Walking in the Neighborhood

A bit of rain, today. People going about their day.

Just around the corner. Looking out over the lake.

                There are many things, little things, that come to mind from time to time, that brings questions leading to some answers.  I suppose, if one is patient, observant, over time, little things keep returning, sometimes bringing a question.  Perhaps, I have thought, some things keep returning for reasons I may not be as yet privy to.  And so, we’re patient.

                For instance, and this one I won’t go into, but I think many can relate from their own lives, little things I seem to recall, from time to time, but which didn’t seem to have any significance in those times of pondering, little things have come together to bring some answers.  Little things mind you.  Often little answers.  But to me, they answer something I hadn’t seen before, but which, explains so much.  And I just continue to follow the rabbit trail whenever it shows.  And yes, it can take decades, but I also gathered, some things I may never fully understand.  And that’s okay too. 

                Here is one question I’ve been asking.  In recent articles, I’ve shared a bit of Einstein I never knew.  Oh, growing up, we thought of him as the smartest man ever, one who knew many of the mysteries of the cosmos, and worked equations like there was no tomorrow.  And that’s what public school, the library, television, and the media shared. That’s what we learned from some posters in classrooms.

                However, I’ve recently learned he was very much involved in the effort at peace.  Working together with other nations to bring about cooperation, but also to help the plight of the Jewish people everywhere, he travelled, talked, and was part of many organizations with the purpose to bring about the end of wars, to bring about cooperation between nations, and to encourage thoughtful deliberation.

                And I found myself asking why I hadn’t known this until recently?  Of course, that also goes with many other questions.  For instance, our extremely sparse knowledge of communism, the Soviet Union in particular, along with a host of other world events and circumstances.  The Apollo missions, the efforts prior, and the amazing growth of learning within NASA and other agencies.  Much more, of course.

                While I say learning about Mr. Albert Einstein regarding the theory of relativity, the energy harnessed by the atom, and the incredible growth of understanding in physics is fantastic, the other efforts, to me, are equally important if not more.  As I see it.  And I think my peers and I would have appreciated learning of the roads he and others followed.    

                Something I realized years ago, though not as far back as I’d have liked.  However, when you do realize, we’re thankful just the same.  I have said this before to others.  You will never learn as much waiting for others to teach.  Never.  And that is what we hope more and more for others to realize.

                I have, in recent decades, believed we all learn far more by patience, pondering, observations, and taking the time in our lives to understand.  And yes, sometimes, it seems to take forever.  But regarding to some above paragraphs, those little things, over time, came to understandings, some small, and some bringing clarity.  And over more time, realization that helps to understand other areas of life.

                With Albert Einstein, regarding his “humanitarian” efforts, I find myself reading more and more.  Oh, I don’t agree with everything he wrote and shared.  In fact, I believe, had I been fortunate to have sat in the same room, I would have carefully listened, took notes, and then went on to listening to others, reading, and researching.  For he brought up, through his time and effort, subjects about which we ought (in my opinion) to read, discuss, and ponder.

However, I do agree with much, for I see an honesty in him, an aspect that is willing to correct when more information and insight is brought forth. Some of that I noticed as he was approaching the 1940’s. For things he proposed earlier he realized didn’t apply in full with changing situations, some dramatically different.

                This part of the article is separate from above.  It is simply something I’ve observed, read on, researched a bit, and thought about.  There is a problem when people think they have the answers to the world’s problems.  I think it’s part of why people believe in fighting global anything, because it’s so big and they haven’t figured out how to deal with small problems.  Something in their psyche I imagine.

                There are people, including Mr. Einstein, that attempted to create organizations where all the nations (or most) come together (i.e. their representatives) in order to cooperate, prevent wars, and bring about a better tomorrow.  And while I think the efforts should continue, I think we also have to be mindful of what we’re talking about.

                To a great degree, it won’t work.  And here’s why, as I see it, the U.N. included.  If people don’t get along with their family, with their neighbors, why are they attempting to solve their community’s problems?  If people within a nation can’t get along, constantly are at odds with each other, why do we believe we have the answers to other nations’ difficulties?  And if many nations with many problems attempt to create a mediator that attempts to coordinate all the nations to the benefit of all the people, why do we think they can do any better?  Because I have to observe, all along the road, from families, to neighborhoods, to local communities, to states, to counties, we are a community of individuals, each with their own issues and problems, but we also have the organizers, some good, some not so good, and some very bad.  And they influence by their own methods and purposes. 

                When each nation, each with their own problems, send representatives to a mediator, one with the responsibility to pronounce judgements and solutions to the whole, why do we believe those representatives, coming from problematic nations, will do any better.  All the problems still exist, even in the representatives, who sent them, and who will hear back home.  Of course, honest effort is good.  But we all know it is honest cooperation that makes for possible better days.

                But, I will agree with Einstein on one thing.  We should always try.  We should always work to communicate and discuss.  However, I do believe a well-armed United States will have more strength to come to tables with cooperative efforts. 

** The founding fathers knew that before each meeting to pray to our heavenly Father for guidance, direction, and blessings. We are not capable, nor were meant to be, of running a country on our own. Everything good comes to us from our Father above. Prayers.


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