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                Looking up at the sky, at night, wondering how those planets and stars became, how long they took to form:  quasars, nebulas, and much, much more.  We know the moon revolves around the Earth, but 250,000 miles away, how does it remain?   Yes, we have read the text, were taught in schools, but just look at it.  It’s there:  30 planets a way.  Always remaining, same speed, same face, always.  And planets?  The size and density have much to say regarding the core.  Jupiter?  Although cold, it actually puts out more heat then it receives from the sun. 

                The heart:  amazing. Four chambers.  Constantly working.  Beating all of the time.  Probably wondering why all too many of us feed it what is doesn’t like, but that is another area of wonder:  what can we eat and drink that our hearts like?  Valves.  Arteries and veins.  All working together with the nervous system, working together with all the other systems.  Lungs.  Amazing. How many people are aware of the effects of stress on our bodies, but that there is healthy and unhealthy stress?

                Those of us that have taught, how often think what that entails?  We see.  How often have we ever thought what that entails?  The eye.  Amazing.  Lens, retina….  How complex is the retina?  Somehow, the orb is of perfect shape for those of us with 20/20 vision, the lens perfectly sending light to the retina, which somehow knows how to take all those light waves and send them perfectly through the optic nerves.  Somehow, our brains know how to puzzle through all those tiny impulses and bring together perfect images.  So we don’t bump our heads.  We can read.  And we can communicate with one another. 

                Teaching is a great profession, the possibilities endless.  Taking the time to research, learn, and bring forth understanding to the class and students.  Teaching writing can be a wondrous experience.  Having something to write about can add to the papers, spurring discussions and ideas for careers.  With interesting topics comes additional interest by the students hearing.  She said what about music?  He said what about the kidney?  It does what and how?  A cell.  A tiny little factory.  Wow.

                The classroom affords the opportunity for students to learn the basics, then lessons to grow.  What leads students to want to learn?  Curiosity?  A world right before them?  Wonders?  And when understanding enters, the opportunities to learn even more brings forth new opportunities.  That “ah haa” experience is wondrous.  It makes the information come alive.

                The next time one eats, consider all that is happening, from taste (How does that happen?), the food breaking down, and nourishment.  Then, we might wonder what are in those products we buy.  Children and teens wonder.  Teachers, with their education but also ongoing research can add to that wonder.  I can remember, at times, discussing topics, later finding out some of the students found their interests and careers.    When teachers wonder, it encourages the others.


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