Something About Cycling

Everybody has their thing. Or maybe it’s just whatever you do.

**No, that’s not me. But we watched a bit of the tour from time to time.

                Oh… about ten or so years back, after years working out in gyms, I got tired of those weights, looking at walls, and decided it was time for a change of scenery.  And there was that Huffy bike from Target sitting in the garage, or was it the back of the house?  Anyway, for a time, I split time between three “after work” activities, coaching and indoor soccer being twp, another being cycling.  Hmmm…. One more. And I certainly wasn’t the average cyclist.

                But after a move, then changes in work sites, I decided to try the city streets.  And yes, it was on a Target (Do they pronounce it Tar Jay?  Hmm….) mountain bike, riding mostly through the city streets, some farm land, and some off-road.  Just wanted to go anyplace but four walls and barbells.  But after watching a bit of the tour earlier in the year, I thought “why not.”  Not that I would ever compete.  Just ride.  Hmmm….  Maybe that’s an encouragement to others.  Try jogging.  Try cycling.  Try tennis.  Try martial arts.  Try music.  Try the piano.  Try swimming.  Try whatever gets you moving and interested.  Time and tide.

                Anyway, that was on a probably 20+ pound steel mountain bike (Hardly fast.), cramming on the pedals for all they’re worth, and enjoying the wind.  The first time I went past 40 miles on a ride, I felt so fantastic, I was like walking on air.  I think runners have a term for that.  Anyway, I told a friend and he laughed.  Later, we’d go on a couple rides together.

                Eventually, moving again for work, riding every week (Two days off the bike felt “off” until I got back on the road.), I just looked forward to those rides.  But in the first month of the move, my bike fell apart:  almost literally.  It would cost more to repair than I paid for the bike. Those Target bikes were not meant for those miles, so I got a Specialized, but stayed with mountain bikes, even though I was doing mostly road.  Yep.  Knobby tires, thick inner tubes, that green stuff to stop leaks, and go….  And during the summer, when off work, I enjoyed longer and some pretty steep ascents and descents.  Cool. 

                A more serious injury, which I won’t go into, has stopped that, so along with selling the bike, I now do a lot of walking, hiking, and fishing for the course.  But here’s the thing.  And I was never into “fast outfits.”  I figure, I’m not competing, I don’t need to look television.  Sometimes wearing old fashioned sweats during the cold months.  What a sight.  But the ride was the thing.  Having fun.  Something to enjoy at the end of a day, or during the summer. 

So when cycling was out, with time, we moved to a lot of walking, hiking, and now making a lot of personalized stepping stones and going fishing. Hmmm…. Maybe a stepping stone with a trout or bass picture. Cool!

                Whether is nature photography, writing, surfing, golfing, or whatever honestly is enjoyable, we encourage people to take the time.  And while on the road, for those who go there, or perhaps in anything, appreciating the good things in life.  Sunrises and sunsets are pretty good reminders.

Oh… and reading good books.

***Sometimes, you just go and try.


3 thoughts on “Something About Cycling

  1. I absolutely love this blog Dolphin and I agree with you that we must enjoy and appreciate the little things in life such as sunrises and dawns, the things we enjoy and we must make time for it, as for me, writing, blogging, photography, movies and football are my hobbies and I enjoy them. I am glad you enjoy cycling and travelling, that’s nice, such things are to be enjoyed in life and not just work nonstop🔥🔥🔥🙏


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