The Little Things Too…

Taking some things too seriously.

Life has many lessons.

                How often people find something weighing a bit heavily on their minds, and often, rightfully so, and at other times, the answers lie elsewhere.

                While pondering upon something, perhaps a bit weighed down with thoughts, I walked into my usual store for coffee, and heard one of the cashiers say to a co-worker something along the lines of:  You know how we eat or diet until we get to our weight?  It’s times like these that one is thankful for walking into a discussion, for I nearly broke out in laughter.  I replied something like:  Wait a minute.  Isn’t the weight you’re at, whatever that is, your weight?  Ahhh… well, it got me out of over-pondering something that probably didn’t need contemplating. 

                Well, I got my beverage of choice, walking to the counter to pay, and she said something along the lines of:  Can’t seem to stop eating.  It’s just like, the food’s there and I keep picking up.  Don’t want to turn into a fatty.  So I said something along the lines of, well, maybe because it’s winter, it’s part of our survival nature.  I was thinking, maybe evolution is true and we’re descended from squirrels, packing food away for the winter.

                Ahh… well.  Like I read someplace.  Laughter is good medicine.

Time and tide.



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