What is in Communication? Continued.

Following along the river.

                While reading a few blogs, one or two caught my attention, which led me to reread a letter from some time back.  I won’t go into the details, but something struck me.

                When we are writing (or talking) what is conveyed?  Honesty?  Or something else?  If honesty, often the clarity shines through, understanding taking place. As a teacher, I learned the importance of teaching to understanding. When I listen to anyone, I’m looking for understanding. When a conversation or letter is written, there are at least two involved:  one speaker or writer and one reader.  Which then entails something I’ve pondered from time to time.  That relationship.  Something is communicated:  both ways.  What is the reader supporting in the writer, and visa-versa? For to varying degrees, that mindset is everywhere.

                I have to clarify my meaning on that last sentence.  What we practice in communication, whether writing, speaking, or other forms is then what takes place in society:  to varying degrees.  Obviously, we have different interpretations and ways of expression.  But I’ve seen far too much commercialization, mimicked behaviors, and trends over the decades to not realize the connections.  And to varying degrees, I get why some people tend towards a smaller social life.  Some people are simply far too genuine to seek attention:  other than what is real. 

                However, in society, we often see exactly what I alluded to above.  Perhaps it’s insecurity.  Perhaps it’s learned behavior.  Perhaps a need for a social life, even if only to appear so.  Even to feel like part of society.  But what is that “society” one needs to feel a part?  It’s a ponder.  But that’s what we see.  Wall to wall.  Because what takes place grows throughout society. **I think a certain level of unconsciousness is going on because I believe “awareness” would prevent such behaviors.

                As I see it, whether it happens, the only communication worth its time is honesty.  And I might say the same for books with entertainment value.  And I know this part may be difficult for some to agree:  More important than whether people read a blog, purchase one’s books, or listen to her/his talks is honesty.  In other words, if a person has anything of real value to say, if only one person remains in the audience, then that honesty is imparted from one to the other.  However, if the person begins putting on the “charm,” spinning ways and means, and then as a result, more and more people arrive to listen, perhaps hundreds, what is being communicated? Because audience should never affect honesty. In the best sense.


               If one is writing to sell, then the question regards the motivation.  When I’ve read letters and such from Einstein, I really believed in his sincerity, whether I agree or not.  The same goes for Natan Shiransky.  But if either were writing for attention, or to sell, or to feel good about themselves because they’ve sold books or were listened to in audiences, we would quickly pick up and stop reading. We appreciate their experiences, thoughtfulness, and insights. 

               This is the purpose of the article, though I hadn’t yet put words to the music.  What many do is often influenced by the world around us.  But that goes with honesty as well.  For when more and more people speak, write, and communicate is varying ways honestly, that shows itself in society as well.  Over time, honesty grows in popularity, and this is good for society.


                Here’s something that came up in a discussion. 

                There is that, in life, which many, if not all, find a quandary from time to time.  In the “effort” to be honest, people find it not so easy.  Certainly we can speak and write with clarity.  Then there is everyday life.  And if I’m correct, that is not so simple. 

                Here’s an example.  Let’s say one works in the field of his/her training (perhaps in medical), supporting his/her family.  With time, the economy takes a downturn and they have high bills to pay, including medical and a mortgage.  At work, they discover the politics are becoming increasingly problematic.  It’s not so easy to simply move from one career to another.  What does a person do when the pressure to compromise becomes part of their everyday existence?

                The same can be said with many other type circumstances.  While we can speak and write honestly, the “real world” out there isn’t on paper.  Then, I suppose, it’s a matter of doing the best we can, but in that, we might not always know if we’ve done the best we can.  We also might see our own shortcomings, areas we aren’t as forthright though we talk ourselves into believing, and see times when our motivations aren’t as strong as at other times.  We realize we’re not so perfect.  We might even realize we sometimes work against what we believe.  And often, people attempt to compensate or excuse. It’s a quandary.  It’s something to ponder.  And I certainly don’t wish to “alleviate” the reality.

                In the bible, Paul said something which I have remembered from time to time.  I won’t quote.  However, what I remember was something akin to what we sometimes know is right and want to do, we find ourselves not or incapable of doing.  However, what we know we shouldn’t do, nor want to do, we sometimes find ourselves doing that.  He also shared, if I remember correctly, that as such, it is sin that has made a home within. 

We’re working against what we know is right and honest.  Life is not always so simple as to say do the right thing.  However, I have greatly appreciated some prayers that were answered.  As I said to a friend, we are not our own.  Our Father in heaven knows more about us than we could ever.



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