Here is something that might be good to share, but we leave that for each person to consider and ponder.  I once thought that I would be the most difficult person in the world to convince of the gospel.  The reason I say that is because from early on, I had a very active imagination:  one I actually wished I hadn’t had, because I could reason things in so many ways.  I remember saying to a friend, I wished I had been simpler, listening to my common sense, as one who finds honest trust easier, but I do ponder that statement from time to time.  Perhaps there is a reason for everything, something I’m growing to believe.

                I think, we’re surrounded by a world of very clever, intellectual, and all too many who would attempt converting others to their ways of thinking, though not honestly.  As with the movie, Pinocchio, we have a choice.  However, without family and other significant people in our lives to push the wolves away, or those with strong common sense, to keep us home schooled, and to provide a sort of “insulation” from “the world” while we become stronger in principles and the values that are real, many make small and larger decisions that impact the mind and soul, making more difficult to follow what they know is right in their hearts.  And so, making the good choices becomes something entangled with so many lies and conditioning.  **There may be purpose in all of this, perhaps necessary in some aspects. 

**I must explain something above. Making wrong decisions, depending upon motivation, to then making right decisions, isn’t always simply changing, for what is our motivation. Sometimes, when people have lived years making wrong decisions, they may turn around immediately upon realization, or it could take weeks, years, even a lifetime, which is why it’s so important for parents to lead by good example and provide a good framework at home.

                Had I persisted in my earlier thoughts, I imagine I could have been an atheist, one who could challenge and argue away so many points, even encouraging many not to believe.  I could share some of the “ideas” I had as a child, even as a teenager, but then, I wouldn’t want to add to the lies or anyone’s confusion.  Thankfully, I could not be “okay” with that.  I think, like many, we can only be happy with our Father in heaven, believing in His Son, Jesus Christ, and looking to live a better life.  There is no place else to be.  He is the source of our lives. 

                Yes, as many know, I did go through the readings about cells, the complexities of our solar system, learned about the intricacies of life, and pondered thoughts and understanding, wondering where the latter came from.  I also realized I hadn’t put myself here, like the homeless man in a recent article, and there are many other thoughts, like we all belong to families and so forth, and principles and morals are key to better lives.  And it seems to me, in everything, no matter the rabbit trail, we always return to the same place:  the beginning. 

                All those readings, discussions, and ponderings were good.  However, I think it simply comes back to one thing.  And no one on Earth can answer this question for me.  Or for us as I believe. What do we want and where do we want to go?  I suppose, no one can answer that question for us.  And something else, though I just thought of it, and I don’t know if it fits here.  I don’t mean to sound “harsh.”  But someone said when we die, we die alone.  To me, that makes sense.  All the words, all the ideas, all the stories, all the cars and material wealth, all the propaganda, all the people we’ve known, and all the experiences…  I’ve wondered since our brain contains our memories, perhaps that doesn’t go with us as our bodies die here on this Earth. 

                I believe there is hope and love.  Our Father above, as the gospels share, is love.  In one place, we read that we never loved anyone first, but our Father loves us.  He is the source of love and understanding.  So, as I currently understand, I gather that when we die, we die in the arms of God.  We never knew life before this one, and not until we gained consciousness, as far as I know, though I believe there are things I don’t know, haven’t remembered, yet they are true just the same.  And God brought us into existence.  And so, when we die, we are completely in his arms, fully and completely relying on Him as He has always been fully in control of our entire lives, giving us some freedom to learn and ponder.

**This is written to encourage people not to listen to propaganda, to lies, and be persuaded by worldly elements, but to follow principle, decency, and understand, which I believe, if honest, always brings us back to the beginning.

**Even the universe, many know, has a starting point, and I always ask, where do “you” think that starting point came from? And how was everything created so perfectly?



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