The Sights and Pictures

From here to there, an entire world to see…

What might all this have looked like thousands of years before, and what might we see thousands of years from today? And what changes in between, people moving along?

Beneath each mountain and hill is an entire story of historical events, different rocks, some in layers, and minerals working over the centuries. Erosion and tremors creating changes.

The patterns of life ever changing, ever creating, images and events never before seen.

                In attempting to share the incredible dynamics necessary to fully understand many things many people have taken for granted, even if believing they fully understand but don’t have the resources, we have encouraged people to disconnect from the media, from politics (Still keep up with important stories and events without taking in all the nonsense and excessive stories.), perhaps even from “studies” for a time until they have had the time to reflect and ponder.  Patience is key.  In other words, allowing a natural “gap” between themselves and the learning (including all the noise and rhetoric) without disconnecting.  Yeah.  I guess that’s hard to explain. 

                I’ll try it another way.  This will go back to “climate change” and “global warming” in a sense, more so for people who are following those media/political stories.  But that’s not my focus at all.  It would be in regards to learning and accepting anything regarding our planet in scope.  It also would be in regards to learning anything at all, but falsely believing “mastery” or a “full-scope” regarding available information.  To a degree (And I apologize for being overly intellectual but this is the best way I know how to explain.  On my own, I don’t really think in this manner.  For me, it’s kind of spontaneous, noticing little things, and patiently pondering from time to time.  Many “ah haaa” moments.), it’s in regards to understanding, but encouraging people to realize there is so much more, much we’ll never know while on this Earth. 

[[Any time I hear “the science is settled,” “experts all agree,” or people make blanket statements, my red flag goes up. Honest science never fully agrees on complex and large scale beliefs and/or theories. Honest science always tests and challenges one another. Blanket statements often mean design and dishonesty. Ulterior motives.]]

                One thing among many I’ve learned from others and by just listening is the variety of conclusions and modes of reasoning people engage, often to their own detriment, because building on false concepts and beliefs clutter future thinking and reasoning.  It’s like a computer with a virus.  Until the virus is cleared, until false assumptions and beliefs are discovered for what they are, thinking often continues in error. Like building a house of cards. Eventually, the cards on top will fall because the bottom cards are shaky.

                I was driving to another lake yesterday, to see if the fishing there was better.  As I was halfway there, I looked at the land, then looked at some hills, then at the streets, then at some people working on a home.  While looking and driving safely, I remembered the geology book and parts referring to data collection (i.e. infrared images, pixels, heat signatures, percentages that are reliable, searching for gravity discrepancies, changes in atmospheric compositions, and so forth), and thought to myself:  “There’s no way scientists can ever state they know the full-details of this planet nor could ever connect human beings in a direct relationship with planetary climate.”  Of course, I already knew that, but what I saw, connecting with the reading, was so incredibly obvious.  But it also explained to me why so many don’t see because they’re not exposed to quality information and reasoning to connect those dots.   **I’ve said this before, real scientific understanding cannot be emotionally motivated.  Only what is real and true can be shared and discussed.   

                You see, as I looked at a hill, then thought of mountains, I asked myself, “Who has completely mapped out those landmasses, fully dissected the interiors, knowing the patterns of rocks and minerals within, can mathematically quantify the patterns and changes over time among minerals, and know the patterns of biology and the impact with our environment, down to perfect percentages?”  Yes.  The answer is no one.  Not even close.  I thought of a tract of land, again, asking myself, “Who has completely mapped out that land, which is undergoing changes both by human beings and nature, which is subject to movements and heat, along with minerals and changes from below, knowing all that’s beneath, but also the interactions and long-term effects?”  Yes.  The answer is no one.  The same will go with most of the Earth, almost all the land under the ocean, not to mention terrains and topographical changes.  Then, I asked myself about some of the studies being done, how very new those studies are, and how incredibly difficult it would be to input all the data into a Craigs Supercomputer when we don’t even have all the data, and more so, not even a small percentage of all the data necessary.  While we are growing in technology, growing is data collection, we are so incredibly out of the ability to ascertain so much that goes on in this world, but also in the universe around.  And forget long-term effects.

                It’s one thing to learn about the Earth’s magnetic field, that it changes, and that the field isn’t the same all over the surface.  That’s cool to learn.  Actually, I really enjoyed learning about that one. And to me, it’s definitely worth studying, even creating university classes, something I would have attended when I was in college.  But it’s a far cry different thing to pretend understanding all the dynamics and long-term effects of this ever changing field.  The same would go with ozone.  The same would go with temperature changes. The same would go with how gravity is not consistent all across the globe. And what happens if the world got warmer, causing melting, and ice bergs shrank?  Wouldn’t more clouds then snow, increasing what was reduced?  And clouds and fog?  No one knows what to do with them.  Where one thing happens, something else happens, often to compensate.

But that, how the warming might shrink ice bergs, polar ice, and other ice on lands, but then create other conditions leading to snow and increasing ice would be something to read. Even take a class. Even study the numbers and past events. Honestly.

                As we’ve discussed before, it doesn’t matter what we think we know.  We know very little.  But we have learned that our air is cleaner than ever, that temperatures haven’t really changed, and that when I walk outside, the hummingbirds are still enjoying the flowers, the groundhogs are still digging, and the plants are still growing.  We also know how to provide clean water to all homes so we don’t need to buy bottled water, but for some reason they don’t do that.  I wonder why?  There is a reason.

                Television only does so much.  Textbooks can only relate so much.  Discussions will only go so far.  And when people aren’t encouraged to think for themselves, don’t think for themselves, don’t follow the rabbit of reason, aren’t observing, listening, pondering, and reading, looking here and there and asking good questions, then they can often be talked into believing anything the “experts” say.  Because they haven’t looked, observed, pondered, and weighed the information, following a proper reasoning process.  But I’ve long since realized such a word as “expert” is, to a great degree, meaningless.  Only one who is honest, seriously researches and ponders, and always demonstrates what they’re learning and what they don’t yet know might be called an expert, but more so in comparison with all the rest who don’t put honesty and integrity as the number one priority.  For under all circumstances, regarding science, honesty and integrity are what matter most if we’re going to listen to “experts.”  To me, as far as I know, Einstein was what an expert should be, because he would not trade discovered facts for anything.  And I think, at times, when he recognized his own bias, pushed them aside to discover what really was.

                Here’s a thought.  When looking at a mountain, ask how much scientists know about that one mountain (i.e. growths, rock distribution beneath, but also moisture and water patterns, chemical, and temperature changes today and in the future, what goes on deep beneath, and the sun’s effects among others.), then the same question for all other mountains both on the ground and below the oceans.  I mean, ask “them” if they can quantify into exact numbers over time. Then ask how complete are their data collection, which must adjust daily, even minute by minute, while the Earth undergoes tremendous changes, and the sun constantly undergoes changes, and how they can manage to input the data (including gravitational nuances, pressure changes, velocity, and much, much, more) into a computer, but in an accurately usable form.  Then ask how they know the program and equations are the right ones to adequately explain everything.  There are many more questions, but we’ll leave it at that. 

                **Okay, I wrote that a bit ago, saved it, then something occurred, which I’ve alluded to before a time or two.  Let’s start it this way.  I’m not that smart.  I’m curious.  I observe.  I’ve noticed the rabbit pointing towards the trail of understanding.  But a lot that some of my friends and I have put together over the years, also listening to speeches and reading papers online, begs a very strong question.

                The question?  What is going on?  What we’ve been writing anyone can figure out.  It’s that easy.  It only requires a quality education, being challenged to read and reason, and being pushed back upon yourselves when your reasoning is filled with errors and holes.  Not dramatically.  But over time.  With quality teachers dedicated to real education, honesty, integrity, and encouraging the youth to think for themselves with responsibility. 

                So, the next question?  Why hasn’t that been the way of things for the past century, but certainly the last fifty years?  And because we’ve been asking the questions, following the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding, and putting two and two together, we do understand many of the reasons.  But to fully explain the trail thus far, much more time than we’re willing would be needed, especially when the editing would take a lot of time.  But most people can reason for themselves.  And that’s the better way.  And this is why I’ve been strongly encouraging home schooling, but also private schooling when opportunity avails.

                But someone asks, what if the parents don’t have a quality education?  Okay, here’s my answer.  Today’s the day.  From today onward, the parents with their children can learn together.  And I firmly believe, if the parents are truly committed in love and understanding, patiently going down the learning trail together, they will find the days, then weeks, then years, far better than anything that ever could have happened in public propaganda indoctrination, education camps.  Far better.  Even better than when America’s public schools were tops in the world.  Some science and mathematics might need a tutor later on in their education.  And upon choosing a university, find the non-pc ones, where real education is the schedule of each day.  Or you’ll just have to continue learning in your own way.

                Now, the university isn’t the only way, though I would recommend high quality, honest, integrity motivated schools.  But there are technical schools and others.  One only has to research.

**How well do we know the properties, amounts in the ground, the temperature and moisture traits, and changes to input all into a supercomputer?

**Following the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding leads to more understanding.

**We’re also encouraging people in learning the time of answering false ideas and rhetoric.

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