Bringing Forth

The object, if one can say that, of education is to bring forth what is already in each child. The information we impart is useful for the years ahead, but is not to suppress each child’s true self. Having said that, we do need to utilize wisdom and understanding, correcting where correction is needed. But this requires us to have understanding, experience, and the ability to impart information that engages and opens minds up, but to that which is already inside each child. Along the way, they learn responsibility, seeing it in the adults of their lives.

Those “ah haa” moments are moments of understanding. Correcting children is very good for them, though we need to follow what we already know in our hearts, not listening to everyone else who wish to modify what real understanding includes. I’ve always been grateful for having the adults in my life who lived lives of responsibility and lived lives of quiet wisdom. They imparted in just living, but also stepped in when required. They were calm most of the time, but strong when life required.

Bringing Forth from children and teens causes them to self-reflect. To look within. It is there that they find answers. Not painted over. Not filled with information that it supplants understanding and self-revealing information. A kid or teen working for mom’s business understands more than taking a class, for in the first, they learn and see, for real life has a way of challenging beliefs. How much more a person who starts and runs their own business? The same will include people who love to listen to music and those who learn to play.

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