Thoughtful Perspective

From one person to another.

Just chose this picture because it reminded me of a movie. Pretty cool.

                Here’s something I imagine many have noticed over the years, but for some reason, I always found it odd. I do believe it’s important to recognize.  It seems to have a particular quality, something acceptable by most people, but has various techniques, but I’ll keep it simple. 

                The article is about how people “blame” or criticize others, something we’ve probably all experienced from time to time. **I see it also having the quality of separating people.  I’ve noticed, in recent readings, more people writing about the problems of the human race.  Yet, they seem to forget they are part of that population. In other words, they are what they are criticizing, but the act of criticizing seems to provide relief for them from them being part of the problem. Or another way to say this is they seem to be setting themselves up as “above” the rest, in pride, having more awareness, and therefore not part of the problem though everyone is doing the same thing.  And this quality in human behavior politicians and the media utilize.  Most of us have seen the commercials, including the voice quality, as candidates are made to be responsible for bad things happening, the method of choice. We avoid those topics.

** (An aside.) I want to affirm. When we see problems, we are not taking ourselves out of the equation. As such, sometimes, when we point out something, we see ourselves as well.

                What I’m looking at is this “blame” thing, the act of criticizing.  Often, if not always, it seems not an honest thing.  As I see, the behavior is an attempt (conscious or unconscious) to forget one’s own mistakes and cast blame on others.  At the very least, perhaps, to see one’s self as better in comparison to others, whom we may deem worse by comparison.  But it seems, we still have ourselves to see. And I’ve wondered if the act of “judging” others for their mistakes in order to justify ourselves, or make ourselves better by comparison isn’t in reality worse. For should we not actually point out problems in the hope of helping and not comparing? And the mindset of the above seems to actually separate people from the possibility of real communication and family. However, the latter would be real and present in real cooperation.

One thing I might add. Personal motivation. Does one want to understand or seem to understand?

                I don’t remember the last person I heard talk about this, but I imagine how much better we could make our days if we each solved our individual issues, did our best, and helped others in their positive endeavors.  I think, for this article, that says enough, though I appreciate others in their sharing of understanding.


**As promised: some editing and/or additions. I am looking at something while a neighbor friend is talking with another friend.

** Once in a while, like all of us, I hear someone talking that is just so real.  More recently, a friend sharing something of the past year or so.  It’s in the air.  The conversation comes through with thoughtful words.  In this, all the minutia and irrelevant thoughts we see in the media, that often permeates into society, is immediately forgotten.

**We need food, but it’s now about food. We need doctors, but it’s now about medicare or any other agency. We need money, but it’s not about the money. Someone asks what is it about? Then time to ponder.

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