Speaking with Clarity

The best way to understand is to be honest, which leads to clarity.

**Think of Socrates. There was a man who could never be fooled into believing anything. He was always following reason, and as such, would see right through to what was truly being discussed.

** I wrote the following below, but later thought to place it here. I think it’s an important real concept that needs pondering. Here it is: ***One more thing, and this might be a difficult one to hear, but I have been observing this quality a long time, pondering from time to time. In Proverbs, and other readings, we’ve often come across the word foolish. In one passage, if I remember correctly, the writer (translated) explained sin as foolishness (Or foolishness is sin.). And that got me thinking from time to time. I believe that which isn’t honest, responsible, and looking to do what is right is the mind-set of sin. And if looked at closely enough, that’s irresponsibility and dishonesty. And that makes sense. For in the garden, the serpent encouraged Eve to be irresponsible and dishonest. To not listen to what she knew was right in her heart. And then, Adam went along instead of standing up for what is right. Instead of listening to his Father. So, we might say sin is like an adult not wanting to listen to their conscience, choosing foolishness over thoughtfulness, and sitting in denial, though one day all will be revealed.

**Okay, now back to the article:

                The purpose of this article, as I consider, is clarification and understanding of a term.  In this way, perhaps a dispelling of incorrect ideas, but also thoughtful consideration:

                When people hear the word politics, I gather most think of Washington and the people who work for the government.  I believe the word “politics,” in it’s truest sense, has a very different meaning than government employees working and discussing. With time, observing, and talking among friends a bit, we have the meaning here in its most basic sense.   From that point forward, it’s simply a progression of more people and the complications that are a part.  This last part, the complications, that’s simply an entanglement of more and more people, more parts to the puzzle, more interests, and more people attempting to get into the fray for their own purposes.

                As I see it, politics is the attempt to direct the behaviors of other people, thus controlling, for purposes of their own.  Through the utilization of language (including rhetorical devices) to convince, behavior modification, influence through a variety of means, and even both the possibility and usage of physical force, a person works together with others to bring about a way of things for their own reasons.  Through politics, which is as described, they get others to behave and believe as they want, but at the least, to follow along or not get in the way. **Recent country-wide and world-wide “persuasions” and steps have demonstrated.

                That’s it.  That’s all it is.  There is nothing fancy about that word: politics.  It’s just an invented word. And I have considered, the word itself is a sort of veil, or curtain, to prevent from saying the above, but to give a sort of “aura” to a concept most people haven’t fully understood.

                It can be as simple as “But mom!  All my friends have a skateboard.”  Or, “Everybody gets an allowance these days without working for it.”  Or brother and sister coordinate how they’re going to convince their parents that they don’t need to spend so much time on homework, using creative “discussions,” perhaps a couple friends saying the same things.  I know, as a kid and teenager, what I thought of as “clever” ideas to get my way.  I guess, it’s part of life.  However, parents are there to guide and correct.

                Politics can also be a few friends using social pressure to get the new person in town to go along.  Or to get more “in the group,” such that, they’ll have more sway over the “policies” and way of things in the neighborhood.   It also happens at work when some workers, perhaps with certain management, find ways to coordinate all the other workers in policy decisions.

                Now, I believe there can be good politics.  But, in a sense, as discussed above, we might not call it politics, or at least, not in the same category.  If we did define “politics” by the above, then we would be calling good politics “anti-politics.”  Perhaps “anti-deception.”  But I have to always go back to what honesty is.  For honesty can stand on its own, and often does stand on its own.  Perhaps, the only kind of honesty is that which is of itself:  honestly.  Though one might seek the assistance of others due to circumstances needing support:  for good. 

                Regarding Washington, our government, if the “politicians” are being honest, I believe, they are always working towards individual responsibility, keeping the government and regulations as small as possible, and pushing people back upon themselves.  Under no circumstances, are honest politicians’ long-term goals to deceive, but to wake people up, and return the citizens to the state of our constitution and Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded.  With difficulties, that can be a long road.  But that are honest politicians’ motivation.  In other words, they are honest, and therefore, are looking to follow the rabbit of understanding.  I believe, they want to work themselves out of a job.  Most would rather be doing something else.  They would rather people be responsible, listen to their conscience, and be both independent and working with others honestly.  But they work because they see a need in society:  due to dishonest politicians but also the unwillingness of a people to stand on their own and follow honesty only.  For if everyone were honest, there would be no need for government. 

                **One more thing, and this I’ve been looking at in various forms in different places.  If a person isn’t honest, isn’t willing to stand on their own two feet and be accountable, that is a state of mind.  I’ve pondered if that’s a sin state, but we’ll consider that for another article.  Maybe.  But if a person isn’t honest, isn’t willing to follow what they know is right in their heart before anything else, and be accountable, that set’s the person up to think in wrong “political terms”:  to make excuses, use language to get their way, and attempt with guile to “fool” the others around them.  Because they’re making excuses and looking to convince others of their errors are okay. Or to blame others.

                **Throughout human history, people have often used language and words to “hide”, or place a veil over what is really going on.  We see it all the time in these days.  I think the word “politics” was “designed” to change what’s really going on into something else:  perhaps something people might aspire to.  No.  There is only honesty and otherwise.  Yes. I would never call government work political. I would say government work is either honest or otherwise.

**One method I’ve used to better understand is to look at principles. For instance, regarding education, I asked myself what would be in a well-educated classroom? Of course, I could see more materials, information, and so forth then I could ever cover in a career, and as such, I can see the value of having many good teachers such that students gain from each. But when I considered what a good education should/would be, then I was also better able to see what is not good education. I gather the same consideration could be in someone running a business.

**Regarding the statement above about dishonest politics growing, I think of it this way. Say there are thirty people stranded on an island. With time, people obtaining food, making clothing and shelter, and working together, a few people “see themselves” as superiors and so want to lead and have everyone else do the work. These few people, say five, start befriending some of the “weak-minded” but physically strong, but also the intelligent but dishonest, in order to “take over” the island. With time, there will be more of “them” but also more of the workers who have been “persuaded” to follow the leadership’s rules and regulations. **There’s much more we can say on this subject, but we always encourage others to follow the rabbit of reason.



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