Why Understanding is Key

                The concept of understanding, perhaps a great communication in classes, but also in work environments, is so important in that it communicates on a level of interest and self-motivation.  Good bosses utilize understanding, which speak volumes, but also enables their workers to see deeper into reasons, but is self-energized.  When workers understand, they are more apt to motivate coworkers, provided of course, doing a good job is at the heart of each worker. 

                I know, having conversations with other adults, often those who’ve had a plethora of life experiences, but also those who’ve gained some wisdom along the way, is a joy and filled with thoughtful consideration, causing deeper reflection.  I think that’s why children and teens, perhaps more so in older days, sat near relatives discussing current events, cause and effects, history, and more.  They listened because these were the ones who’ve lived through difficulties, who shouldered responsibility, and found answers that affected them in the positive, though difficulties may still have created trials.  But through the trials, they learned, and in this way, passed on to the next generation some of their wisdom.  And if the new generation took the education to heart, they still had to go through their own trials, for nothing educates more than real life.

                Fortunate are some of my friends and me, having had practical experiences.  Fortunate are teachers who have had practical experiences upon which to share their knowledge.  Fortunate are the youth who can hear practical experiences, take upon themselves chores and opportunities, but also are motivated to seek understanding.  In this way, they become a generation who see causes and effects, can think for themselves, but also see the wisdom in listening to those who’ve been there.

                It seems, often today, that our youth are losing the importance of this concept.  Say to someone, and I have, understanding is the key to learning, that practical experiences are very important, and they will nod in agreement.  But often, it doesn’t take hold.  Of course understanding is important, they seem to be thinking.  I always understand, many seem to be thinking.  But in application, reflecting upon their own actions, what they want to do when they grow up, and in their interactions with friends seem to often indicate otherwise. 

                Perhaps why this concept, so key to learning and making better decisions isn’t utilized fully is a need for more experience, or the subject isn’t supported in their day to day lives.  Excitement, distractions, videos, internet, YouTube.  Less reflection.  Less time away from the noise so each person can find within them what they keep looking for outside.  I know I was this way in my youth.  But with time, working, trying this and that, questions kept popping up.  Then, through hands-on work, finally college, I sought to learn through understanding, for I saw this as more energizing than memorization. 

                Encourage our youth to understand, which I believe requires conversations, time away from electronics, responsibilities, and consequences with talks, and they will grow up with something that is inside them (which we’re all born with), which guides should they heed the understanding.  But they will also learn faster, sometimes by leaps and bounds, than their contemporaries.  And they might also wonder why their friends don’t “get it.”  But they will. 


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