Taking Paperwork Out of any Equation

A Clarity of Understanding. Seeing is believing!

A document can never say everything about reality. At best, it tells what a person already understands.

                I was reading a book by Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, as I see him the best at helping pet owners. However, this was one of the few, or two times, I found myself disagreeing with something he wrote.  It had to do with people locating a quality dog trainer, or perhaps one who simply can teach the family how to properly socialize their pet so they have a wonderful life together.

                He explained, and I have read him do so in other books, that best to find one who is certified.  I want to hold here a second: Certification. Let me explain why I disagree, but also, why I don’t think he believes his own statement.  Perhaps, it’s more in theory than in actual application.  And I have considered this from many directions, but more so, in the people who decide.

                A piece of paper is just a piece of paper.  No writing of any kind can tell the world all about you. A certificate is just a piece of paper that is also recorded in an office, but also on computer storage devices.  Anything that is formed, has your name, and says this and that, and provides the certificated person with authority (The only true authority in this arena is ability, skill, and integrity.) to do this or that, even train dogs, is just a piece of paper.  Nothing more. The only thing that truly counts is whether the individual is “good” at what they do, be it pet training, developing software, coaching, repairing bicycles, developing bridges, designing dresses or what have you….

And, intuitively, we know this to be true. We know when we go to a dentist, if we haven’t checked the reviews, know people who’ve gone there, or know some people who work in the office and can give us the inside stories, we’re batting 50/50 at best in taking a chance that we’ll have to return for the same tooth… later… perhaps sooner. With automobile mechanics, I think high quality auto-repair businesses is really taking your chances, even if from your dealership.

In publications, in books, in blogs, we see some people very good at what they do, within the scope they share. In looking at photography, some have a “cool” way of seeing the scenes they take, and I would say, no amount of formal training gave them their perceptions. Some, in their writings, communicate in ways I couldn’t, but they often share and clarify.

                Now, I understand, to some degree, the reasoning behind what Cesar Millan’s written.  I imagine, he wrote that to be politically/sociologically correct and not lose supporters.  But I also might consider that finding a trainer that has been trained, taught, and graded, along with a series of positive customer reviews, might help some pet owners make better decisions.  But, no matter what, I still cannot agree with the statement (and I don’t believe he believes his own statement.). As many as there are certified trainers, I have to ask who certified and do I agree with their view on things. I also believe that as many certified trainers there are, there are more uncertified trainers just as good or better. I’ve seen this too many times in my life to believe otherwise. Some people are naturally gifted. Others, due to interest, develop their skills over time: on their own, and with observations, reading, and sheer determination/interest, they become very good at what they do. And many of these very talented and hardworking people don’t have certifications. But there’s more.

Cesar Millan himself learned without any training. None. Nada. He just knew. He grew up around dogs, loving every minute. He understood dogs, and I suppose, many other animals. I look at a dog and immediately, I get it. He gets them, but far above me, greatly due to his natural interests and time spent over the years, and I understand this through his explanations and show.

Had he never come to America, had he found work as a mechanic where he was (Perhaps a family business he was asked to remain helping.), he probably would have been the town’s best dog handler and teacher. Everybody with a difficult pet would have come to him. And no certification. And I will say this: Before he began his show, I’ll would bet dollars to doughnuts that he was already extremely well-versed with dogs, but also understanding people.

Here’s something I need to share. I can’t speak for everyone, but usually, I can recognized in others understanding, which I believe is the basis to find something, perhaps several things, to enjoy and learn. Perhaps even be very good at, perhaps even as a business. I think a lot of people never find things they’re good at because they don’t allow their own motivations to discover. That’s why, I’ve told many a children that while they’re young, that’s the time to try this and that, work hard on skills, and develop talents. Because when your older, married, and have your own children, the children have to come first. You might still have the opportunities, but good priorities are very important.

*I want to pause here to share a memory. It was when I realized something (I don’t remember what it was, but how the conversation went.), then told a friend. My friend immediately asked where had I learned that, but also, what book or magazine had I read that. That, I believe, was the first time I realized the problem with the belief in publications, certifications, and the title of “experts,” for who, I asked, confers titles, and what about those who naturally understand, or over time, come to see?

                We cannot allow ourselves to be “trained” into thinking in certain ways (I can see myself shaping up for a long article, but I’ll keep it shorter for this purpose.).  We cannot.  We cannot give up our instincts, our common sense, and our natural ability to distinguish between real and unreal.  Paperwork, shmaperwork.  In its truest sense, means nothing. Honest motivation and hard work are far better.   I’ll give a few examples.

                There is one mechanic business I trust more than any other.  I learned of them, more than a couple decades ago, through a friend who’d taken his cars there.  Upon going to them, I knew one of the  mechanics, and in talking to the owner, I knew instantly these were honest people (I knew then, I would never take my vehicles anywhere else unless I lived too far away.).  And when I brought in a vehicle one time, because it was pretty old, the son (He now runs his father’s business full time.) suggested a less expensive repair as I probably wouldn’t keep the car for more than another year or so. That, I thought, was cool!  I’ve now taken our vehicles to them ever since, and never, not once, have I had to return for the same issue.  I tell all of my friends to take their vehicles to them.

                While working at that zoo, I was helping a new person butcher a deer.  He wasn’t all too keen on this, but the rule was guys do the butchering.  So I showed him by steps, explaining how and why.  He said something:  He said I made it look easy.  I said, of course.  It’s just how you look at it.  And that taught me something I hadn’t realized before. 

                I’ve a friend who can do anything.  Anything.  And you can see it just looking at him.  Out of, perhaps boredom, he started designing cakes, then selling them for profit. Along the way, a cake business wanted to hire him (He had no formal training and no certification.), but he already had his career and another business. And sure enough, if something needs to be done, he knows how to do it.  It’s just in him to understand. And he’s motivated. If he wants to do something, being a family man first, he’ll do it.  But I think, it’s in all of us to understand more than we realize.  Perhaps, we won’t be as him.  But we are as we are, and paperwork doesn’t define us. We don’t need certifications to do anything.

                And that goes with teachers.  I never needed a certificate to teach.  Never. I was already teaching at that zoo, years before I completed my education.  I know a nice lady who would make a great teacher.  She can explain anything, but more importantly, put together words so anyone can understand.  But she doesn’t want to teach.  She’s much happier helping another with business, working crafts and gardening, and sharing her life with her husband, perhaps helping him with his career as well. But she’s a natural teacher, and she’s far better than many I have seen in schools. She also has a ton of common sense.

                And I’ve known mechanics who have no business being near other people’s vehicles.  I’ve known coaches who will never lead any team to post season.  At the university, I’ve known students working to get their teaching credentials that have no business being in any classroom, but that certificate will say they can.  And if they’re politically correct, they’ll have a career.  And I have known people good around animals, can train very well, but don’t have certificates.  There are kids, walking around, that can train dogs, cats, birds, or whatever, and they never think about being a trainer, though they train.

                If I had a dog with difficulties, and I needed “professional” help, I would not only talk with certified trainers, but anyone someone suggested because they know that person can truly help.  And I would listen to them talk.  While I’m not a trainer, though I’ve been around a lot of animals, I have enough instincts and common sense to “see” if the other person is legit.  I don’t care about paperwork.  I only care about good quality results. 

As such, I would be looking for ability, understanding, and reliability. Then, I would watch some of the sessions, maybe all because I like to learn, and when I saw enough, tell others about this person.

                To parents considering home schooling:  It’s not about a certificate (a piece of paper).  To anyone wanting to work on their own car:  It’s not about a certificate (a piece of paper).  To anyone who wants to design clothing, start a business, learn anything, it all resides in you.  I think working summer camps really taught me that:  sent the message home.  And you determine the quality of the work you do.   No one else.  How did people in the old west do things without a panel conferring certificates? Oh, you can take classes.  You can be trained.  But you determine what you understand and how well you’re trained.  You also throw out garbage training: keeping only the good. Or, if you’re like one of my friends, you just do most of it yourself.

When you buy a new car, part of the warranty often requires a certified mechanic. Now, who made that part of the agreement? Why did they do that? Yes, I know there are some good reasons, but it requires certifications, and as we know, that doesn’t always mean quality. If I decide to work on the brakes, I know the job was done right.

I don’t know how difficult what I’m suggesting is in these strange times of propaganda and over-regulation. However, I would suggest to parents to allow their children to be themselves, but have responsibilities, and where interest exists, to encourage them to pursue. But as I’ve said to other parents, whatever the child decides to partake, tell them they can’t quit. They have to follow though. For instance, if they want to learn to play the clarinet, agree on what’s right: Perhaps two years. If they want to join soccer, they have to see the season through. What’s natural always motivates. In a couple families I know, by the time their children were twenty, they already had many talents and skills, but also were running their own businesses. Why? Because their parents knew they could and were doing so themselves.

                After all, as said above, how did the first people learn anything?  There was no paperwork back then. 

Hmmm… But then schools and certificating centers would be out of business. Some authorities would no longer be authorities. Lawyers wouldn’t be needed. Government bureaucrats would have to get day jobs. And more and more people would be self-reliant. But we would also have a lot more people starting their own small businesses, due to less red tape, and the economy would boom. And we wouldn’t need them. Hmmm…


**I love this short story: If everyone thought for themselves, were self-motivated, and knew whatever they did well, but also were strongly determined to be responsible for their own decisions, suing no one for what they themselves do, there would be no need for all the certificates and training by the numbers.

**Think of Thomas Kinkade. Think of many, in the past, that did amazing things, but also those who just started their own business because the wanted to. Consider Colonel Sanders who began Kentucky Fried Chicken. His story is amazing.

**A man who enjoys what he does.

Understanding With Us All of the Time

                Like some people, I’ve always been slow to learn.  I will read something, perhaps hear another, and the understanding returns.  I’m thankful for that.  Reminds me the understanding is always with us.

                While at the store, I remembered the first time I purchased a new vehicle.  It was a Chevy Silverado.  I wanted a nice truck (But did I really?).  I did my research, then looked for a dealer with the best price.  After a little negotiation, then choosing a former dealer, I finally had this cool truck in my driveway.  My friends thought it was cool.

                And the thought to return it.  The thought to find a used vehicle, something well broken in.  I knew how to work on vehicles, so most things I could take care. 

                I think, to some degree, it’s the same with everything. 

                While listening to a song, something from long ago, I wondered how much of what we want is messaging from outside.  Then all the people that think in those terms.  Then, I wondered, how that messaging connects to us in such a way that we start thinking in that way.   Like when I was growing up and “everyone” had those Mongoose bikes so I wanted one.  Or cool skateboards.  Or anything else.  Even friendships, which are created through marketing schemes.  Today, perhaps Smart Phones, certain automobiles, and whatever is popular.  What are people looking to find?

                It used to be, in schools, that the bible was part of the curriculum.  People can research this, but at some point, the bible was removed.  Why?  I wonder.  Why did people, and in this case, politicians, wish to remove the bible?  And why were the people okay with seeing a very important book taken out of schools?  That might explain so much of what we see today.

                In the previous article, after reading about a wonderful couple going through very difficult times, but then finding peace.  That explains much, perhaps everything.  It’s not there.  It’s not in the new car.  It’s not in a vacation.  It’s not in having the best fishing gear, boat, or whatever.  It’s not in having stuff.  It’s not being popular.  It’s just not there. 

                Oh, you can have a nice vehicle, a nice home, good friends, and all the rest.  But what are you looking for?

                I keep remembering what she said.  What I took from her words were we are not our own.  And then I thought, that’s it.  What do so many of us spend years looking for, but never finding, but then having to talk about it, think about it, immerse ourselves and surround, and try to make it real?  People often spend their entire lives talking about some things, surrounding themselves with the people that talk about those things, and….   And I don’t think it is.  Which might explain so much.  Then trying to create our own meaning.  Which I think, often, isn’t.

                I was going to add something. However, each person is on their own journey.

Something We Read….

A sharing about a husband and wife going through very difficult times, and what she heard, in prayer, though without words, though understood with words, which gave her peace.

We are not our own. I thought about that, after reading. I think the messaging we hear all too often is of the world, which then causes forgetting what’s truly real and important. All too often, looking here, looking there, perhaps spending an entire life trying to get everything, and its right where we are. All of the time.

We didn’t put ourselves on this planet. We didn’t give ourselves life. Yet, we were created, each and everyone of us. And we are not out own.

I think what she understood makes things clear.

Perspectives We May Never See

                I remember when these wonderful little puzzles came out.  I think I’ve only been able to “happen” upon a solution once or twice, but found myself unable to duplicate (I could usually get close, within one or two squares.).  Yet, others about could solve mixed-up Rubik’s cubes over and over.  Later, there were competitions, and some could solve them within a minute.  What was it they understood that we couldn’t?  There was even a show in which a person solved one behind his back.

**What I gathered was, somehow, they could put together all sides inside their brains, mixing and reading patterns. That, by itself, doesn’t make them smarter overall, but it’s a kind of intelligence. Some people have spatial awareness which allows for other types of skillsets.

                Throughout the years, like many, I’ve written quite a number of things, blogs the least of them.  Working on stories, plays, articles for other publications, and more.  I just enjoyed finding different ways words came together.  Also, due to a couple of friends attempting story publication (One succeeded.), we got into the “act,” trying this and that, perhaps more of an exercise, though we would also liked to have publicized. I suppose, there are as many ideas as there are people.        

          But a friend, who never attempted writing stories, but worked for companies, had a flair for words.  When I was developing resumes, I could send a finished copy to him/her, and when I got it back, it was light-years better.  She/he didn’t change much.  I little here.  A little there.  And suddenly, a pretty good resume was professional.  How?  I wondered.  He/she just had something I don’t.  And I can’t explain it. And I guess, I’m not supposed to.

I used to get a real kick out of these. Saved a couple. They’re puzzles to solve. Just look up “metal puzzles to solve” or something along those lines, online, and you’ll find the companies and sites that sell them.

**Earlier today, I was looking at various bloggers sharing their photographs. Each person “sees” scenes differently. And while three people are looking at the exact same scene, their pictures will be far different from one another. On their own, they may choose different angles, different times of the day, adjust the camera, and who knows what else. But no matter what, no matter how they share, I cannot do what they do. But I appreciate how they see those pictures.

**There’s a trick I learned when younger, which I never thought about, until someone made a comment. Writing backwards, upside-down, upside-down backwards, and all that in print or cursive. In college, I sometimes took notes that way due to sheer boredom. Just something to do to alter the venue a bit. Someplace else, someone asked about that, and I joked it was to keep people from reading my notes. But it was an interesting exercise because that, and art, helped with perception: being able to look at things from different perspectives, even 3-D, and imagine how something might look in various ways.

**A friend can do anything: literally. He has the motivation and energy to try anything, but he’s also disciplined to stick with things for a long time, so he finds himself, as a father, to working on many things while being an excellent parent. He never tires. He enjoys everything, including playing for the church band and helping others with their gardens.

**Now, I think a point needs to be made here. Consider high achieving people like Rafael Nadal, Bill Belichik, and others. Whether spatial awareness, conception, multi-tasking, energy, physical awareness, balance, or others, or a combination, I would imagine they have skillsets others don’t get. But they used their skillsets, and may not be able to explain it, and had incredible careers. *But I need to add something here. People will attempt mimicking them. Don’t. I would tell people just be true to yourself, be responsible, work hard, and let the rest take care of itself.

                Here’s one thought for this article.  As suggested above, none of us can understand how others see things.  While one person see patterns, perhaps becoming an architect or landscaper, another has a talent for words.  While one person can “perceive” concepts in action, perhaps being on Shark Tank and helping others turn their ideas into successful businesses, or taking them up a notch or two, another sees the political landscape and how to solve through quality leadership, though we have to vote correctly.  One can do incredible dives, go far into the Olympics, while another runs fast and can leap over obstacles, perhaps later joining an athletic team.

                It’s quite a wonder.  And we cannot perceive through others’ eyes.  And I think, we’re not supposed to.  Although, sometimes, we can “borrow” other’s motivations and understanding while we’re with them.  I don’t know how that happens.  And if we’re listening/observing, we can hear the way others are processing or coming to understandings.              

                One “troubling” thing I have noticed, and commented on before, while reading a few articles, randomly selecting topics (i.e. planetary effects, logic, politics, etc.) is so many people do not see logically, and I believe, if I talked with them about following the rabbit of reason, they might never hear me.  They might think they do, but I’ve read some of their articles, and the message is very different.  But that’s very informative.  Because it keeps me from thinking we should all realize the same things.  I don’t think that will ever happen.  We do the best we can.  And I remember a trusted person saying it only takes a small percentage to set a country back on the right path.  I believe, even during the Revolutionary War, if people read the Federalist Papers, they will see quite divisive opinions.  That’s heartening.  Why?  Because in that is a lot of hope.  And the more that do see and understand, the more we have the opportunity for good things, as I see it.     


Considering the Concepts

Sometimes, it’s fun just to ponder: from time to time. While we don’t know if anything like Star Trek’s warp speed is possible, and we’ve pondered if the speed of light is the fastest we could ever travel, and that’s out of our reach today, that’s something to consider: for fun.

All those shows, all those science fiction novels, all those studies, but when it comes right down to things, only what’s real could ever happen. If the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, or about 23-24 planet Earths if I have that right, is the fastest, the time to go from one end of the Milky Way Galaxy to the other is well… as it’s about 100,000 light years across, I’ll let others do the calculations. We’ve ran the numbers before.

Let’s say, mankind one day develops crafts at such speeds, while we still have so much right here, on the Earth, to visit, travel, and research, we would take perhaps eons to explore just in our universal neighborhood. Consider all the stars and planets right in our home town galaxy, much less even consider visiting others, as the universe expands at incredible rates.

**For myself, I believe we’ll never see or comprehend the fullness of our wonderful universe, much less see all there is on our own home planet. But here, I find myself constantly amazed.

**The other day, while catching a nice 7 pounder, a trout, I noticed the coloration but also some other distinctive features I hadn’t seen with the others. It put up quite a fight, and though I thought to send it back on it’s way, as I often do, I kept this one.

**Once, I caught one of the turtles in the lake, and though I never fish for turtle, this one got hooked. The only thing I could do was reel it in, then free it of the hook, which after that, I got a hook cutter should that ever happen again. But while attempting to free it, I noticed aspects I hadn’t before. Well, I sent it on it’s way, and it seemed eager to go.

This world, while we also send satellites and people into space, we have much more to discover.

**A joke: While we ponder upon intelligent life on other planets, we should work on finding and encouraging that here. I imagine, if something like “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” from the 1950s, were to occur, I don’t think truly wise aliens would attempt first contact. Not yet. Not while they see how easily the greatest country ever is allowing our freedoms to slip away, the Marxists, propagandists, and media, taking over our lives. Look at all the people dependent on big screen televisions, staring into their Smart Phones, forgetting all that is already here.

**A world of wonder, but also to learn.

**It’s not a race. It’s not about finding it all or getting it all. There’s no other side of the fence.

**The happiest people I know aren’t trying to purchase all the “stuff” and gain all the experiences. You know: He/she who makes the most money and has the most stuff wins.

Predictions are Sometimes Very Predictable….

Consider what many said before and compare to current times.

And while reading history past, seeing the exact same themes.

I think even he knows better. Instinctively.

I have to ask. Those strangers on television, who tell you how they trust a vaccine, that it’s safe, that you’re doing the right thing. Who are they? How do you know you can trust them? They’re strangers. I won’t even trust those close to me without doing my own research, because they could be honestly mistaken. Why would I trust total strangers? Because they smile and seem friendly? Because they’re on television? **We will always make our own decisions based upon real information: read, observed, heard, researched, and considered.

                This should be relatively short.  Should be.  When Donald Trump was president, I (and many others) predicted some uncommon methods would be used to remove him (Many others and we already knew “they” could not allow one clear-thinking individual, with the ability to motivate an entire country, with this one having fantastic influences on other countries, to survive in the political arena. They had to destroy him, and/or certainly his influence.).  He’s only one man, with many supporters, but those who’ve “led” the nation down the path of ruination, hating America, the U.S. Constitution, and all that is traditional and truly moral, would work night and day, and with other countries, to remove him from a decent path.  “They” couldn’t allow him to succeed, because he was reminding the country, and all who’ve forgotten, what real freedom with responsibility looks like.  **For those who’ve monitored, they’ve seen other decent and “key” figures, because of their large-scale positive influence, being destroyed by forces they can’t see coming.  They’re there.

                Well, that’s when this whole virus from China thing happened, and though we now know the numbers are nothing compared to what they suggested, in fact, possibly far less than many other flus, people are less concerned, also finding the “cure” may be worse than any possible problem.  Possibly.  And as I’ve said, learning about our DNA, messing around with our MRNA may require better understanding, especially for a vaccine used population-wide for the first time in human history.  But even then, I said, why live in fear?  Follow the trail of reason.  The breadcrumbs of information fell on us like snow:  everywhere.  It only took the mind of honest reason to see it.

                Well, again, I told some friends “they’ve” got something else when the corona scare lessens, and since they got us all afraid of diseases, they’re going to stay on that bandwagon and milk it for all its worth.  So what happens?  Strains of the virus from China. Apparently, that didn’t motivate us very long. So now? THE MONKEY VIRUS.  Been around a long time.  Don’t worry.  There’s thousands of diseases that they can use to keep us afraid, keeping our borders open so every conceivable virus, germ, and whatever can come through, from any direction.  And if we do finally manage to keep our borders better, they’ll just create regulations to keep the health industry from doing anything, such that, those germs and diseases get out for their fear factor.  And again, even if there’s nothing to be afraid of, or if we’re no longer willing to live in fear, they’ll just regulate us to death while taking our money.  Just study history.  It’s always the way of control.  Fear (Lying scientists and officials).  Disinformation (Control of the media and publishers).  Taxation (Keeping us needing them.).  Regulations galore.  And more….  Including pitting us against each other, keeping us tense (Relax people.), and creating solutions to problems they created, and those solutions create more problems.  **By they way. I want anyone reading this to understand I’m not encouraging anger, rage, or resentment. This is nothing new, but they’re at a certain step in their evolution to control. Calm mind of reason, learning responsibly, doing what each of us can where we are. For myself, I talk to who listens, blog, write articles elsewhere, and notice. I believe, in a sense, something the creator of Star Wars put in his first three movies (I was surprised that was put in his movies, but I really believe he got that one right. Not as much since then.), when Yoda and other Jedi’s explained that resentment, hate, and such are the means they use to control. In other words, if you hate/resent them, eventually you’ll be like them. So be aware, thoughtful, and responsible. That’s the best I can say it for now.

**I would suggest a calm and thoughtful attitude. Yes, I know realization can be upsetting, but that set’s you up to need them. Their counselors, psychologists, and prescription meds regarding your mental health are waiting for you. They do not want you to be an independent, honest, thinker who takes care of responsibility. They need you to rely on them, cradle to grave. And they need the adults to fall hook, line, and sinker, even if it’s just to survive, so they’ll condition their children and others’ children to buy into all of this. No way. If I take a vaccine, due to no choice and I need the job, I will say I’m forced to take the vaccine not of my own choosing, because I need the job and I’m taking care of others. No lies. But I probably won’t until they’ve got me strapped down and unconscious. No monkey business for us. Yes. That picture above is how they see us.

**If they wanted to, they could make us afraid of the common cold, of going outside, even of breathing regular air. They’ve already got us buying water, probably by mismanaging the water supply, and soon we’ll be buying canned air or something along that line. Wait, they already have people buying air filters in the home. I have a question about that. If the air is dirty, then goes through a box filter, doesn’t it then mix again with the dirty air including when doors open? Or when someone drinks bottled water after nights of drinking and smoking?

**Have you wondered why that one commercial, about a product that reduces your HIV detection level to the point you might not be able to transmit to others is allowed on the air?When we all know people don’t follow their own tracks, perhaps more so those who don’t control their own behaviors? Have you ever wondered why “they” don’t encourage us to be careful regarding partners, why monogomy and staying faithful to one person isn’t praised, and why they are actually encouraging all manner of filthy habits and living as if it were freeing people to be themselves? Have you ever wondered why AIDS isn’t discussed much anymore? While all of this is going on? **Wouldn’t AIDS and HIV be a far more important virus to get rid of than some monkeyish ideas? **The question always is one of consistency. They never stopped the spread of AIDS, which back then we believe would have been far easier. So, why something that hasn’t harmed many? To control our behavior and socialize us through eletronics.

**One more thing: When the whole fear mongering, mask wearing (and they never created a mask that was studied, designed, and sent to all Americans. Why is that, do you suppose?) thing was in full-tilt, when we were told to stay indoors forever, what do you suppose we would be doing? Watching their television and their news? Looking up articles on the web and Smart Phones, which is filled with their news articles, by a media they control? Hmmm….?

**Always follow the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding. Bypassing or ignoring facts, realization, and information is how others control. We always think for ourselves.

**When the giraffe measles, skunk germ, snail infestation, butterfly virus, or anything else comes, are we all going to wear masks, stay indoors, listen to their propaganda, and quake, hoping for more of their regulations and their form of help? Or are we going to be honest, responsible, and internally free American citizens who know our history?

Appreciation of Pets

Still remember a friend’s pet German Shepherd.

Remember the times playing in the backyard, something tossing a frisbee or tennis ball.

                Sometimes, it’s fun to see the road others have travelled.  Kind of reminds us we never know where a journey might lead, and often being a part, even if through a book, it can be pretty cool.

                Watching those episodes of “The Dog Whisperer” were quite enjoyable, to see how he helped people with their pet dogs.  However, Saturday after Saturday, I started listening better.  He wasn’t just helping the dogs.  He was helping the owners.  And depending upon how far each dog(s) had been in its “predicament”, or how much the owners were vested in finding a real solution, he would help them at their home, perhaps take them back to his ranch, or both.  It was always cool to see when the owners understood and were ready to follow some simple guidelines, including understanding pack language.  I think “the walk” was very key, but other ways people spent time with their pets were also encouraged, as in taking them to the dog park. 

                I didn’t know this before, but in reading the first of the two books above (He’s written others, including magazines.), he shares that dogs have always been a part of his life.  In fact, always around dogs, always part of them and even some family members had dogs for work.  Seeing them at play.  Seeing them at work, herding animals.  Seeing them in all walks of life, then finding bits of work here and there regarding dogs, including kennels.  From very early in life, I think he always wanted to be around dogs.

                In a similar sense to Monty Roberts, the Horse Whisperer, he learned without always thinking about learning.  Just there.  Being there.  Natural. Kind of like when we were children, going out, doing this and that, not really thinking in any organized way, then seeing little bits and pieces of what later would make a lot more sense.  Watching birds.  Digging under rocks, seeing creatures, then sometimes looking them up in books.  Noticing this and that, putting two and two together.  I think, sometimes, it’s better that way.  At least, earlier going. Like I was usually good around cats and dogs. I suppose, sometimes it’s just fun and enjoyable to just do something, mistakes and all, but everything together, over time, little moments of clarity. 

                One period of his life, while trying to get a job in another city, he lost all of his money, but then looking around, found something, again working with dogs.  And little opportunities along the way kept opening (As I see it, that happens more when it’s real to you.) up work with dogs, even in different sorts of work.  Like when he worked in cleaning cars, but was also asked to train some dogs, so he put the two together, the dogs helping him clean the cars.  I laughed at that.  How creative!  But it was so natural to him.

                But that got me thinking.  To those who honestly enjoy something, a pastime, an occupation, or whatever, if they one day turn that into a job, a career, or a business, it’s like working but not really.  Enjoying what you do, for you’ve always done that.  Without thinking about it.  That’s Cesar.  Oh, he eventually thought about it, but I got a feeling, early on, it was just life.  Doing what is real for you.

                One thing I very much appreciated from him was, on a given Saturday (I think they used to have shows on Wednesdays too.  I’ll watch online from time to time.), when he explained the emotions of the owners.  For some reason, a light went on.  According to him, and I’ve understood it more since, we give off energy.  And animals, in this case, dogs, read energy. And he was explaining the “problem” in the owners: that often what they did or didn’t do was creating the problem in their pets. Wow! I thought. That makes so much sense.

                I thought about that some years back on a walk.  There was this dog I passed by depending upon the route (Sometimes, he was out there with one or two other dogs.).  On occasion, he surprised me, and if I reacted, his barking got louder.  However, if I hardly noticed him, he sort of quieted down.  So, if I was walking by, and he was out there, I would smile and continue on my way.  That was a huge tell.  He was reading energy!  I imagine body language and all that too.

                I suppose that’s why I’ve never had much difficulty around horses.  I just like horses.  And though I know the safety guidelines, I have been known to neglect some at my own risk.  But I guess I learned to “read” each horse.  And I think, since they know I like them, and know what I’m doing, they sort of settle down when I enter the stable or arena.  I think all animals read energy.  Of course, different species have their own ways of behavior.

And this energy thing, along I might say with body language, was made very clear during an episode when he was speaking with an entire audience, all employees of a business. I think it was to a company that allowed their employees to bring their pets to work, actually encouraging this. Well, one lady had this little dog that was constantly pulling on the leash, squirming, and all of that. The moment Cesar Millan held the leash, the dog got quiet, calmly happy. Instantaneously. It was reading his positive energy.

                Well, when the owners saw how he “helped” the dogs, showed them some “techniques,” and created some simple steps, things got much better.  Of course, sometimes he took the dogs to his facility for additional help, his pack of dogs providing a foundation of normal dog behavior, and sometimes he followed up with additional visits.  But either way, things got better.  And of course, dog owners have online sources to view Cesar Millan if they can’t get to him. 

**On one episode, he was working with this little dog that was constantly frantic. So, reading the dog with all of his experience, he got on his knees, facing the dog with his hands out on both sides of the animal, and let it freak out. Just let it do it’s thing. It was squirming, yapping, and like a tornado, but stayed between his two hands. He never got bit. He just sat there, calmly, until things ran their course, then worked with the dog. Things got better fast. *His positive energy, true calmness (not fake), protected that dog. Then, he helped it.

**With Monty Roberts, the Horse Whisperer, though I think many still don’t believe this, he only needs twenty to thirty minutes in a round arena, even if the horse is a new one fresh from the wild, and he’ll have him/her working with him, a rider on top, saddled and everything. What does this tell me? Both Cesar Millan and Monty Roberts understand the animals they work with. Really understand. And they have tons of experience. That last is key.

**With people, often, the difficulty is people aren’t reading people and moving accordingly. I think people are often in reactive mode. They’re reacting often to ideas inside their own heads, partly because of the difficulties they have “out there.” Perhaps, having pets can ascertain where each person is regarding managing their days. Hmmm…. Perhaps. Or just have pets. They’re cool.


Usually, it’s not what’s on the other side of the fence.

The lessons are daily. Right here. Right now.

                Some time back, after a couple decades of working out in gyms, gutting out sets, I had had enough of four walls and machines.  So, in addition to a couple of other things, I purchased a mountain bike, but one also designed for the road.  A hybrid of sorts, but I still kept the larger wheels. 

                My goal wasn’t to be the fastest.  With the thicker tubes and stop-leak, that certainly wasn’t going to happen in the streets.  I just wanted exercise, but breathing the fresh air, looking at birds and clouds while trekking along farm lands and city streets.  And with a couple other workouts, I gathered being outdoors would be far better:  for me.  And it was.  Just enjoyed seeing the world pass by as I travelled.

                But, like many people, I would visit the local bike shops, one in particular that always had the newest in stock, and picked up a magazine while looking at all the models on websites.  This bike has this.  Those bikes have that.  And all the rest: new frames, higher end derailleurs, quality forks, better handlebars, and so forth….

                The bike I really wanted was going to cost a couple grand.  And I very nearly came to purchasing it.  Except the rabbit was there.  I asked myself, what am I trying to get out of riding?  All I wanted was to point the handle bars forward and ride:  as long as I wanted.   Sometimes ten miles.  Sometimes twenty miles.  Sometimes 40 or 50 miles, depending upon time and the day.  Summers offered more time to plan rides. And always, upon returning, I was grateful for each ride. 

                Here’s what I thought later.  We all want nice things, newer things, because the advertising is sooo… good.  The newest this.  The newest that.  People talking. Trading stories and advice.  But I remembered something.  Make the most of what you have, and if you do that, you’ll appreciate all the more, and when you do finally purchase something better, you’ll have a better appreciation.  The other side is never being happy, always wanting more or better, and always looking for something else.  Even when you don’t need whatever it is you’ve bought.

                Well, I kept that bike for about ten or eleven years, probably putting nearly 20k on (Some years I rode more depending upon activities, for I included hiking miles.) it, fixing, adjusting, changing chains, derailleurs, bearings, grips, and all the more.  Finally, given an injury, I decided to sell it, which took about a year from the time I considered to actually letting it go.  It had been like a friend.  I had thought to get another 10k before selling. Always took me where I wanted to go.  And I never got another bike to replace.  Time will tell. Injuries heal.

                The first car I ever owned was a used one.  Back then, our cars were carbureted.  We could actually tune the engine by ear.  Brake jobs a snap.  The only thing was, I was looking at newer.  I didn’t need another car, but cars were there.

                Well, long story short, I had a couple accidents in it, one while sort of racing (I think the accidents happened more so from lack of appreciation.) and sold it to a friend.  I bought another car, newer, with a cool paint job on the hood, and that led to other automobiles.  Yet, I regretted selling that car.  It was my first car, was of an era when automobiles had a certain kind of class, and the metal was really metal.  And whenever I go to car shows, whenever I see ones like the one I had, as well as other cars from that generation, I always think back.  How I could have restored it.  It could have been an ongoing project, or just keep it as it was.  Hmm….

                I’ve learned that sometimes new isn’t new.  Sometimes older is better.  And sometimes…. Forget looking at the other side of the fence.

**Like an old fishing pole that keeps catching year after year.

**Like remembering the good ole days.

**One of my favorite novel series is by Alexander McCall Smith (Have to get past the pc stuff that seems to creep in.). In it, the main character, a lady detective, holds onto an old van, never letting it go, even though her husband, a mechanic, wants to buy her a newer van. I always say, remember, when you get something new, it’s already getting older.

**Like classical novels.

**Like helping the neighbor.

A Miracle of Wonder

From time to time. Also, every day….

Understanding grows. Hope springs eternal.

                Some time back, I heard the story of a young boy climbing around a construction site.  You might remember the story. He fell and landed on, what I believe then, was a rebar sticking out of the ground (certainly a thin pole of some kind).  The rebar went in one side, through the heart, and up through a higher area.  At some point, emergency technicians came to him, cut the pole, took him to the hospital, and surgery was performed that both saved the boy and gave him back the life he’d had: heart repaired.  Everybody was amazed. 

                Sometime later, perhaps many years, I heard of another boy that needed surgery on his brain (I believe there was damage, but I don’t remember the cause.).  There was even a news item and show on television.  The doctors performed a hemispherectomy.  That means, they removed half of his brain.  Later, after recuperation and time, he was shown playing with other children.  I heard/read that he was the same boy he’d always been. He recognized everyone else and they knew his personality. He was the same wonderful boy.

                As a teacher, I once (more than once) asked a class where they think they are inside themselves.  To begin, I asked them to close their eyes, notice their thoughts, then consider where in there they are.  I remember one girl answering we’re in the heart (I thought that was a very good answer.).  Another indicated somewhere inside the trunk of the body.  Another considered the brain.  There were at least a couple of other answers. 

                That’s when the discussion became more interesting.  I asked them if they’d ever heard of people losing a hand, arm, or otherwise.  They answered in the affirmative.  I asked them, if after losing a limb, if who they are was any different.  That is, if they’re the same person.  They all agreed they were the same person, though some pondered a bit.  So, I explained, with incredible advances in medicine, there are people walking around with heart transplants, even artificial hearts, and their family and friends all know them well. 

                Then, I shared the above story, keeping it “kid” friendly.  I explained that the boy, now with only half of his brain, to the family, is the same boy he’d always been.  He plays with other children, talks, and so forth. 

                Well, with a little more discussion, some questions from the class, I then asked one more question.  If we’re not the arm, not the heart, not the kidney or liver, and can live with half of our brain, where are we in there?  Are we even the body?  That opened up some interesting comments and questions. 

                The more I read about Ben Carson’s life, the more I appreciate the road he chose, but also his way of seeing things.  The last part of his book I’m currently reading shared a hemispherectomy he performed on a wonderful little girl.  Apparently, the left side of her brain was swollen, but also tougher in texture, and she would soon die if he didn’t perform the surgery.  However, the surgery was very serious.  The parents and Ben prayed for the little girl, only four at the time.

                Well, the surgery was an amazing success, she even said “hi” to her parents upon awakening, and later, after time and therapy, she was taking tap dance lessons.  She was the same wonderful little girl, growing up, as the parents always knew.  And they were incredibly joyful over the life their child would now have.

                Talking with a friend about the above, we shared our thoughts on how much medicine has changed.  I would imagine, throughout most of human history, up until only several decades ago, we were pretty much in the dark regarding much of science and medicine.  If you remember, or have read, when George Washington was sick, they were still bleeding patients as a method of curing.  And that was years after the Declaration of Independence and the writing of the U.S. Constitution.  And if you read what medicine was like in the 50’s, it’s quite interesting the changes. What we can do today, and what we might be able to do tomorrow….

                Here’s another thing I shared.  I think we’ve been given the understanding for more than one reason.  Saving lives is huge.  People getting second chances is wonderful. Understanding is wonderful.  But also such that more and more people believe in creation.  Einstein realized creation by all that he was learning and understanding.  And while Darwin may have encouraged atheism with his theories, with time and real learning, more and more people, including scientists, realized (and are realizing) he didn’t know very much, if anything. **I personally have considered that Darwin wasn’t very perceptive and was looking for attention.

                Some may remember my comments on cells.  Some years back, I researched, wanting to understand, then found a couple of books sharing how scientists can’t create cells in laboratories (I know this part has been shared before.).  With all their supposed knowledge, bringing all the elements together, cells never form on their own.  Also, there are principles that “prevent” the putting together of molecules to create cells.  Actually, they shared, it’s impossible. I read about the principles that prevent such things.  And then, we’ve discussed the incredible complexities.

                Here’s the direction.  While all these advances are raising the bar, saving lives, they’re also changing many people’s hearts from atheism to believers in faith.  The more scientists and doctors learn, the one’s truly searching are realizing we are not alone.  And like when Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a win against the powerful Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game, some people were saved. Something wonderful was happening during that game that would change many people’s lives.

**Oh. On the Tim Tebow game: Remember how he wore 3:16 on eye patches? Here’s what happened in that game. That game occurred just 3 years after he started wearing that (3:16) in games. In that game, he threw a season record high of 316 yards, averaging 31.6 yards per throw. The Denver Broncos possessed the ball for exactly 31:06 (31 minutes and 6 seconds.). And the ratings for that game was 31.6.

Here’s the passage:

John 3:16New International Version

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

**Everywhere we look, whatever we read, even that we’re breathing or thinking, is telling all of us. Just looking at sunsets, seeing a chipmunk run up a tree, or noticing something new is telling all of us. We’re being shown the wonders all the day long. We’re seeing all the day long.

Seeing and Believing

                How many, while growing up, felt there were better ways to learn, and some discovered their own path to learning and understanding? Except for middle school, I was never good in school.  Oh, I learned my times tables, could run numbers and so forth, but I was never an academic.  I imagine many can share this.  And I’ve learned that there are as many ways in learning as there are people in the world.

                I never wanted to go to a university.  The university is not the only or best way to higher opportunities. As I see it, that’s propaganda. Perhaps for those who’s honest motivation leads them to degrees, but I would suggest there’s much more. Again, I can imagine many can relate.  So, like some of my friends, I tried this and that job, moved here, moved there, and then finally decided to complete my college education since I had started it years before.  And as I’ve shared before, though I nearly aced those two years in community college by purely hard work, I knew I had to find a better way.  I think two years at the zoo, working around animals, taking care of the park, fixing pipes and such, showed a better way. And by the time I “secured” a BA, I had a path.

               However, I’ve said that I never should have been a teacher.  I’ll try it this way. I greatly enjoyed working with children. I liked bringing in lessons, projects, and having discussions. But like many, I’m not an intellectual.  I’m not geared that way. As a teacher, if that’s a word, I’m probably more like a home schooling teacher/parent. I relate to those home schooling styles, teaching kids, teens, adults horseback riding, showing crafts, or making a bird or dog house. And I think, to some degree, others may relate.  I also hope that those reading, if they understand this, might appreciate and realize each person has to find their own way, but it might take some time. In the mean time, the parent, or good teacher, provides the quality lessons and projects that guide learning. After all, while we’re ensuring strong mathematics skills and reasoning, quality writing and comprehension, we’re bringing in a host of subjects, creating projects, having science fairs, and studying real history, with dialogue.

                There were little bits of light along the way.  I want to share one time, which I’ve shared before.  While working for a summer camp (I was one of a few horsemanship instructors, but also worked in art during other times.), I decided to check out the trick riding program.  There, a young lady was teaching a student.  You know, things like riding backwards, flipping, standing on the horse, and so forth.  I think I helped by holding the rope while she instructed.

                Funny thing happened.  The owners asked me to run the beginning trick riding classes.  I was like, I’d never done anything like that.   They said I would be find.  In fact, while teaching a couple of students, the owners never even came around.  They just knew.  I think I ran a few classes, then the regular trainer came back…or something.  She might have had other responsibilities and I helped by being there.

                I never forgot that: instant trust. Of course, she saw I could see.  And I think, greatly due to that experience, I saw that one can learn anything. But to have the opportunity, one must also be responsible. I wasn’t going to have anyone falling of the horse. And in college, the second time, I realized something.  All can be learned through understanding.  Understand, then everything fits together.  Of course, you still have to be motivated and do the hard work.  That’s always part of it.  Sometimes, gut wrenching hard work.  But you understand. And as you work, the understanding grows.

                **Here’s the next part.  I’m so thankful to have understood the above.  In fact, when I taught, I was so energized because I saw how easy it was to learn.  Therefore, my work included imparting this to the students.  I believe, and know, when people (any person) understand, the work is far easier.  In fact, and some will think this arrogant, some things that take years of learning and practice, if the teacher (or anyone) sees the moment, that thing can be learned in 5-10 minutes, maybe longer, maybe shorter.  Just depends on the timing, the realization, and communication.

                For instance, the Earth and the moon.  A basketball on one side of the room, a softball on the other, clarifies distance of the two in real space, a thin sheet of paper representing the atmosphere on the Earth.  All the reading in the world doesn’t simplify like that.  Why make it difficult when it’s easier?  But if they learn the concepts, much more they might be interested to discover more.  Nouns can be taught in ten seconds or so (For instance, anything you can see or imagine is a noun, then hold up some objects.).  Cells:  not very long. Pictures can do a lot.  Concept.  And to some degree, it goes back to those times in summer camps, realizing, seeing the simplicity, and learning how to communicate ideas and concepts.  If I understand then I need to frame the words such that they “see” what I’m talking about. In other words, to teach well (if that’s a real word), the parent or other speaks understanding so anyone listening understands.

**Let me freeze frame that last sentence. If I (or anyone else) understands, then sharing that understanding, using the words that express, can pass that onto others.

                **I hate what they’ve done to education.  I hate how they’ve destroyed public education.  In recent decades, “they’ve” made learning far more difficult, taken out the motivation and wonder, but also the encouragement for people to be individuals while also cooperating.  They also took out what real information, beneficial to the students, really should be. The “wrong people” made the simplicity of it all complex, full of distraction and propaganda, and roads that are headed in the wrong way, with often the intent of derailling, whether they think that way or not.  Young people should be encouraged.  Young people should be encouraged to work hard, but also to “see for themselves”, then comment when realizing. They should be given many ways of learning. They should also be punished when they don’t listen and interfere with the learning process.  And both encouragement and discipline, together with the real, more traditional methods, are the ways of bringing back real education.  And of course, once in a while, a “teacher” comes along who sees better ways in how they teach.  Like one of my friends. He was amazing. It’s so simple.  Yes, there’s a lot of work, but the joy of wonder, realizations, seeing, then moving towards what you want to learn with quality information earlier in those years.

**I need to add something here. I mentioned the hard work. It is. But to one who loves children, teaching (Which is really another word for encouraging others to think for themselves while preparing for their lives ahead.), and seeing understanding grow, it’s as easy as falling off a log. As I told many students, if you find something you really enjoy, it’s not work. You would do it anyway.  It’s how you think and work. It’s true to you.

              When I realized who, how, and what was being done, I worked as long as I could until I knew “they” wouldn’t allow real teaching anymore.  Which anyone can do.  If they’re motivated. I know nothing that anyone else couldn’t figure out.  I just know it’s about understanding, seeing the principles, and working from there.  Of course, with the basics and a good foundation, each person finds what they’re interested in learning, whether to be a designer, engineer, business person, or anything else.  With responsibility. 

              That’s when, which I had already been doing, encouraged parents to home school.  I also, when a parent was considering pulling her child out to home school, told her she should do what’s best. I also said, while in my classroom, I would do my best, but parents know best. However, that comes with a condition.   For I also say, if you can find a good school, more likely a private school, hire a good tutor, or bring the resources home, for there are many resources available including online tutorials.  But also not to be afraid to set the bar high.  Be patient, of course.  Time and practice will tell you how much is not enough and how much is too much (I would probably prefer to err going towards a bit too much than not enough.).  But I might also encourage people to read Ben Carson’s book, for he worked very, very hard, and it did nothing but good for him.  He also had people who believed.  Motivation is key.  Patience, love, and discipline are necessary. 

**Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, does so well with dogs because he loves them, but he also understands them. Therefore, it’s as easy for him as falling off a log. Yes, there’s hard work, but he sees it all the way, moment by moment. **The same goes with Monty Roberts, the Horse Whisperer. He worked incredibly hard, but he made simple what so many made difficult, because he understood. He actually “talks” with those horses. He’s also done this with deer and other animals.