An Amazing World to Discover Each and Every Day….

Consider one view, then many others, each with something new to ponder.

Billions of people, billions looking, and our eyes making the following appreciation possible.

**We see, the light creating patterns, pixels and parts coming together in our eyes, sending wonderful images in our minds. And sometimes, we remember and smile. How can we not smile when we see beauty created in the world?

**At the end of a day, perhaps stopping by a lake, perhaps fishing or walking, noticing something that changes the perspective from one moment to another. At times, I have lost catching a fish, distracted by dragonflies, owls, and other amazing wonders in the world. And yes, sometimes I still watch a spider as it weaves its web for the evening dinner.

**Appreciating the wonders, realizing the world is looking back at us, sometimes wondering what they see. They’re happy without self-help or diet books. Is that not the look of complete happiness?

**The wonder, the colors, the beauty, the memories. All that exists a part of the scenes.

**Even from moment to moment, sometimes in the first or last lights of the day. To sit and appreciate. Some days are not like any other. Always something around the next corner.

**Sometimes, taking the time to stop. Look. Observe. Then later remembering something we wished was in picture, yet without the camera, a memory. And the memory brings an appreciation.

**There have been times I forgot a camera, staring at a beautiful sunset or watching the ducks along the lake, even far from home. The memories fade, but not the appreciation.

                It’s quite a quandary more people don’t share in the wonders of wonders.  Yet, I have to believe, from time to time, all do.  Even when looking at a leaf.  At some point, whether a leaf, an insect, the clouds, even colors, something must occur to people the incredible reality of creation.  Even one ant, or a bee, or a snail is a marvel.  The DNA common to creatures, with little differences from one to another.

                Somehow, and I’ll try better to share this perspective, we see, with our little eyes, complexities and wonders we could never design on our own, perhaps never even imagine except all that exists around us.  Somehow, light waves, with all their spectrum, bounces off giraffes, trees, and tiny little termites, then enter our eyes (Imagine how sound becomes to us.), forms in the back of our eyes, all that coordinated to look exactly like what we’re looking at, even down to tiny antenaes and cat whiskers, even tree bark and moss.  Every little iota within a 20/20 range, some needing glasses.  Then, our brains compute all of this instantly, instant by instant, all the days long, even that we read wonderful books. 

                The eye is just one of many complex miracles too amazing to explain. 

**There is, as we’ve discussed, another eye. We can also observe thoughts and ideas.


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