperer,' a Howl of Triumph - The New York Times
HD Spanish]PART 2, 16Mar11 Cesar Millan Press conference introducing his DOG  WHISPERER line - YouTube

                Fortunately, having gotten into some cool jobs, taking on chance opportunities, I was very fortunate to discover what learning really is.  And this is important.  “Ah haaa…” moments.  Yes, sometimes, this happens after hours, days, even years of hard work and research, but along the way are other “ah haa” moments.  Learning something, anything, can happen after a long time, but it can also happen in an instant.  Snap the fingers.  That fast.  It just depends upon whether you’re really listening.  Whether you’re ready.

                I’ll give an illustration.  I “explain” to a child or teen how to sit the saddle.  I explain to keep the “heels” down because they act as a brake from going over the horse’s head when it stops suddenly.  The child, or teen, looks, imagines, maybe tries it a bit, then smiles.  He or she gets it.  That’s real learning.  It works with prepositional phrases, it works with fixing car brakes, it works with the concept of honesty.

                When I started watching Cesar Millan, I know why I instantly gravitated to his shows.  He is real.  He is in the moment.  What he does in correcting dogs and their owners is reality.  It comes from a lifetime of being real, observing, and understanding.  The same goes with Monte Roberts, the Horse Whisperer.  And I greatly appreciated Joe Frosts’ Supernanny.

                You see.  I can’t learn.  I can’t take in information like a robot then regurgitate it for brownie buttons.  Many people can.  Many are in Hollywood and politics, our leader being a huge one.  Many of them write blogs.  Many are your neighbors.  They don’t think for themselves.  I have to understand.

                I believe this is why, as Cesar’s show’s progressed, he had so many detractors.  For me, what he was saying and doing was obvious.  He would explain and show, demonstrate, and I could see a direct relationship between him and the circumstances.  With my own background, I knew he had it.  It was so easy:  for him. 

                But why the detractors?  Because it was so easy for him, though he worked long hours out of love.  He worked long hours because he loves what he does.  It’s honest for him.  He could help a dog owner while half asleep, one hand tied behind his back. 

                People who have learned to learn, so don’t have “ah haa” moments, don’t appreciate the spontaneous.  They’ve been convinced that “rote” and repeat are the only way, and many don’t know what understanding is.  People who learned to “kiss up”, resent themselves, but have to target “innocent” and decent people because of their guilt (They resent others because they resent themselves.).  People who’ve learned to “fool” the public into thinking they have the best methods of dog training can’t allow someone like Cesar, who does it all spontaneously, without having been book learned.  By being himself, thinking for himself, and teaching with understanding, spontaneous, he is a threat to many who want to “fool” the public.  If you truly listen, observe, and think for yourselves with responsibility, you will discover this as well.  But there’s no other way for honest people.  And there’s no other way if you want to raise your children properly.

***One more thing: the universities are filled with the clueless. Something else. The more you think you need others to educate you, the further you’ve fallen from what real understanding is.

The Future of News is Conditional

Orlando News, Weather, and Sports | WFTV – WFTV

                What is real news?  If honestly told and reported, with real facts, news can be anything.  If I tell you, today, it was sunny most of the day, that is news.  If I tell you, under a large rock behind the house, I found a couple crickets, snapping a picture of them, that is news.  The same would be if I noticed more people entering a store, then confirmed later with the management that more people came that day.

                But why would I, even though the media seems to be posting more and more online articles even less important than the above, ever share such information?  I wouldn’t.  I would better share “news” that is important, that is eye-opening, and affects our nation as a whole.

                Then, as in the movie, “All the President’s Men,” if I was part of a news agency, I would ensure the facts and supporting sources.  And if I didn’t do this, I would expect my bosses to rip me a “new one,” for not being professional.  Certainly, news, if it’s worth its salt, informs, is accurate, and is meaningful.  The more important, the more supportive of our constitution, and the more filled with quality detail and not propaganda, the better.  [I wonder how many readers have no idea what propaganda is.  That may explain some things.  Certainly, schools would never teach them.].

4,867 Fake News Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

                We have serious problems today, most bloggers would agree, but they would agree for different reasons.  Some, like my friends and I, will observe, listen, read, research, to the nth degree.  Under no circumstances, will we allow ourselves to believe in propaganda, although one past friend seems to be changing.  So, when we heard about Kyle, we listened, observed, watched, and were patient.  When people though the world would come to an end, as as#inine as that is, we observed, remembering travels over water and land, did some calculations, researched real science and oceanography, checked stories, and asked the hard questions.  In this, we also encourage others to really think for themselves, but that requires a lifetime commitment, not just doing so for brownie buttons.

                Through propaganda in the news, many lies about, through inane online articles, through Hollywood (The propagandists’ brainchild, though not much upstairs.), through publications, and through regulations, we are surrounded by silliness, ridiculous suppositions, but all with a purpose:  to get you off your game.  And that explains education, which is actually uneducation, or deeducation (Public Propaganda Education Camps).  The longer parents keep their children in them, the less able they are to understand and follow the rabbit of reason.  That’s done, with a purpose.  And it’s been done in universities for a long time.  Want a good education.  Don’t go to public propaganda education camps.  Every single time I’ve talked with a home schooled graduate, every single time, they are leaps and bounds ahead of public propaganda educated students (Not my responsible peers’ or my students.  We provided quality lessons and projects, discussions included.).  I mean leaps and bounds ahead.  And here’s something else.  They’re ahead of most of the college students I knew while in college. 

Teen Kids News.

                Now, why do we need teen news?  What is the purpose?  Entertainment?  Okay.  I get that.  But then we’re not talking about real news.  I have to believe adults, with years and years of experience and training, having been in the business a long time, will do a far better job of reporting real and important news (They’re not:  not most.)

                So, what is the purpose?  If it’s not real news, then why call it that?  I have to ask the questions.  If we know news is greatly corrupted, the bats having gotten into the belfry so to speak, and education (public propaganda camps) have destroyed many of our youth’s learning, then we have to ask who is putting these programs on, why, and to what purpose?  To get a younger, less informed, audience?  To get younger people seeing opportunities to be in an industry without really having to think, do real research, and reach those “ah haa” moments of clarity that supports people like Kyle and shows the dangers of a Marxist government group, with a inane puppet at the helm?  To create an atmosphere of what…? 

                Look at the smiles.  I think these teens are genuinely happy.  I don’t know how many of them, if any, realized the state of the country.  I don’t know how many of them realize the industry is manipulating them for an agenda?  If they were educated publicly, they probably don’t know.  They were probably picked because they don’t know.  One conversation with me, and some of them would leave the program and start researching for themselves.  And that last would be good.  They deserved better.

***There’s one more thing. The way to stop people, those in higher places and working towards goals, from thinking for themselves, is reward them with programming, higher jobs, money, and brownie buttons. Young people work for opportunity, to feel good about themselves, and industriousness, but they need the informed adults, their parents, to protect and guide.

Sometimes, it’s Nice to Just Look…

African Sunsets: 15 Countries with the MOST Beautiful Sunset in Africa
I think of this when reading a book.
Beautiful Lake Wallpapers - Top Free Beautiful Lake Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess
A Lake I’d like to find.
The Process of Eclosion(6/13 ) the Butterfly Try To Drill Out of Cocoon  Shell, from Pupa Turn into Butterfly Stock Image - Image of male, harmony:  28617427

When they showed us a film in elementary school, I was fascinated. Still am.

The Praying Mantis: 15 Facts You Won't Believe!

They always look like they’re pondering. As a kid, wondered what the world looked like through their eyes.

Tortoise - Wikipedia

I read that reptiles never stop growing. Explains a lot.

Somewhere, we read that our ears and noses never stop growing. Explains a lot.

**Once in awhile, look around. At night, look up at the sky. Used to track the moon each night.

3,091 Little Dipper Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock
2,300 Looking Up At Stars Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

We found fascinating that, though we’re in the Milky Way, you can see it in the night sky.

Supporting Our Constitutional Rights Protects our Lives

Practice and Access for the Law Abiding Citizens.

Oh, and don’t create “laws” that make good people appear bad on paper.

How To Properly Hold And Fire A Handgun | HiConsumption

Here, we see demonstration of holding a pistol.

The light is for defensive purposes.

                The right of every American citizen to protect and defend is extremely important.  As I see this, the opportunity to train, practice, and carry are extremely important, for a variety of reason, but mostly, to enforce our rights to defend ourselves and others. 

                I wanted to look at two things for this article.  One is access to firearms, making the best choice for yourself.  That requires citizens in all states to have access to the market, including arms that have the best chances of providing the best protection for each individual.  It makes no sense if those in one state have better access than another, for all citizens should be equally capable of the best.  This also makes sense in regards to protecting the home, protecting your family, protecting your neighbors, and protecting those you happen to meet, say… in a parking lot.  Remember, we don’t know what offenders might be carrying, and we should have access to what is best.  Training as well.

                It also makes no sense to limit capability and capacity.  In some states, pistols are limited to ten rounds, but in others, the magazines hold far more.  Remember, the criminals do not have to follow state regulations, and by limiting the law-abiding, those “laws” are putting them at a great disadvantage.  With training, they can reduce the disadvantage, and that gets to my next point:  access to ammo, but they would be better off trained with what they prefer to legally handle.

                People practice to improve, but also quality training prevents unnecessary harm.  We see more advertisements for 9mm and other smaller rounds, but this is in part due to price.  As I see it, no matter what, a larger and more powerful round is often the better choice, if the person can handle and trains.   We have looked at ammo prices in stores and online.  Amazing to think each round might cost around $1.00.  Most people, as I see it, don’t have that kind of money for the practice needed for self-confidence and adequate preparedness, and cleaning and lubricating the pistols add to this.  Consider this.  Shooting 600 rounds a year, to some, is minimal to practice.  But 600 rounds might cost $600.00, which could have been used on a second or backup pistol, but also for products like better sights, triggers, and lasers.  And if the training increases, citizens are further prevented from access to quality products, as was just shared. 

                We want to reduce harm by firearms.  Access to quality firearms with the needed capacity, access to affordable ammo for practice, and access to affordable training are elements of this.  And I would strongly suggest, as many states have allowed, that supporting citizens to carry creates a safer society.  Criminals don’t want to be someplace where the citizens are responsible and carrying.  And trained.

                **Here’s a story that can illustrate one point, maybe more.  I’ve shared this some time back.  I was showing two people how to operate a pistol.  For this, I chose the outdoors, away from most people (I don’t think we saw anyone on the drive out.).  Step by step, I took one of the two through awareness, checks, handling, and more.  Of course, I always first demonstrated.  And afterwards, I also explained a good idea of getting other training. 

                Well, the second person just sat there, watching, looking nervous.  The second person asked to “touch” the pistol, then went quickly back to sit down.  Through the practice, the second person just sat, I suppose, waiting for when we would leave.  Later, this person wanted nothing to do with pistols.

                The entire practice had went well.  I helped exposed some areas to watch.  I was adamant about safety and always knowing the condition of the pistol, where the barrel is pointed, and more.  I think this person improved by practice, for when he/she came back, he/she had improved and I didn’t see any safety issues. 

                **But this is important.  The person who sat aside, afraid, as I see it, has no idea what a firearm is and how to operate.  In this condition, with an anti-constitutional media promoting lies and fear, this person might never obtain the skills and practice necessary should the home or his/her family need protection.  As in many arenas, practice reduces difficulties and maximizes proper understanding.  And responsible people want access to that which affords them the best safety.

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Training session. Ear protection helps.