And Time Marches On….

Beautiful Mountain Wallpaper ·① WallpaperTag

Sometimes, the story is ongoing, full of things we’ll never see, but still can appreciate.

                Driving to a canyon the other day, pondering upon a check engine light, which I think I’ve since repaired, but time will tell, I looked up at some beautiful mountains.  Interesting how sometimes, what you look at, have looked at numerous times, you suddenly see in a different light.  I wasn’t thinking anything.  Just the drive, where I was going, maybe a coming hike, the check engine light, and the scenery.  Those mountains have been there a long time, and they’ll be there a long time after people I know have gone on, myself included.  For some reason, that put a smile on my face.

                After a while, I pondered, if we didn’t worry about this and that, didn’t try to “fix” a planet that doesn’t need help, didn’t try to fix others when we keep forgetting to look at ourselves, didn’t try to keep Novak from playing tennis to pressure him into giving up his principles, didn’t try to solve other people’s problems, but each country worked out its own difficulties (I’m being rhetorical, not socialist.  Of course we should help others become free or maintain freedom.), and thought more of others than ourselves (Perhaps, we all need to work on that one.), the mountains would forever be standing there, the Grand Canyon would continue to amaze passerbies, and the clouds would continue with the rivers running from up high down to the oceans.  As if we weren’t there, thoughts and all.  Those beautiful mountains, without worry, faithfully going on, proving food and shelter for many of the denizens.  They live on….

                That reminded me of something a relative once said, when my peers and I were quite young.  No one will help you.  Okay, okay.  What does that mean?  Of course, parents care for you while you’re young, and sometimes or often, good friends lend a hand, and when stranded, someone stops to give you a lift or call AAA.  Also, and I have seen this, when you really need help, even if you’re not looking, someone happens by.  But I have pondered if the “idea” of looking for help, reading self-help books (I looked at one once, for 2 minutes, then put it back.  Can’t remember the title.  That was decades ago.), doesn’t create more difficulties then they solve.  Just a pondering.  But often, it seems to bear out.  I have noticed that people so busy in helping or getting help don’t seem happy. Almost like, outside their “problems,” real or self-created, they don’t know what to do with themselves.

                Two people I know, have known, who live day to day, and I can’t imagine them worrying or reading self-help books, have always seemed at peace.  Not saying they didn’t have difficulties.  Quite the contrary.  I’ve heard of some very difficult times.  But they seemed to keep going forward, not dwelling on the past (Still remembering, of course.), and talked about things in the present.  Something to ponder.

Trademark Fine Art - 22 in. x 32 in. Grand Canyon near Mather Point by Mike Jones Photo Floater Frame Nature Wall Art

Forever on.

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