A Different Perspective

Often, we place in boxes what cannot be encased. Often, we’re unaware, yet we continue until something comes along to remind. Perhaps seeing someone honestly real and in the moment.

                There are as many ways to learn as there are people in the world.  It’s never as people might attempt placing a box around the concept.  Though there are ways of learning one can utilize from others, perhaps in college or when working with a group.  But that’s a choice. And that term: learn, is one I appreciate, but the context in which it’s often used today is a created box. In other words, what learn meant decades or centuries ago carried with it different views.

                For the sake of readers, I thought to organize this article in such a way to demonstrate concepts.  But then, while effective in communication, I might also be writing counter to the point I’m making, for lack of a better description.  So, we’ll attempt something “out of the box,” so to speak. **What I’m doing, to clarify, is sharing a view of learning that isn’t traditional, in the box, thinking.

                The other day, while walking at night, I decided to take an alternate route from a barking dog (Cute dog, but annoying.).  As I turned down a block, I noticed a small black cat walking towards me as I was walking towards it.  Well, I decided, he/she chose the path first, so I stepped towards it to get around a tree, but then out into the street and headed for the opposite side.  The cat, seeing me first head towards the tree, which kept me inline with it, was uncertain of what I was doing, so first veered off the path, then stopped to look at me as I continued on my path around the block.  I said, it’s all yours, or something akin to that.  Of course, he/she wouldn’t know the words, but animals read energy and intent.  And during these few seconds, I knew the cat was friendly, uncertain, but also probably looking for food. I think I’ve kind of always known what’s often going on with animals.  I suppose it’s the same reason I can work around horses and understand them. But there are little signals that tell so much.

                Sometimes, like few I know, I will find myself reading 3-5 books at a time.  After reading a couple (with one ordered) books on the Apollo missions, I thought about rocketry, garnering two books, one newer but more pc, the other from the 1960’s.  My friends might wonder why I would pick an “outdated” book on rocketry to read.  Well, principles are principles, like learning about sailing during the Columbus days.  But remembering readings on carburetors, the ideas of moving fuel and propulsion, not to mention guidance, for what I was curious was about some of the factors involved. And therefore, hoping to get a better understanding, which might lead to other insights, I thought to start with some readings on the subject.

                You see, as I see this, Elon Musk should never send humans to Mars, perhaps attempting to colonize, when we’ve never done so with the moon, which is in perpetual orbit around us.  It’s right there.  And like the Gemini and Apollo missions, together with the satellites and rovers that passed by, orbited, or landed on Mars, every mission demonstrated problems and areas to learn, even when everything went as planned, which is a rarity.  So, I gathered, even a novice like myself can learn a bit, then ask some questions, hoping to generate discussions. 

                You see, I’m sure Elon Musk, if he’s still on the Mars thing, should realize some of the problems, but he must also realize there are problems one never sees until we’re there, perhaps when it’s too late.  Perhaps, he wants to generate support, so goes for it, though time will tell, and by engaging our imaginations, getting other rich folks involved, spurs support for such dreams.  But by not using the moon to work out details concerning Mars, we will learn the ramifications of lesser planning.  I have wondered, had we worked with the whole rover thing on the moon, might we have had far better success on Mars. In the meantime, we can ask questions. 

                Now, back to the black cat.  Or the horses.  Or Monty Roberts, the horse whisperer, who saw things that were present to everyone, but he was truly watching….  And understanding.

                Sometimes, just looking at “something” or “somewhere”, something echoes for lack of a better word.  And though others aren’t seeing it, little bits and pieces are coming through, sometimes to be considered later, sometimes to be added to previous readings and experiences, but never to be fully boxed by those who would like to intellectualize and contain.  Like type A personalities, which that title is just another box.  They don’t really know.  I don’t believe there is such a thing as type A, B, or whatever. It’s just people with behaviors related to their experiences, perhaps some genetics, and perhaps outlook.

                As we shared before, there are as many ways as there are people.  I write this to encourage those who aren’t “traditional” learners, which I think is another box, because there isn’t such a thing.  Though I did complete a university education, I never did it the way others did.  Never cared for that.  Sometimes, we just knew that class on the first day.  Some people are so incredibly predictable, but that’s because they’ve allowed themselves to be framed.   That’s their choice.  But I think many of them are conflicted.

                Honestly, and with responsibility, I would say be yourself.  As one former president said:  To thine own self be true.   

**Long ago, I heard about a person who could do incredibly large and complex calculations with their fingers. Somehow, if I remember correctly, he/she would do something with their fingers, perhaps using both hands, in such a way no one understood, and arrive at the answers. The thing I thought at the time was by people being surprised, they were putting themselves in a box without ever realizing it. To the degree they’ve accepted other ideas over their own understanding.

**This is not to generate surprise or encourage the idea of a new something or other. I believe, there are people throughout history, the founding fathers included, certainly Albert Einstein and Socrates, but sometimes an elderly lady living down the block or whomever, that sees and understands without explaining. And that’s okay.

**We see very few on Fox News who aren’t in a box.


2 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

  1. I’m glad you’re not superstitious about encountering a black cat. My family has had black cats as pets over the years, and they’ve brought us no bad luck, only joy and contentment. On the other hand, your description of your walk reminded me of a time I took a walk in Miami, Florida. Several dogs, German Shepherds and similar breeds, barked at me as I walked past. Since a fence was between us, it didn’t bother me. Then I met one who was on the same side of the fence where I was walking. He barked at me just as fiercely, and I thought I could be in trouble. But I stayed out of his path, kept on walking, and he held his ground without attacking. I think he was as relieved as I was that nothing more needed to be done. J.

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  2. The only difficulty with black cats, at night, is accidentally tripping over them. Fortunately, my night vision’s still pretty good. Of course, the time we saw a cheetah, in person, standing beside us….


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