Getting Older Has It’s Advantages

Age is part of maturity and understanding. Age is a mark of growth with responsibility.

Then time and tide.

                Here’s a subject I’ve never before discussed never thought about writing.  However, having seen these subjects come up three times recently, one by a family member, I thought to write a short article.

                While growing up, I’ve mentioned in passing, I could squeeze through the slightest gaps, as between a supposedly closed fence gate, but also traverse a 10-foot tall fence like it wasn’t there.  That comes from being able to eat the refrigerator and lose weight due to the exercise of chewing.  I suppose lifting the fork and cutting with a knife was a workout too.  I just couldn’t keep weight on, and I had a ton of energy.  Never had a need to diet. Of course, time changes things.

                What a relative was talking about was getting back to her/his slimmer form.  I explained, if you can do that, you’ll look like a skeleton.  We see a ton of that kind of thinking in Hollywood these days.

                As we age, the DNA adjusts.  It’s just part of life.  When we’re twenty, we’re not supposed to look like when we were ten.  When we’re in our thirties, say goodbye to the twenties and earlier.  In our fifties, say goodbye to the college years.  And that sofa in front of the television looks mighty good.

                For a time, several years back, when I was in the hospital, I lost interest in eating.  I wasn’t worried.  I knew that would return.  However, for some reason, I ate very little and within a few weeks, I’d lost over twenty pounds, perhaps thirty (I do that if I don’t stay on top of my eating regimen.).  And sure enough, I was close to my pre-college weight.  And I looked like a skeleton.  Aauuughh…!  Get me a burger now!

                Well, with a little time and effort, working my arm muscles in opening that refrigerator door and hefting meals to the living room to watch football, most of the weight returned, but I decided to keep a few pounds off:  exercising and all.  After all, I still like cycling, fishing, gardening, hiking, and so forth. No need to sit in the house all day.

                Here’s the thing.  We change.  All through our lives.  It never stops.  We change, and if we live long enough, we look like cute little old people, hair sticking out of our ears, eyebrows like cacti, our noses and ears growing large, and we’re almost small enough to fit in those high chairs we grew up learning how to eat.  We aren’t going to be eighty and looking like college gymnasts or the latest entry in “So You Think You can Dance” episode.  And we shouldn’t try.  Be healthy for the age we’re at, as best we can.  And if there’s some medical issues, live the best with that. 

                Life is so much more than trying to stay young our entire lives.  Me?  I wouldn’t want to return to be young again if I could.  I made too many mistakes back then and life was weird.  One benefit of getting older is, hopefully, not having to repeat the same ridiculous mistakes we made so as to learn.  And we have time to enjoy gardening, the wonderful world of nature, and talk about travelling to Mars.  We also get to point out the mistakes of our politicians (We’ve learned so much along the way.  I wonder why the older politicians haven’t.).

                It’s called life.

**Now, if I look like that in my eighties, I’ll be a happy person.

**And we get to see some of the humor in life.

                I was going to write another article, but decided to add here, as the subject is a logical part.

                I remember, some time back, hearing that age is just a number.  I will say clearly:  no, it’s not.  As I see this, age is a “marker” of where one should be in their life: growing up and learning the lessons. I believe the Good Lord has created us in very special ways.  We’re wonderful babies, then learning toddlers, then older kids, then teenagers, then young adults (Actually, I think we’re young adults from middle school onwards.), then growing older, then middle aged adults, on towards old age.  And along the way, there are lessons which should lead to understanding, hopefully wisdom.  And we’re supposed to be good examples to those younger.  And I believe, this is the way of life on this Earth.

                I remember, in the bible, something about becoming children again.  And I remember the part about putting aside childish ways and growing up.  And I remember other words of understanding.  Then, I have to look at life as we see it daily, then all through the years.  For I believe what we see helps with understanding words of wisdom.  If we’re honestly looking. 

                I believe, and others might have better words on this, that the biblical encouragement of becoming children again doesn’t mean returning to the behaviors of childhood with childish ways (for some children seem to have more thoughtfulness), for lack of better words.  I believe it means being innocent with a child’s faith, not being of the world.  And as for what seems important to us in our youth, as we age, we become aware of something more important, again, for lack of better expression of thoughts.  So we set aside the ways of our youth, but we still are appreciative and faithful in our Father in Heaven.

                I always remember some of my relatives and friends of the past, for there are lessons and good times.  One of my relatives has always had a sort of “innocence,” still that wonderful faith and way of looking at the world as if for the first time, but at the same time, can be very strict, all of a sudden, if necessary.  He has learned right from wrong. He has learned through the lessons of life. For he understands priority and responsibility.  And to some degree, though the article was about becoming young again, I believe this is part of that writing. 

There was another writing, though I don’t remember where I saw it, but it shared that grey hair and wrinkles are the wonderful marks of growing older and wiser: along those lines. For those with good hearts, who appreciate, and love what is right, as they age, they shine.


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