What Would It Mean?

If anything? What if one thing happened, then what if….

Sometimes, we like to let others reason out their own ideas. Maybe if they follow the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding, they might… Maybe.

                I am very much in favor of a space program which includes landing on large asteroids, on planets, and all the studies of space including what we can “see” via satellites that might go far beyond what we currently are capable.  What might we learn should satellites enter nebulas and more, perhaps the technology to both investigate and bring information back, even via laser or other technology.  I can only imagine what we learn would help here on the Earth, including in the field of medicine and research. And there will mostly likely be continued discoveries of things we have not even thought about thus far.

                For this article, I am only following the rabbit a bit, then asking a question:

                Let’s say, we visit Mars, even setting up stations on our moon from which to launch and continue investigations of our next closest neighbor.  On Mars, we set up colonies, self-contained stadium-sized research facilities, trekking across the lands, doing research, drilling into various plates, taking samples, and learning about the complexities and nuances. What we’ve done here on the Earth, we might attempt to do there, gathering information, data, and recording discussions.  And since we have so much more to learn about our own planet, I think we can be certain to have much to write about regarding the red planet.

                With all of that, let’s say we learn quite a bit, such that, future planetary landings, setting up posts, and doing on-site research becomes a far easier endeavor, our having the resources and information to set up such adventures.  Also, we learn more about planetary compositions, atmospheric tendencies, and relationships between minerals, rocks, and more, even the spectrum and correlations. And what about space?

                So, with time, we visit say… Neptune, Pluto, heading outwards toward the belt surrounding, perhaps latching onto some asteroids and other objects, and continue learning, which I’m greatly in favor of doing.  For I think true and honest science is very cool.  I still enjoy walking about hills and empty terrain, looking at this and that, pondering, then coming back home to read.

                Okay, now.  Ten, fifty, a hundred, or a thousand years of space exploration (And yes, the Earth will be going strong, everybody breathing fresh air except those who’ve been conditioned to think in terms of fear. They will be wearing oxygen tanks, complaining, and wondering why others aren’t worried.), and we’ve found a way to go to farther galaxies.  Yes, we can then leave the Milky Way galaxy, for we’ve developed warp power, or whatever, and we’re now investigating other places, including their planets.

                On one planet, a team of astronauts have set up a stadium sized facility, using materials from the planet, for that’s a new technology, and we can then create our own air, food, and gravity.   One day, two astronauts using their space suits, which are far advanced, are walking through the woods (Yes, plant life is abundant on this one planet, but the air quality does not meet human survival needs.).  Suddenly, two aliens turn the corner and stop.  They all look at one another, and….

Here or there…

                No, it’s not bugs bunny meets the alien from Mars.  But the question is, other than how wonderful to continue learning and discovering, what’s next?  And other than finding life on another planet, perhaps intelligent life, what do we expect from such a discovery?  Might they be asking the same questions we ask? That would certainly an interesting discovery.

                For myself, I gather an entirely different set of experiences (i.e. life, communication, ideas, culture, and more) from those on another world, but then again, I wouldn’t know until we were there, discussing, sharing, and many years have passed with learning and further discussions.  And perhaps, there might be a communication impossibility.  I wouldn’t know until such an occurrence happened, with all the efforts after.  As on the Earth, when people met other people, new people, and on other continents, discovered different plant life and animals, then meeting those peoples with different views, we might expect a learning curve.  I imagine a long and steep learning curve.  And as I’ve said, discovery is always worth the effort, if done honestly and responsibly.

                But here’s the second question.  For those who feel finding life, even intelligent life, on another planet important, what would you be expecting?  What would it mean to you?  Would it change anything?  For me, I don’t think anything would change, for I’ve long said that while I don’t believe we’ll ever find intelligent life on other planets, much less life of any kind, I’ve never said it can’t happen.  I only know, from my own readings and research, but also common sense in pondering, that life never could have spontaneously formed on this planet, nor could/would have there been the necessary mutations, all working together, to produce the myriad of life forms leading to human beings.  Not by accident or pure happenstance.

                So, the two astronauts meet the two living “aliens” on another planet (I guess, in that situation, we would be the aliens.), and what are you hoping for to happen or mean?  For myself, continued learning, research, and discovery.

**Of course, space is so cool!

**To see a comet up close… To study the elements and composition…. To learn of it’s trajectory, changes from each return, and how the space around is affected: if at all.

**To send satellites into nebulas and take pictures, perhaps gaining some information.

**Again, what are people hoping beyond the joy of learning and discovery? Me? I keep it simple.

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