Thoughtful Consideration

Taking the time in life. Observing, pondering, and discussing.

**To see and perceive. We need not be told what we observe.

**The wonder is for each person. Each person perceiving something different and alike.

**Three people looking, seeing something new and different, each one learning something unknown to the other two.

The wonders never cease to amaze. Sometimes, we can just stand and watch: miracles everywhere.

                While having discussed the importance of realization (I’ve often called them “ah haa…” experiences.), I believe it’s very important in this day and age to encourage.  There are so many directions from which we can approach this subject.  For this article, I want to restate the words “expert” and “scientist” have meanings in their truest sense, but these are not terms for anyone to follow: as regards others, without realization and thinking for one’s self with responsibility.  Always.  Every step of the way.  And I’ve often said never to follow “me” and my words without following the rabbit of reason along the trail of understanding. For if I say anything that “rings true,” it’s because it’s already inside the listener, just waiting to be recognized.

                Recently, I have been reading about our efforts to put human beings on the moon and to explore Mars, the two sometimes happening simultaneously.  And as I appreciate the efforts, I wonder what we might find, discover, and utilize with the passage of time.   Like the differentiation in gravitational fields (Apparently, Mars doesn’t have a magnetic field like the Earth, which raises questions, but also allows for experimentation regarding different sets of values.), magnetism, minerology, terrain, atmospheric effects, and more.  Together with other chemicals, the presence or absence of water, pressure through atmosphere, and the interactions of a more active planet (or less), one can only imagine the future and what might be written.  And it’s fun to read the data and current conclusions, or most, of the findings.

                Less and more recently, I was reading about groups of scientists and their efforts to procure support, including funding, for their research.  I want to share two things [[Which I think is extremely important to bring the point across as to why we never fully give our “understanding” and “acceptance of information” to anyone else.]], allowing readers to consider the others:  1) Many scientists enjoy what they do, and to do so requires funding, and 2) To garner the funding for exploration such as the moon and Mars, they must write proposals that will bring in those resources.  *Unless one is Elon Musk, with other profitable projects to fund such endeavors, one will have to appeal to whomever the funding comes from.  And those who provide the funding (which is taxpayers’ money) will have to answer to others, including the public and special interests who often can mold public opinion.

                Thus, if I were an astronomer working for NASA, or a more independent organization, we would still have to consider who’s watching.  Which means our proposals are controlled.  Not only that, but our findings, perhaps even our way of thinking.  In other words, could I write a proposal with something like: we want to learn more about this planet, it’s gravitational field, the minerals, and better comprehend the interactions of all the aspects, perhaps gaining a better perspective on both how the planet developed but where the other spheres became, but also to better ascertain space flight and eventually building living places for more on-site and “in person” experimentation?  Perhaps I could write such a proposal. Would it garner funds? I have to wonder.  However, more than likely, I might have to write something like:  we’re looking for signs of life.  We propose, while better understanding space flight (and orbitals with landing), to search for the elements and perhaps, biologics, that provide a foundation for life and perhaps the presence.  And should we discover such elements, this might provide support for the theories of extraterrestrial life on other worlds.  **And I might find it more necessary for the second proposal due to the manner in which funding arises, in which we create projects, and in which we continue in our careers.  And as such, the very ways in which we live would vet certain types of people out of those careers, but bring others in.  And what would that look like?

                We can do the same with most things in life.  I imagine, the expense of becoming a doctor, perhaps more so in the specializations, that the need to pay off educational loans, work in a career of one’s choice, and survive in a complex world could influence the decisions of each physician.  Of course, I say this because I have watched such things happen before my very eyes.  And it also works in the field of my career choice: a certain vetting going on to match up with politics and created social ideas (Some which was due to influences.).  I imagine in the automobile industry, with firefighting and police, in politics, and more, there are always influences that can alter decision making.

                And we can simplify even more.  Even for attention.  To be heard and listened to.  To be “appreciated.”  To be thought thoughtful.  Even if just to believe it for one’s self.  Even in article writing.  Even in blogs.  Even callers on the radio, who later share with friends:  “I was on the radio.”

We can see, for one reason or another, and we can create a long list, from people just wanting attention, to being noticed, to “experts” and people in “highly important” jobs, there is always a “pressure,” “set of opinions”, and “designs” that cause all too many people to compromise their values and perhaps what they report. After all, I have to believe some scientists would love to explore planets, asteroids, and the vast cosmos for reasons other than life. But the fact that they’re directed, or encouraged, by those holding the funds and special interests (including molded public opinions)

                To me, the word expert and scientist, in their truest sense, have wonderful meanings, but in practice, I can never follow anyone because of a title, and nor should anyone else.  Every step of the way, we listen, read, research, observe, and ponder.  And this is the way, in my opinion, all should live. 

                Of course, when I was in the hospital years ago, I listened to my doctor.  I also asked questions to better understanding, talking also with nurses, then obtaining information on a couple web-sites.  After all, they went to higher education, worked with more experienced doctors, have experience, and they understand many principles I have not spent much time on.  So of course I’m listening.  Of course I respect each doctor, listening to ensure those who think for themselves.  But do I trust them completely?  Of course not.  How do I know all the factors in their decision making, the society and political pressures put upon them, and what is the going societal norms they apply?  And that’s my responsibility.  And for myself, I’ll rely more on their information until I discover enough to warrant questions. 

                Whether we’re learning about history (in this and other countries), about science, about philosophy, about the automobile industry, about pollution, about technology, or anything else, we will never find a source that in 100%.  Why?  Because whoever read, researched, was there, pondered, and so forth is seeing things through his/her eyes, with his/her motivations, and perhaps persuasions by others.  For myself, I’ve realized things that changed previous outlooks, sometimes a little, and sometimes more, and in sharing, I gather others must do their own homework.  For along the way, I’m pretty sure it’s an ongoing discovery process. 

                More recently, I was writing about the problems in obtaining real history, also including Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s efforts to find the real history of Russia since so much was destroyed by the political machine.  But even in the best of circumstances, when reading, we’re often getting second hand, even third-hand (or more) information.  And for those “who were there”, they’re seeing from their points of view, with their experiences, and from their motivational purposes, many honest.  But we still have to do our homework.

                As such, even as a teacher, while I taught, the students read, I asked questions.  I shared the concept of understanding the world we live in to better understand the past.  But also to learn about the past to better understand the times we live.  And also to understand human nature, themselves included, to better understand the choices people make.  And while learning, to be patient.  For we can learn of events.  We can learn about the past.  We can learn about so much.  But each person must honestly assess for themselves, for there will never come a time where we can turn off our own awareness, stop following the rabbit of reason, and simply allow others to tell us everything. 

                There’s an old saying:  the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  There’s something wonderful in this. In freedom, we get to ponder and wonder, a new discovery around each corner, sometimes new for each person.

***I’ve become more aware of a thoughtlessness in myself. I have to be careful, even with sources I trust, to still consider. I have to be careful not to believe, then argue a point, simply because I trust a source, or simply because I’ve always believed in that manner. I still have to read, sometimes read again, listen, and consider. For instance, I’m relooking at reasons for some historical events.

**The wonderful benefit of reading, sifting quality material from less quality, and following the rabbit of reason is better understanding.

**Time and patience also shows there are things we accept on faith: which I believe we’re all born with. Prayers.


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