Remembering the Lessons of History Past

The tremendous benefit of true history are lessons we can gain from those who experienced trials and many of life’s difficulties. Also their joys.

**We encourage people to learn our history, but also as much of the history around the world, and patiently learn the causes and effects throughout the centuries, but also understanding the foundations of both freedom and tyranny. For one has often become the other when a people forget their history and important lessons. But understanding is a great teacher.

**There’s another way of looking at things, though it’s limited. In reading about past civilizations and times, in different circumstances, we might consider how we might have faced life then. As such, to a small degree, we might better understand the issues and decision they faced. This is helpful because we can then extrapolate to a small degree and better understand the ways of life during those times and in those places. We also might understand through how we see people making decisions today.

                As we all know, there are a variety of writers in this world, both published and amateur.  However, there are also writers of thoughtfulness and those different, the former of which we’re most interested in both reading and understanding.  Recently, a comment by one published writer really hit the nail on the head, and that got us thinking and talking, which I think is the way things should be.  It had to do with real history which are the lessons of yesterday.

                This writer explained the difficulty he was having with obtaining the real history of his country.  Having grown up in Russia (and when it was the Soviet Union), he went through all the propaganda, distortions, prison time with forced labor camps, and other sufferings of his people, some terrible in the extreme, though he served in the military and encouraged others in thoughtful contemplation.  As I see him, he is “devoted” (for lack of a better word) to both helping the people of his country and learning its real history.  And that was the connection.  While we’re seeing the “remake” of our own history right here in the United States of America, the removal from our past, such that I believe most people today do not know our real history, myself having to filter, seek, and research, reason, and read many sources to discover, I can only imagine how a fully communist nation like Russia (Soviet Union) must have ripped apart their own past, redid all the text books, controlled the publications throughout, such that not only their citizens but the entire world would not have quality information regarding the year to year and decade to decade writings from which to piece together the lessons of the past.  And they did this in great part to control the minds of their people.  But I think also to hide information from the outside world. And so, while I continue to contend we should have been learning about communism and Russia while growing up, we would have also had to deal with distortions due to their corrupt politicians’ (and other special interests) remaking of history.  After all, we would have been reading propagandized material, perhaps even hand-fed what “they” wanted our students to learn. But there’s something else. Knowing this, we could have obtained multiple sources, some from other countries (including us) in their dealings with Russia. After all, other countries have literature about Russia during those times

                I suppose, in my own way, I won’t let being completely propagandized happen in my life, but I also think I’ll never have the full comprehension, though I’ve been fortunate to remember lessons in my youth, readings and hearings here and there, but also reason such that the present often explains the past.  And that’s what hit me upon writing this article. 

                While I don’t think we can completely bring together the real history for all citizens, in part because everyone has different motivations, we can both learn, and thus have the information to share, but also encourage others such that they themselves begin (or continue) the readings and research in order to understand both our country and others.  And while the “real information” is still available, though it might take some thoughtful sifting and research, being more mindful in what period the writings occurred and who did the writing, but also getting hold of much older writings, especially in the times they occurred (Like the Federalist Papers.), we should all read and learn to both understand and provide for the next generation.  **I guarantee most people do not know of the centuries leading up to America, while many still lived in Europe, fleeing tyranny, but hoping just for the opportunity to be free, worship as their conscience led, and provide a better way for their children. 

                But, we’ve also gathered something else, and this will require some additional thoughtful sifting and consideration, something I’ve been doing more.  As the writer above indicated difficulty obtaining the real history of his country (Russia), he has (I believe) other sources:  other countries and writers abroad.  For I would have to believe (as indicated above) while his country was going through different periods, top politicians destroying much of the texts, people across the globe must have been writing, in addition to those who left their homelands and wrote.  Such will be us.  While we see a complete destruction of real history in public propaganda camps, in our libraries and bookstores, we do not have to rely only on those sources.  We have sources in our country.  But we also have sources outside by writers of other countries who were watching us.  It’s a matter of wanting to understand and patiently taking the time, but it’s well worth the patience and effort.  But there’s something else.

                I have alluded to this before.  Principles echo throughout eternity and what happens through time seems to happen over and over again, such that, understanding the times we live helps with yesteryears and yesterdecades. If one understands, or better understands, the forces leading to democracy, socialism, and communism, then they can also better understand the mindset of the people. It’s a long road. But the point in understanding.  For myself and those I talk with frequently, we have noticed this.  But it takes patience, observation, and time, because all along the way little things come up and bring further understanding, sometimes moment my moment.  But also, understanding the past helps with understanding the times we live. 

**To both read and learn of past events, but also the circumstances the people lived. The road to the United States of America is truly remarkable, starting centuries before, many hoping for a better life.

**The bible is a tremendous source regarding human history.

***History past can and does help those in the present to better understand the times we live. As with all things, many answers exist across the centuries. We need only to rediscover them.


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