Appreciation and Wonder

Appreciating the simple things in life, thankful for all we have.

                Some time back, someone asked what was at the end of the universe, which many scientists theorized continues to grow, perhaps even faster with the passage of time.  It’s an interesting question.  I imagine many people, young and old, have thought about creation.  When I heard, long ago, that the universe was expanding, I wondered how amazing.  It’s something people ponder upon from time to time. 

                For myself, I gather there are things we can appreciate without ever fully comprehending.  Like gazing at the night sky, looking at all those stars, planets, and shooting stars, perhaps wondering where the latter came from.  Or looking at a leaf, never fully understanding, yet amazed that it provides so much.  Yes, scientists know much of the makeup, about DNA, and the complexities, but the how and why is beyond them… and me.  However, it is a wonder to appreciate:  how a seed has all the information necessary to become all they become.

                Going back to the original question above, we might consider we’re not meant to know everything, nor ever will.  While the question was posed, and I thought for a time, I also pondered location.  In other words, if someone asked, where is the universe and in relation to what else out there?  On another note, into what is the universe expanding?  Or, another way to ask, what is the universe within?  And those are questions I can imagine anyone asking should they take a course on astronomy. 

                But then, I would have to make another point.  I really don’t know much.  I certainly don’t have enough information to intelligently ask such a question.  For when I read about Einstein, listen online to some astronomer’s calculations, and read about satellites in space, I realize we just don’t have enough information from which to make informed calculations:  at least from my perspective and the little information I have. For example, that space is curved, which then brings a host of other questions. For instance, how we perceive in our everyday world, does that change on a much larger scale? Or am I even asking the right question?  And perhaps, that’s as it will always be.  Perhaps as it should.  For we already have so much, and can we appreciate all that has been provided?

                Later, I remembered a story in the Bible.  Many might remember.  It was about the Tower of Babel.  If I remember correctly, and it’s been a long time since I last read this story, a bunch of people got it into their heads to build a tall building that would reach way up into the sky, perhaps the heavens.

                Now, again, I’m not that smart, but I think, had I been there, I would have looked at everyone else, wondering what they were thinking.  Don’t they follow the rabbit of reason along the trail of understanding?  Don’t they see the sky is much farther than we could ever build:  anything?  Perhaps many don’t, some do, and many who do go along to get along.  But they all worked together building this structure, something that would pretty much go up, but they would discover not very far. 

                When I thought about that, I thought that’s many people today.  While I like the idea of sending satellites and probes into space, collecting data, and learning about the cosmos, I know we’ll never know very much.  Like venturing into the woods, going to other countries, heading into space, even landing men on Mars, can be a wonderful time of pondering and reflection.  And we might learn a thing or two.  And how much we might discover, tiny by comparison, but wonders of things that might provide information helpful to us on the Earth.

                However, like the Tower of Babel, if many don’t realize, and think they’re on some grand adventure, that man-kind is becoming more through these experiences, that our species will evolve and one day reach higher levels of expansion and awareness, perhaps going to other galaxies, colonizing other planets, I think they’ve lost the meaning of life.  Perhaps they forgot something we were all born understanding. 

                We have all been given life.  We have all been given understanding, and depending upon how we relate and appreciate, perhaps more understanding occurs.  And I’ll try to say it this way, and again, for each person to consider for themselves.

                I have, for a long time, believed that all “learning” and understanding leads to He Who created the Universe.  And we rely on Him, trusting.  We have been given everything.  We need not attempt to be something we’re not.  We don‘t need to evolve.  We don’t need to build a tower.  We don’t need to find life on other planets. He already knows us through and through.  For He made us.  And He has all the answers.  And I believe the answers are always in His time, because He knows what is best and true.  Prayers.

**That we’re all cared for, all of our lives. We don’t see everything. We trust.

**I do believe, with how wonderful the things we see, the very fact we have so little control over our lives is for our benefit. That our Father above loves and cares for us, and that He’s taking care of everything.

**Yes, we are to work and ponder. It’s part of what makes life so interesting. But there are also things that should cause us to be mindful.

**Long ago, and more recently, I read Genesis, and along the way was amazed how much real scientific information, and history, was so accurately shared.


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