There Will Never Come a Time When You Have it All Figured Out

Be happy….

Exploring Our Universe | The New Yorker

For all of humanity, every time we understand something, anything, more questions arise. I remember a good question: what is at the end of the universe? Or: What is the universe expanding into? Or: What is nothing? Then, there are cells and atoms to explain.

Regarding getting to the end of the universe, which many scientists explain is speeding away faster than we’ll ever travel (perhaps), some are indicating the universe is circular (I haven’t really read much on that.), meaning how we conceive of things is not as they are, so we might not even be asking the right questions.

But I will share something of an observation, and this is for readers and true scientists alike. If you lived a thousand years, you would never understand a fraction, not even a millionth, of all there is to know. In fact, you don’t even know yourself, fully, if much. For all of psychologists’ efforts, they do not understand the human condition. Perhaps, some have parts, but it’s still ongoing. What they have are some observations, and have seen what they see as “successes” from treatment, but they don’t even know if the treatment is really a treatment, just a short-term treatment, or a distraction of false hope. I have to say this, even if some are offended, because there’s nothing wrong with talking with a psychologist, as a couple people I know do, but I see something wrong in believing the other person has your answers. Perhaps, in talking, you will have “ah haaa” moments, and those might get your on your way. But you’ll still have the rest of your life to live, and you can’t live waiting for answers. Only you can find them, if you do. But be patient. Many pray and find their answers. Over time.

I watched a commercial about a psychological drug that helps with depression. One phrase went something like, while we don’t fully understand how this works…. Also, there were side effects, some dangerous. You are not just a jumble of atoms and cells. You are not a computer. No one can push these buttons, tweak these wires, or enter these functions, and all is well. Can you get some help. Yes. In the short run. But no psychologist or psychiatrist has all of your answers.

Life is an adventure, but there are things, I believe, we are to learn (or unlearn) along the way.

**One more thing. Some of the happiest, well-adjusted people, who’ve had full lives, are the one’s not spending their days figuring it all out. That’s not even a consideration for them. Yes, they ponder from time to time, but they live their lives daily.

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