They See as a Mirror …

*From here to there.

                Just a couple things before the weekend.  One I remember from a relative.  He said we know what is right in our hearts.  Always. 

                The other memory was regarding times and places.  If a person is willing to talk behind others’ backs, even when times are difficult, they cannot be trusted when times are good.  That came from a short talk this morning, a friend mentioning the difficulty today in trusting anyone.  I believe she was talking about some people she has met more recently and began to trust.  What she said was akin to not knowing who people are.  For what so many say and do in one situation is not what they say and do in all situations.

                With the times we live, as we have noticed this “ponderous” observation, realizing the faces too many people place before different audiences, I very much appreciate those who are genuine wherever they happen to be.  Reading people like Natan Shiransky, Albert Einstein, and talking with a few good friends, we’re reminded often of integrity. 

We’ll add one more thing. It regards money, but I imagine encompasses other gains. I was younger. I thought I might happen upon a lot of money. I then saw greed, mistrust, and thinking outside the moment. I know of a couple people who would never be changed by money or anything else. I realized then to always be the same in whatever place you find yourselves is best.

                As Ronald Reagan once said:  To thine own self be true. 

                I believe, if one cannot be trusted by others, that person doesn’t know who they are and can never be happy. 



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