Purpose of Writing

This will be very short, but I’m attempting to “support” a couple writers in their efforts. People, well, many people, will differentiate between honest writing, writing that the “writer” shares through time and reasoning, writing that entertains, writing that energizes with hope, and writing that borrows without understanding: even if the “passages” sound good because they’re published or accepted. We see a little of all, but we caution against the last one: accepting ideas that haven’t been honestly arrived at, checked, poured through, then motivating others towards unchecked even misunderstood thoughts and beliefs. This is, in part, why so many are certain of unchecked beliefs, and why rhetoric grows and gets footing. I guess some are looking for a “shortcut” to quality writings. There are good articles and a host of others. This is why I’ve never encouraged anyone to blindly accept any of my articles, but to check them against their own experiences and honest understanding. I always hope they’ll honestly see and understand in time. I would much rather they see for themselves.

Some time back, I was “checked” by another blogger regarding some of my information being written from information written long ago. When that happens, when I discover someone else realized long ago what I recently came to understand, I think: “Cool.” For it goes to show that real understanding is something everybody can share, something that crosses through all the years, the principles everyone can arrive at. But it also supports that what we’re seeing in following the rabbit has merit: at least supported by others who we believe were truly looking to understand. That encourages us to read writings of long ago, for we hope to find some words of wisdom when that often seems lacking today. We also can often “track” how they arrived at what they’ve learned and are sharing.

When I discovered before, that ideas I had, that many around me didn’t support, or didn’t “see” the pathways leading to those conclusions, I was appreciative when later I did find others who did share those realizations: in books and other publications. Then, I knew, I was not ridiculous as many might have liked to frame me. Of course, that was when I was still a kid or teenager, and with time, I would have had plenty of education and experience without those “supports.” Like when I asserted that real facts do not need publishers to be. But it was cool to read others having followed the rabbit of reason.

So, what is the purpose of the article? I would write it this way. For those writing to inform, patience is important. Got nothing to say that day? Don’t say anything. Or share something entertaining or wonderful, like something cool that happened in the neighborhood. Don’t know the topic well enough? Then be patient. Take your time. Read. Research. Ponder. Discuss with others. Then, when ready, share, but be prepared for people to sift through the pathways.

There are some bloggers that share some interesting and thoughtful articles. With time, it’s nice to see that experience and time that brought forth such writings.

Hmmm…. Went fishing yesterday. Maybe take a hike and some pictures today.

**Always follow the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding.

**With so many people the opportunity for good discussions.

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