From a Perspective

An interesting and very short conversation.  We had a new couple move into the nearby neighborhood very recently, and as usual, we said hello.  They now live next door to another recent couple (retired) neighbors, one we’ve known for a couple of months now, and they shared a couple conversations with the very recent additions.  And it dawned on me as is has before in times past, though we don’t think about this.  Our perceptions are different.  But with discussions, they’re closer now.

Later, I had just finished an Elk painting on a stepping stone, and a friend and I were discussing.  Then again, something occurred to me.  He was looking at the picture similar to when I first finished the painting, but it was different.  Bear with me as I attempt to find the best words to convey the meaning.

You see, when I had completed the painting, I did not think it was as good as I could have made it.  So, I left it to the next day, looking at it from time to time, and finding myself “liking” the painting on the step stone more and more.  Then, this morning, I made some touch-ups and liked some things about it more, but some things not as much.  But I covered it in with a clear-coat, let it dry, and now it sits in the garden.  And I like it. 

Okay, here’s part of the article.  Our neighbor friend was looking at the picture for the first time:  without any experience or participation in the making of it.  He was seeing it with “new” eyes, having not yet determined the picture or his opinion.  But that reminded me of the parrot I’d painted months ago, when he had “talked” himself more and more into liking it.  Of course, now, he always points it out.  However, as I talked to him, both of us looking at the picture, he found himself liking it more.  Somewhere, along with the dialogue he and I were having, his eyes and mind were adjusting to the painting.

What we “see” is also what we make of things.  In other words, I think the first time we see something is the most “accurate,” depending upon our state of mind.  Before opinions.  However, even in that, our own minds, together with our experiences, play a big part in how we perceive things. 

I think that’s why when two people see an accident, though they might be right next to each other, they see different things.  They had no time to prepare.  They had no time to look, ponder, observe different aspects, then look again.  No, it’s all instantaneous.

I noticed that with a tree.  I was walking by, a tree in my peripheral vision, and for some reason my mind had filled in all the boxes as to how it looked.  Well, when I stopped, turned around, much of what I saw was as the tree, but some things were different.  But my mind had already filled in the design, colors, and even some angles and such prior.

Regarding our neighbor friend again, that’s what I pointed out.  The way he sees the stepping stone changes with time.  If he looks at it again, finds things he “likes” about the picture, including the tree and flowers I painted into the picture, and if he likes elks, he might find himself liking the picture more and more because, in part, his own mind and opinion will affect how he sees the picture. 

When I was painting, I did also make sure to put together a context pleasing to the eye, but also some colors and texture, and flowers, that I found people liking.  As such, the “things” I placed in the picture, with the elk, provides a pleasing context.  In other words, those “additions” helps cause people to like the picture more than if the elk were standing alone.

**I think, in part, this is why so many people are very conscious of make-up (women) and clothing (all). They are creating a picture influenced by their own experiences, but also, attempting to create an image in other people’s minds.                 However, as I’ve said, perhaps the first time I might happen upon such a person might be the most accurate.  Maybe.  Before they’ve had time to act the image:  in that image.  Yes, I’ve heard people say such things that they’re “expressing themselves” through their make-up, clothing, and tattoos.  And there may be something, to a degree, to that.  But whatever the case, whenever we’re talking to anyone, we’re looking the person in the eyes to see where they’re coming from. 

**It seems to me, there are always two things going on at the same time.  What exists and the people looking.  For me, that’s something to ponder.  When I think about that.  And to some degree, this goes with the last article. 


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