From One World to All Others

Just trying a catchy title.

**With writing time now limited, we thought to just share a bit.

We’ve been hearing much about the former New England quarterback’s return to football, but also the “media” difficulties regarding his personal life, which I don’t read except seeing the titles. And that is the direction for this article.

I know what I’m about to share may sound overly simplistic, but I believe it also explains much. Whatever we do, whatever we learn, whether about mathematics, another solar system, or running a business, we always return home. What I mean is we are, to a degree, what we do and the decisions we make, but also where our hearts are in making choices.

I have shared this before, but whatever we’re reading, whatever we’re doing, and/or whatever we’re thinking about, everything always returns to one thing.  At least, it seems that way to us.  And I believe, if we’re really looking, and wanting to understand, we eventually realize we’ve all been created, our lives are not completely our own, perhaps not even our own, and there is purpose:  good purpose.  And I believe, when we realize that, we may be more patient.  We also may realize we can’t live without our Father in Heaven.

I remember a joke about an atheist using the very life and understanding he was given to argue, and if he would just be honest, he would see the falling apart of his own thinking.

                Somehow, having that mansion or nice sports car isn’t so important anymore, though you can still purchase such things, but it will be within principle and timeliness.  For some reason, winning all the arguments isn’t necessary, though you will still stand on principles regarding what’s right, but the timing may change. 

                There’s a passage in a good book that I’ve been pondering.  It says something akin to not making the things of this world more important than what we may realize inside.  Something along the lines of the things of this world are all temporary and subject to decay, but what is above and within, regarding trusting in God, is eternal. 

                I know believing for some can be a challenge.  Like many, we grew up believing in God, but didn’t go to church, but also didn’t have discussions regarding at home.  As such, we learned about life from very secular points of view, not realizing at the time there was a reason for that, including why the bible was taken out of the classroom. For some reason, at a young age, I asked some questions.  One was how did I get here and who could tell me?  For some reason, I realized, perhaps at seven years of age, that “people” could not answer my questions.  Well, they could answer, but there would have to be recognition within attesting to the truthfulness of the right answers. In other words, without realizing this for many years, I intuitively knew others could not answer my questions. Only our Father above could answer any questions.

                This reminds me of the man who, walking along the streets of New York, asked a homeless man if he believed in God.  The homeless man replied:  Of course.  Who do you think made me?

                We always have the understanding all around us.

**I was reading an article about all the disinformation being printed and aired, not to mention in curriculums, which is why I so urge parents to home school.

                I remember a passage in Proverbs.  It was about “training up” your children in the way they should live their lives, and when they’re old, they won’t depart.  Yes, I understand how many will look at this, but that’s due in a great part to the disinformation they’ve lived.  If we’re honest, believe in God, and raise our own children in such a home, living honestly and integrity, the children will grow up with good beliefs and habits which will last a life time.  Okay, here’s the flip side.  If parents aren’t honest, following the rabbit of reason along the trail of understanding, not sharing the bible so at least they’re aware and have read some, and maintaining integrity and honesty, sending their children to public indoctrination education camps, allowing the corrupt world to fasten into their brains, the difficulties they’ll have will be compounded exponentially.  It will be like The Matrix.  They’ll have trouble with the tape instilled in their brains warring against decency, morality, and integrity.  Oh, it starts very early in life.  Prayers.


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