Over recent years, more so, I’ve been more careful of where I receive information.  However, once in a while, I turn the channels to sources of media disinformation, most news stations, and read books by those I firmly disagree, by principles.  In this way, I can understand the thinking of many others.  Like college, I listened to professors I agreed and those I knew were in error.  But, even in error, I learned, for if I knew the professors were spreading rhetoric and propaganda, I had to realize why, and therefore was still receiving an education.  It’s this way in all aspects of life.  Every day, another wave of understanding.

            America used to be a far more democratic republic, a more representative democracy, a more truly constitutional nation, where people were free to discuss and debate, where the media was far more representative of the people, journalists searching for truths and real stories, and watching the news was a real education.

            But also, families discussed, the children sitting nearby to listen.  And in this way, current and historical events were part of growing up, but also solutions to present day difficulties.  As such, people were held to a higher standard, and teachers were truly educated, understanding the principles of a democratic, representative, republic.  And sometimes, the youth would discuss amongst themselves, and some would go home to talk with their parents.  Grandparents were a great source of real information.  Not perfect, of course, as varying opinions would be shared, but following understanding, the rabbit of reason, was much more common place. 

            But watching a couple of stations today, I was amazed at the level of disinformation, a show packaging information through a variety of stories and articles.  I realized, if I had not received the education I worked hard for, had not done my own research, had not worked in a variety of fields, and had not observed the way people reasoned….  In other words, if I had grown up in this generation, I probably would be easier to mold, perhaps thinking in rhetoric and propaganda.  And it probably would be more difficult to grow out of the matrix of ideas, taking longer to think for myself, for I would be surrounded by disinformation the likes of which I could not have imagined decades ago.  Even then, there was propaganda, but having more freedoms of thought, having friends that refused to go along to get along, we faced information with self-thought and reasoning.

            Here’s the thing.  How can we encourage people to realize the thoughts in their head are not of their own making?  How can we encourage people to separate words and propaganda from real life causes and effects?  How can we encourage people to turn in the influx of information, quietly observe and listen, then take the long road of reading, research, learning of this country’s foundations?  Where they start learning how to separate ideas from facts?

            You see, even if the writer, speaker, or show says what I believe, I still follow the rabbit of reason.  Even if someone says what I believe, I still can see if that person is using words of understanding or propaganda.  For even correct thinking people might be dupes.  In other words, some people are followers of good ideas, but not from doing the hard work, but out of a need to belong.  And while I encourage them, for we need support for truly constitutional freedoms, I know they are still puppets of their own making.  In other words, in that state of mind, they can be turned should the right forces be applied.  So they still have much work ahead.  So they can see the understanding which is the basis of what they believe.

            Kind of like the friend that likes me, or likes another constitutional speaker, but doesn’t really see for themselves.  They like the sound, but they haven’t reasoned for themselves, so they can only have the magic of understanding if they keep clinging to others who do understand.  In other words, they follow “party line”, but not to any real explanations.  They talk the talk, sound reasonable, but they’re still followers.   To some degree that’s good, but to another, it is not good.  For what I’m encouraging is people to do the hard work of not belonging, but belonging to real individuals.  A group of non-belongers so to speak.  For this is what caused the greatest nation to become.

            As I watched one program of disinformation, I noticed how the “news” was politically slanted, that information was stated as truth without any real support, and that articles and statements were given extremely predictable.  It’s like, if I watch one of these “news” stations, then turn it off for a week or a month, when I turn it back on, it’s the same, same propaganda, same political persuasion, and same stories.  Like their “journalists” were vetted to all think the same, nothing that is a breath of fresh air.

            But this is done, I believe, with a purpose.  For by constantly reporting the same type of news, the same type of propaganda, using emotional and other techniques, over years and years of this stuff, that type of programming becomes our reality, for we know nothing different.  And if the programming, shows, propaganda, advertising, and information is everywhere, we become that.  Supported by others who have known nothing else. 

            But there’s something else.  By being immersed in all of this, when we see someone who stands outside the matrix, we see an enemy or one confused and distorted.  In other words, we’re becoming programmed to see self-thinkers, real people, people of understanding, as the confused, misinformed, puppets of error, and/or enemies.  And that’s where we have the problems we have.  All designed.

            But I understand how this came to be.  Like my friends and some readers, we’ve been fortunate to observe this in the university and various fields of work.  The propagandists are in the institutions and many private enterprises, and through bringing in “their own” people, create regulations and ways of talking that vets who remains in the job/careers.  In this way, those who do not “belong” eventually leave or are “persuaded” to leave, unless they absorb the higher entities’ talking points.  And over time, more and more of “them” are in those institutions, in those companies, in those businesses, and in some situations, teaching your children.  And it’s sophisticated unless people truly think for themselves, buying into nothing unless they follow the rabbit of reason.  And this is done to a kind of perfection.  For when the puppet master makes a move, with most of the parts vetted, then the institutions and companies/corporations follow suit.  And then, people who don’t understand what is going on, having never done much thinking, real research, and in-depth discussions, are dumbfounded.  Then, the very ones who created all these difficulties also provide the answers, and we vote for them.  In other words, we actually vote for the ones who created the problems, thinking we’re doing the right thing, and problems increase.  But the puppet masters know how to coordinate stories, how to use language, saying one thing while doing another, and they know many people will think their choosing independence and freedom, even constitutional freedoms, while actually working against their own country and constitution.

            Some people will realize this, but then become despondent.  Well, I say, be grateful that you’re waking up.  Now, you have to begin the hard work you’ve either didn’t realize or didn’t take the time you knew you should.  But be heartened.  Seeing is the beginning of understanding.  Now, from this day forward, you get to learn and understand more.  And as you continue, you get to have discussions, research in better directions, and discover what many others have over many, many years.  And your friends will change.

            Let me bring up some statements most of us have heard.  The science is settled.  Experts say.  Once you say that to me, without providing the hard work of research, I will look at you with great skepticism.  Why should I take anything you say as truth?  Why would you encourage me not to do my own research, think for myself, and follow the rabbit of reason?  Why would you shoot barbs and darts, tarnish my good name, and use rhetoric and intellectual mumbo-jumbo if real conversation and real debates were truly sought after?  As such, I will learn more about how you think, understand the tools being used to suppress real thinking, like I did in the university, and be better researched over time.  For I do not see a real friend in anyone that doesn’t encourage realization.  The moment you say things like you’re not on topic, that you make no sense, knowing I do make sense, I know who I’m talking to, and sometimes, will expose your real intents. 

            Statements such as “the science is settled,” and “experts say,” in my experience, is a tool of pressure.  They are statements designed to suppress individuality and individual thinking thereby creating puppets afraid to speak up.  Which explains much of the difficulties we have today.  For many, many people have thoughts in their heads not of their own making.  And this is the real danger.  For the moment you give up your right to think for yourself, from that moment forward, all of your thoughts will be in support of that propaganda, those puppet masters, and your own head will make excuses for why you think that way.  And many, because of this, will suffer inside, perhaps not realizing why they are having difficulties.  It’s quite an amazing phenomena, but it explains so much.

            For instance, in talking with a family member (I learned from her as she has learned from me.), she started listening to better programs and reading better books, and as a result, following the rabbit of reason, sharing “ah haaa” moments with me, educating me.  But within a short time, perhaps a few months, she wanted nothing to do with those programs, those books, and our discussions, saying let’s not talk about certain topics.  Well, if she didn’t want to discuss those topics, I certainly wasn’t going to press those points.  To each his own.

            But, I pondered.  What happened?  She was beginning to realize many things.  What happened that caused her to feel threatened by ideas?  Her family?  Her friends?  Her job choices?  Perhaps uncomfortable in feeling on the “outside” among her peers?  Perhaps, in thinking for herself, feeling strong tensions to previous beliefs?  Did the rabbit of reason take her where she did not want to go?  Meaning, as she started to see, did she become very uncomfortable with what she was finding?   Did she find her motivations to function leaving her?  For I can see, when a person starts to realize things, the motivations they had before to function may disappear.  Like the NFL player who realizes money and fame are not everything, that there are more important things in life, and so are no longer motivated to be the best player, and within a couple of years, leaves.  So, for some people, waking up means losing the things you thought you wanted, so you have to stop understanding.

            For I know, when one starts down the trail, you will find many good things, but you’ll also discover things you might wish you never had.  For understanding destroys illusion.  Understanding destroys previous ideas held onto that made you feel secure.  So, for some people, in following understanding, their own puppet created identities will be shown for what it is.  That’s when a choice has to be made.  Whether you will continue or try to bury your head back in the sand.  And while an emu or ostrich with its head in the sand can no longer see the lion or tiger approaching, and therefore feel safe again, it will be eaten just the same.

            In other words, when a person is living by propaganda and disinformation, they may feel safe in their self-created cocoons, speaking the talking points of their friends, family, coworkers, and others, not seeing the lions and tigers devouring them.   But when they begin following the rabbit of reason, they do begin to see the lions and tigers, realizing some of those lions and tigers are in their home, among their friends, and at work, and so begin to doubt themselves, shunning all the real information and realizations.  For those “friends” will start attacking them, perhaps indicating that they’ll leave them or cause them to lose their jobs, perhaps attacking sources of information, and you’ll feel the pressure to stop seeking real information and reconnect to your former beliefs.   So, they “choose” to go back to sleep and thereby feel good among their purported friends and family and coworkers.  I can only believe this is a big aspect of why people don’t wake up.  Like in “The Matrix,” once a person is hardwired to illusions, it’s nearly impossible to wake them up, and for some, it’s a road of self-destruction. 

            But what choice is there?  Either we live in a world of illusion, propaganda, “good feelings”, all the while being devoured by the lions and tigers, the puppet masters and their dupes, or we wake up, see the illusions for what they are, see the lions and tigers, and start to belong to the world of understanding and real solutions.  What choice have we? 

            Many readers have heard that mental health problems are on the rise?  Why is this?  Could it be that many are clear thinking individuals having difficulties seeing the lions and tigers?  Could it be many cannot cope with all the disinformation, propaganda, and outright lies?  But whatever the reason, whether in truth or by design, this is what is reported.   But here’s the thing, if you make the “choice” to see, it will be a rough ride for many, but I believe the ride will be worth the while.  For then, you will be part of the solution and no longer going along to get along while the lions and tigers pull your strings.  But the difficulty for some is realizing their strings are being pulled, then realizing they don’t know how to stand up to the puppet masters, that they are in fact, their masters, in control of your thoughts and emotions.  For some, that will be enough, and they’ll have the motivation to keep growing.  For others, prayer.  And in prayer, I believe, we have the hope of continuing forward.  Then, being good examples to others, even helping others going through the same difficulties we endure.

            Life is a choice.  And sometimes, we aren’t aware of the choice until much older.  I suppose the older we are, the more difficult it is to choose better, for then our entire framework, if we’ve lived a life of propaganda and rhetoric comes falling like a house of cards.  Which is also why I’ve always encouraged young people to think for themselves.  Respectfully, of course.  For if they begin life thinking for themselves, it won’t be so hard as they grow older.  Oh, they’ll still have problems in a world of disinformation, but they’ll see and won’t go back to sleep.  They’ll be the solutions of the future. 

            I have been encouraged by seeing, at times, more so these days, of better articles.  Seeing more and more people who truly think for themselves, truly understanding, writing blogs, tells that many people are the hope of tomorrow. 

Stats are Everything. Well, Much….

No, stats aren’t everything, but they describe a lot, show cause and effect, and make sense of many things.  Mathematics, I once explained, is like a description.  Mathematics is in the universe.  Mathematics explains and describes what we see, though we still don’t understand much and perhaps never will.

            For instance, we use mathematics when building a home, measuring wooden boards, measuring strength and flexibility of materials, accounting for air circulation, insulation, and conductivity, and more.  With mathematics, we can calculate the orbit of the Earth travelling around the sun, distance from other planets, and gravitational effects from one planet to another, also the cumulative effects.   Using math, NASA scientists can calculate both the Earth’s and Mar’s orbits, as they travel at different speeds, to find the shortest distance from the Earth to Mars when send a satellite or consider the next manned flight.  After all, when sending humans, they must consider food and water quantities, air supply, medical needs, communication, and more. 

            Mathematics is used when couples consider purchasing a home, buying a car, having children, paying for insurance, preparing for future college education, and more.  Dave Ramsey has done an excellent job of preparing couples by getting them out of debt and making better choices.  And stock brokers use mathematics for all their decisions, which also includes overall human behavior, this second explaining many wrong decisions as people are not completely predictable. 

            Yet, we have politicians that don’t use mathematics or common sense when making decisions, but more so emotional pressures, propaganda based upon misused language, and rhetoric designed to appeal to emotions with one hand while the other hand is doing something else.    

            In the world of sports, say in professional football, coaches use math to design plays and make calls in the game.  Which plays have the best results?  Statistics.  And some betters rely on numbers.  Some betters check to see what the overall record of a team, and if they usually win, like the New England Patriots, San Francisco Forty-Niners, or Kansas City Chiefs, they bet all games for those teams, figuring they’ll win more times than lose.  Perhaps, depending upon injuries, they might adjust as when two good teams play each other.  Again, statistics.  In horse racing.  In NAASCAR.  Even in MMA fighting. 

            Yet, in the world of politicians, we see over and over our money spent where statistics doesn’t hold, running trillion dollar debts.  For instance, if we could hire private companies to build our bridges and roads at half the costs, but do it better, why wouldn’t we hire, just because of unions?  If taking less money from individuals, families, and companies keeps more money in our pockets, so we can choose what we want to do with our money, and companies can hire more workers, thereby growing the economy, why wouldn’t we reduce taxes, just because of special interests that don’t have our best interests at heart except for all the rhetoric?  And there is no such thing as universal healthcare being a success.

            Consider health insurance.  People pay into a program for emergencies, should they become terribly ill, are in an accident, and need procedures and medicines.  Some, more so the youth, may opt out, taking the chance they won’t need health care until older.  And the numbers indicate this is so.  But someone asks, health care is too expensive not to have, and if everyone has it, there will be no worries.  Like nothing can go wrong.  First, follow the rabbit of reason.  Why is health care so expensive?  Could it be the same people who want universal healthcare created the regulations driving up the costs?  For I can remember a time when getting simple procedures were very inexpensive compared to today.  But those following the rabbit of understanding know the numbers don’t work, can’t work, and never will work.  Why?  Numbers and statistics.  Reality. 

What We See and Understand

            We were driving back from the foothills, having hiked up some hills, looking for bobcats and rattle snakes.  In the past, after catching a couple, we would skin and keep the rattles.  After an afternoon, we headed back, and while driving along, I pondered on how amazing they are, speeding along the ground without any legs. 

            After lunch, we went on our ways, I remembered the snake.  You would think where I’m going with this is a huge leap, but it really isn’t.  I thought about the molecules in that snake, coming together in an egg, forming, and one day hatching with all its siblings, finding their way through life, some eaten by birds and other creatures, some growing old and hatching their own eggs.

            Many people don’t believe in creation.  They actually believe everything is happenstance, probabilities over centuries, millennia, and more.  They believe an explosion happened billions of years ago, and by principles of science, everything formed.  An explosion sent energy forth, creating atoms, which led to molecules, which formed matter, dust particles as in nebulas, then planets and solar systems within galaxies.  And every step of the way, more things formed.  But on this one planet, the conditions were perfect, so over time, little amoebas formed, all the right chemicals coming together at the right time.

            Then, in this harsh environment with no scientists or laboratories, somehow enough of these tiny one-celled creatures kept on going.  And for whatever reason, they decided to develop, though they could never know what they were doing.  One cell developed into multi-cellular creatures, becoming fish, crawling up onto the land, growing legs, some developing wings, and the last and highest creatures, us. 

            For those wanting evidence of creation, we couldn’t have more information available.  If the above incredible history of the universe isn’t enough, then our very consciousness should be self-evident.  I can only think if being born, having a soul, then learning about the amazing universe, looking out at beautiful sun rises and sunsets, I can only believe the person is determined not to believe.  Inwardly they do believe, but for whatever reason, they don’t want to, or they’ve got all kinds of thoughts in their head fighting against real understanding.

            Then, there are people who think everything was created, but we’re kind of on our own.  I’ve heard of people praying, saying their prayers are not heard.  Or, they say there is so much difficulties in the world.  Or things don’t go their way.  Why, some imagine, can’t things work out as I dream them to be?  And so on.

            Consider this.  I wondered about this.  Is it possible for an explosion leading to all this order?  In nature, we see that explosions never cause order.  They are the opposite of order.  Yes, disorder is the evidence of order.  But consider this, after the explosion, what caused the energy and becoming matter to organize?  Is it possible the created angels were working to bring things in order, watching over planets and solar systems.  And on this one planet, coordinated molecules to becoming DNA and tiny cells, all the way to mammals, apes, then human beings, of course, after Neanderthals which some scientists indicated lived some of their existence at the same time as human beings?

            Every single day, we are seeing creation in motion.  And scientists continue to discover new creatures, perhaps indicating that new creatures are coming into existence perhaps even to this day.  We can see a hen lay and egg, and 30 days later, that yellow yolk pecking the shell to start a new life on Earth.  And Earth that somehow has everything needed for our lives, for our bodies are made of the Earth.  Incredible.

            And I cannot state this enough.  This worry about man-made CO2 is amazing to us.  Consider this.  If man is adding CO2 to the atmosphere, and a previous article showed how tiny an amount that is, then the plants will be soaking up more CO2, growing, and putting out more oxygen (We learned this in grammar school.).  Well, with the extra oxygen, which is good for us, what will happen?  The sun will create more ozone, which protects the Earth from too much sun light.  I hope most can understand what this means, but if support is helpful, then the extra CO2 many result in tiny temperature increases, but the resulting ozone will protect the planet, reducing the temperatures.  In other words, balance.  Incredible.  And the entire planet seems to have been created with all difficulties answered, and we can learn more with time.

            From the explosion (And one has to ask where the material came from for an explosion to happen.) to a growing universe, to energy and tiny atoms, to molecules, to particles, to planets and solar systems, to galaxies, to life beginning on this one planet, to all the creatures, to human beings with understanding, on a planet that seems to know all of our needs.  Amazing. 

            A friend has pondered why some people are determined to believe everything is probability and through all these billions of years, everything happened in perfect harmony to create them.  Have they considered that if any one of their ancestors, in their family tree specific to them, hadn’t married one another, anywhere along the chain, they never would have been born.  I mean, if we’re just atoms coming together, then every single one of us is a miracle of probability.  In one family, the father, when he was a teenager, was planning on working in a store, probably marrying his then girlfriend..  By chance, while hitchhiking with a friend, across the country, he happened to meet someone in engineering.  Hearing the fellow talk, he became more and more interested.  So, upon returning home, he went to college, worked hard, and got his degree.  Well, while working for a company, he was sent to another country to help with their program, and while having dinner with some colleagues, met his future wife who had a whole other story to tell, for she happened to be in that restaurant at the right time because of a last minute invite, her friend having cancelled a date so called her up.  That’s how they met.  And it wasn’t right away.  It actually was on a second visit that they started dating, seeing each other again in that restaurant, by happenstance. 

            All of life is this way.  A turn here.  A turn there.  And wallah….  You exist.

            But you aren’t the result of random events, pure chance, every step having to happen in order for you to be.

            But I asked someone, in my family, why they believe this is all there is.  Well, he said, if he lives for eighty to ninety years, having a family, career, and friends, that’s enough.  He can be happy with that.  It’s more than many others have had. 

            So, I asked, and some readers have heard this before, does that mean you’re comfortable with upon death, you never ever will exist again?  He nodded.  That means, no matter what you do, even if you have a great life, forever you’ll never ever exist again, never have a waking thought so there will be no you, so you won’t even be able to look back upon your life on Earth in reflection.  So, in other words, no matter how great your life, it all ends at the grave, memories and all.  In this, I saw a troubled look in his eyes, but I also saw something else enter his mind, like distracting thoughts, for he shrugged that momentary realization away.

            In blogs, we hear people strongly affirming the above.  And of course, their intellect is pretty good, but I suppose it has to be to excuse away the obviousness discussed above.  My friend believes they think this way because they don’t want to believe there can be any consequences for the life they’re living.  So, if life is short, then they can do whatever they want, and when it’s over, they win the prize of never existing again.  That’s their hope.  Unless they aren’t telling us what’s really in their minds.  One discussion on the surface, their own beliefs somewhere else.  Who knows? 

Raising the Curtain

            Unlike many, I have not chosen to make these articles in a paid site, for I always prefer to speak honestly, not depending upon the goal of money to motivate.  Even through many years of working, money was never the motivation, the work coming first.  As such, in writing, I have found even if only a few read, it’s well-worth the time.  And even if only a few support, it’s to those few that can continue encouraging others, even by example.

            For this article, I want to open further the doors of what we have seen in past decades, but is not really difficult to understand.  In fact, it’s down-right easy, though the methods are far and wide with modes of disinformation and pressure. 

            When I was growing up, there were cliques.  Everyone knows about cliques.  It’s when a group considers themselves “in the know.”  As a group, they have a leader(s) that gives relevance to the rest, and those followers also become leaders so long as they don’t upset the next, or the king/queen.  This is where they find their identities.  And once they’ve taken on that identity, it’s very difficult to wake them up, because it feels good, their egos thinking they’re “the ones.”  We see it in movies.  We see it at work.  We see it in many places.  But more so, we see it when “operations” are not completely honest, so the “bosses” need to hire their own kind:  followers, and they eat lunch together, make jokes together, and if you want to be in “that group”, you have to change your identity.  Identity politics.

            In my youth, I did that for a time, but guilt followed.  I was in a group, and I sought to feel good about myself by belonging, but again, I didn’t completely like it.  But also, the group I hung around was of guys and some gals that thought for themselves.  We could agree to disagree.

            Many readers know exactly what I’m talking about.  They see it at work.  They see it in their neighborhoods.  They see it on television.  They see it in many places.  And it seems, it starts young.  I suppose the youth learn it from home, from friends, and other places.  But it’s learned behavior.  Yet, at the same time, it seems to have a great hold on many people.  And, being in it, it also becomes a source of fear and control.

            Let’s fast forward.  We’re seeing it in politics, for what we see is like children on cliquish steroids.  They have taken what they learned while growing up and looked for others like themselves who will continue to give them identity, give them the feeling of being “in the know,” and give them both money and power from which to live out their lives feeling high.  But there is a danger in this.  Such people can be bought out to the highest bidder.  Such people will continue to spread propaganda and rhetoric, perhaps believing their own lies because all of their contemporaries and peers are speaking the same.  And they will get into institutions creating more of their own, which means, in many situations, the next generations become clones of the system. 

            But the ones who’ve been bought out, they have to continue following the puppet masters.  Why?  Because the puppet masters know things about them, that if they ever break away, they’ll use to destroy them.  I won’t go into how that’s done here.

            But let’s say, as a reader, you’re not one of those.  You’ve learned how to fit in, though you have a mind of your own.  In other words, you cannot believe anything unless you see it for yourselves, or examine the thought processes, even seeing the application in real life.  You’re friendly.  You’re kind.  You’re helpful.  You do the things you need to do.  And you pick your battles, speaking up when it’s necessary, but also understanding cooperation overall.  Yet, you also do find, in a sense, you’re on “the out.”  Though accepted, you sense others keep you at arms distance, and you know some of them talk about you as different from them. 

            Guess what?  You’re in good company.  A company of non-belongers.  That’s a phrase a friend once said.  He even wrote about other things, but always encouraging others to think for themselves.  In other words, no one could “belong” to his company or world unless they didn’t belong, thinking for themselves.  And the world is filled with belongers and non-belongers.  And it’s the non-belongers who make the world work, supporting freedom, and encouraging others to follow their own dreams.  It’s the non-belongers that created this nation, wrote the documents of freedom, and trusted the individuals to do the right things, overall. 

            This past year, we have seen the effort to “clone” people on a steroidal effort, the likes many people never believed could happen.  We saw it coming decades ago.  We said this will happen because people don’t want to see, want to live in their comfortable worlds, and can’t find enough others like them to shake the foundations of propaganda and rhetoric.  But they’re there.  We’re all there.   But most of us don’t look for followers.  We can’t.  We have to encourage people to think for themselves.  And that means pushing them back on themselves. 

            As an instructor in several fields, over that past decades, I never sought to “clone” others.  Of course, depending upon the age of the audience, I don’t talk as I’ve written.  I understand the audience, and therefore, adjust to the audience.  But even then, I don’t seek to “indoctrinate” others, but get them to see for themselves.

            But someone might say, when you’re getting others to “see” and think for themselves, don’t you support your opinion of seeing and thinking for yourself in them?  In other words, am I using my idea of thinking for myself to get them to be like me?  I’ve considered that.  But if no one knows, if no one truly thinks for themselves, then there is really no understanding and I can tell readers will see a problem in that one.  So, no, I’m not creating clones.  Actually, if say, a young adult was to be grateful that I said what they’ve always thought but couldn’t put words to the music, I would say good for them.  Now they can go on their way, continuing to ponder and realize, and perhaps encourage others by example.  In other words, you cannot belong.  And the friends I have don’t belong to one another.  We’re friends because we don’t belong.  And if we disagree, we will tell each other so.  Not on everything, because we’re not sounding boards, but on the more important things.

            But there’s something else.  You, if you understand, can see understanding in another.  In other words, in a discussion, if you’re honesty, you can “see” realization in another.  So, if I’m having a talk with a friend, a stranger, a class, or others, and someone speaks, it’s very easy to see indoctrination, dishonesty, rhetoric, or honesty, realization, and “ah haa” moments.  And often, the other person brings up points I had not considered or could not put words to the music.  Real discussions are like that. 

            So, we’re in this world.  The puppet masters are working day and night to project their ideas onto the public.  We’re surrounded by it.  In the media.  On television.  On the internet.  On our Smart Phones.  In books and magazines.  Many places.  Then we have those who’ve bought into the beliefs, though many are just trying to make it through this thing called life.  We can’t tell who is who all the time.  But we can live by example.  And sometimes, we see someone we met years ago, say in a store, thanking us that something we said really woke them up.  And we’re grateful.  But others may not like us.  Why?  Because we’re a threat to a system of things, perhaps a threat to their clique mentalities to which they’ve not as yet woken up, but may later.  In other words, real understanding is a threat to those who want to be the leaders of puppets, degrees varying.  But the hope is many, many people are great examples, some poor, some moderately wealthy, some very wealthy, and others in different capacities and careers.  But even a homeless person might be one who understands, but for one reason or another, can’t make it work in their life, so they do the best they can.  But some do see and understand.

            One fellow, who talks the same language as I do, I cannot hang out with, because even in thinking for himself, he’s wanting the position of authority, not truly open to discussion or hearing others.  In other words, in one sense, he’s talking for the sake of talking, for his own identity needs.  I just hope others think for themselves then go on their merry way.   Then, when everyone thinks for themselves, the country becomes a more solid source of freedom to the people and to other countries. 

            **One more thing.  The Matrix was an amazing movie, shown time and again.  But we noticed the writer and movie makers, after that first one, created the sequels that lost the message, Hollywood propaganda coming back in.  So, we only watch the first.

            **One more thing.  Bloggers of varying opinions use the techniques I’ve alluded to.  1)  Appearing to be in the know, having fellow bloggers support and exclaim their good ideas, then “outing” those of different views, using barbs, rhetoric, and intellectual mumbo-jumbo.  Rarely do I trust anyone that speaks in such ways, if ever.  If they can’t talk plainly, there’s a motive they aren’t honest about.  2)  They’re like words without meaning, though they purport meaning, but when we examine the arguments, thoughts, and beliefs for ourselves, we soon see the errors.  Kind of like they never grew up from those very techniques discussed above, though they’ve learned more eloquent language and behaviors, but they always resort to emotions and ego support for followers.  That’s how you know.  In other words, they cannot stand on their own.  They need supporters to give their words life.  But they also need to put down those of different views in order to give them and their followers an identity.  3)  Something akin to above:  They verbally attack or ignore those who really think for themselves, and in this way, believe they can cause people who are lonely to belong, even go against their own principles.  Never give up honest principles.  The next generation needs to see good examples so they don’t doubt themselves. 

And then…

Star Wars and all those planets of many species, all able to communicate, some through translators, technology like nothing we see on Earth.  Star Trek, and all those class M planets.  Notice how those crews can adventure through all those planets, no space suits, no face masks, no special equipment save a cell phone and pistol?  And the special effects!  Wow!

            If I was growing up in these days, including all those video games of interstellar travels, fighting people from other planets, I can imagine having a distorted sense of reality.  Of course there is intelligent life on other planets, in other solar systems, in other galaxies.  Look at all those stars and planets.  Billions.  Must be more life.  Right?

            Yet, if people do the research, they’ll eventually read how life on this planet is absolutely amazing, highly improbable.  In other words, the odds of anything on this planet, in a probability universe, is extremely small.  Why?  Many scientists will explain that Earth is exactly the right distance from the Sun, that a little closer and it would be too hot, and a little further, too cold.  But consider also the tilt.  Perfect, so that when it’s summer in America, it’s winter in Australia, the tilt causing the seasons, the moon causing high and low tides.   All working together in perfect harmony. 

            Then, life on Earth.  As people have read before, no way spontaneous life.  Why?  Because for those who’ve researched, it can’t happen.  Scientists have been trying for decades, and with all the technology, their ability to observe dna in all its complexities, knowing all the parts of a cell, not one spontaneously ever forms, even in the best laboratories, and they know if they get some parts to begin, those parts destroy themselves.  Either billions of cellular parts all working and together at once, or not at all.  Far bigger chance for a home on an uncharted planet, with furniture within, to spontaneously form than one cell.  And why is that some may ask?  Study a cell, I say.  Look at all the parts, each part like a city unto itself.

            But there’s something most people never consider, or at least never mention.  Consciousness.  Every person, if they sit quietly (Some people cannot, forever in distraction.), maybe their eyes closed, are conscious of their own existence.  They are also aware of their thoughts.  They know they exist.  Then, for some, they wonder how this came to be.  Not just molecules and atoms coming together.  And no, molecules can’t have consciousness, anymore than a computer or robot.  No matter how incredibly complex a robot is, as with Data in Star Trek, the Next Generation, there can be no consciousness.  Oh, the robot, given a sophisticated program, billions of software and hardware data, may seem conscious, but can never ponder other than a programming causes it to appear to ponder. 

            For instance, I used to play chess and checkers against others online.  Sometimes, if there was no one, we played the computer.  And the more we played the computer, the better it does, learning our moves.  But that computer can “learn”, the programming giving it those parameters, but it’s not self-aware, or aware of anything else.  Can’t ponder upon the meaning of life.  Because there’s no soul that is capable of pondering.  No life within.

            So, at a party, someone asked if we thought there is life on other planets.  One person said they believed it would be ridiculous to think we’re the only ones in the entire universe, given the numbers of planets and probability.  But I would have to say, without running the numbers, if that were possible, without better understanding life and how complex, without understanding how complex this planet is, such a statement is based upon science fiction thinking.  Star Wars anyone? 

            I would say, as far as I know, I’ve never seen or heard of life on other planets, therefore, with the incredible size of the universe, I can never know, like I could never know how many grains of sand are on the East coast beaches.  Having said that, I also can’t say there is life on other planets.  Yes, it’s possible Earth is the only planet with intelligent life, or life of any kind.  For I have to remember the single cell, the simplest of life forms.  Even viruses are complex entities that live off other lives.  And this goes to the heart of many people pondering.

            So, why the article?  To encourage following the rabbit of reason.  Then, maybe then, some may realize this pondering thing.  How is it we can ponder?  Who is inside this body that ponders?  How did this come to be?  It’s amazing, and whenever I do happen to think, in moments, I find it more and more amazing.  Billions of people on the Earth, all pondering.  Each able to think rationally and understand.  And understanding.  What is that?  It’s not inputting data and through programming, out comes answers, which a computer programming does, though it’s based upon the understanding the computer programmer inputted.  Like understanding honesty.  Understanding compassion.  Understanding love.  Understanding dishonesty.  Motive. 

            Life is amazing.

Just For Fun

            For fun, we decided to add some numbers, something that seems to always cause pseudo-scientists/global bloggers to have headaches.  It took all of less than thirty minutes.  They could do this to, but they simply don’t do the hard work.  They talk from rhetoric, pseudo-intellectualism, but never really think for themselves.  They’ve been “trained” to speak from emotions and anger, which causes understanding to flee.  And they do this, in part, because bypassing reason through emotions and anger is a method to persuade others.  A form of peer pressure.  If only they would be calm, ponder, wonder, research, and not allow emotions, anger, and fear to lead their thinking, but truly want to understand, open for whatever real facts to show, they would begin to realize what is happening in the world of “facts.”  If they would set-aside secret ambitions, fear and anger based motives (That’s where you get fear of aliens taking you up to the mother ships and doing experiments, worry about state-sized asteroids pummeling the Earth [If that happens, nothing we can do, so why worry?], and thinking everything causes cancer.), secret reasons, they would begin to realize and think rationally.  But for the fun of this simple article, we ran a few numbers while watching a comedy show.

            According to simple research (You decide how reliable online information is.):  327 million times a trillion gallons of water on the Earth, or over 500 trillion Olympic sized pools.  When the gulf oil spill occurred, the spill of oil amounted to less than a trillionth of all that water, and the reason it all disappeared was due to natural time and tiny microorganisms that have always eaten oil, which naturally seeps into the ocean, at 5 million gallons a year (They say.). 

            *I think I once read somewhere that a trillion one dollar bills would fill a house, just to conceptualize such a large number.  A trillion is a 1,000,000,000,000.  A million times a million, or a million millionaires.

            Another way to see this is thinking how many drops of water are in a gallon.  There are 75,000 drops in a gallon of water.  If we think of that gallon of water as the Gulf of Mexico, that oil spill was 1/40,000th of a drop.  Multiply 40,000 by 75,000, and that’s how many of those oil spills would fill the Gulf of Mexico.  The damage was local, which we should always protect, but posed no danger to the Gulf, and certainly not the world.  At all.

            *Here’s another way to look at this.  Imagine a tiny salt water tank, about 10 gallons full, with a couple salt water fish and a few of those microorganisms in there.  You put 1/8,000th of a drop of oil, probably too small to see, in the tank. 

            Let’s look at CO2, a naturally occurring gas.  According to some sites, the atmosphere contains .04% Co2.  Man, according to some sites, adds .0016 % per year (How they know we’ll never know.  I guess guestimations is science.).  But if we go with those numbers (And remember, man is part of nature.), man (at most) adds 4/100th of a percent to naturally occurring Co2.  Another way to think of this is like adding 2 drops of water to a gallon in comparison.  So, the gallon represents naturally occurring CO2 when humans are walking around, eating, building log cabins, hunting, and growing crops, singing songs at dinner.  Now, men make automobiles, jets, Styrofoam cups, and whatever.  So, according to those “expert” sites, we’re adding 2 drops to the gallon of CO2.  And from that, somehow global warming, which by the way, at best they say ½ degree, yet that can’t be proven with available information.  What about the sun that goes through cycles?  What about the colder weather in recent years, maybe decades?  Only a few decades ago, these same and other “experts” predicted a coming ice age, or global cooling. 

Let couch potato scientists do the research, which I’ve never seen one do.  In fact, whenever we tried explaining, we see the heads scrunching up.  And remember, the Earth compensates, meaning if temperatures did warm (Whether naturally or unnaturally), this would cause more plants to grow.  And as everyone who has had a decent education knows, in grammar school, more plants means more oxygen, and more plants means more Co2 pulled out of the atmosphere among other naturally occurring phenomena.  Which means, how do experts do the math on a world-wide scope.

**I remember, diverting for a bit, as a wee little boy, looking at those children’s encyclopedias, with all those pictures (I think I learned to read through comics, backs of cereal boxes, the funny pages, and those children’s encyclopedias, because I cannot remember listening enough to learn reading through my teachers.  They explained words and grammar, I was looking out the window at birds.  But at home, those comics and encyclopedias got me thinking and reading.  If I wanted to know how to make those craft projects, I had to read those words.), wondering, if those dinosaurs were millions of years old, how on Earth did they know their color or how they looked, and later, when I discovered how few bones they found, I then learned many of those skeletons are incomplete, many man-made bones added.  Then, the tooth that was evidence for the missing link, later discovered to be from a Wooly Mammoth.

            Now, with all the recent fires, which happen every single year, we know trees need fire to grow stronger.  We also know fires clear the underbrush.  In other words, to reduce fires, we need more logging and clearing of underbrush.   Actually, in a sense, natural fires is nature’s way of reducing fires.  But, of course, we want to reduce fires and protect people, many living in or near forests.  So, to protect, we have to allow some fires, but do our best to contain, for many trees need to burn to grow, but also to get stronger.  There are some tree seeds that only open in fires.  The best thing would be to allow more logging, clearing of underbrush, to protect home owners, but better might be for home owners not to live inside trees, or have wide clearings.  But, by clearing underbrush, encouraging logging, creating more jobs, and creating clearings between forests and homes, also allowing those home owners to manage their own lands, we can reduce fire sizes while allowing natural fires to happen, which is nature’s way of managing.  So, we can support trees and people.

            Now, with all the tornadoes, which happen every single year, naturally, there’s absolutely no way to align humans, which are ants on the Earth, contributing nothing to natural phenomena, to those tornadoes.  I always encourage people to do the research so they’ll discover how incredibly complex the Earth is, but also how vast the numbers are, which they’ll also discover there’s so much more to learn. 

            I was talking with a friend, while looking at images of tornadoes we’ve all heard.  More tornadoes in the mid-west and in the Atlantic Ocean.  Don’t get them in California, at least, nothing to write home about.  Earthquakes are west coast concerns, due to tectonic plates.  Well, there’s a map showing wind and water patterns.  From what I saw, towards the East, there are more warm fronts meeting cold fronts among other natural phenomena.  In other words, tornadoes form there due to natural phenomena.  In other words, if the entire population moved to Mars, we could all monitor the Earth, seeing the same tornadoes forming in the same places as they always do.  Even without us.

            Here’s the thing.  Experts don’t know.

            But what they do know is just what I wrote above.  They know the dynamics of tornado formations, though they can never predict direction or term.  They know about warm fronts and cold fronts, Earth dynamics, and more.  They know hot weather, dry weather, and other naturally occurring aspects leads to fires, and without logging and clearing underbrush, those fires will be hotter, making fire fighter’s jobs more difficult (Fire fighters a amazing.).  They know CO2 is natural, ½ degree one way or another is nothing and ramifications cannot be predicted, but they also know the Earth compensates amazingly well.  They know all this and more, but those scientists are never given voice in a realm of ideas so all can understand. 

            That’s why I always encourage people to think for themselves, follow the rabbit of reason, and ponder without accepting anyone’s ideas, even mine, without doing your part in understanding.  I even question my own beliefs.  Because I want to understand.  And if anyone pushes their ideas, and many follow without critiquing, all the more to ponder and research.


            Horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks, “Why the long face.”  You know, because the horse has a long face.  Just starting light.  Okay, here goes….

            Since starting a blog, we have noticed the difficulty in real communication.  And pondering upon this, we have considered that most who write do so from emotions, but also many from following different rabbits, one’s of their own making often supported by disinformation, rhetoric, emotions, and other motives.  And I suppose, in a day of publishers, writers, movies, television programming, directing towards everything and anything, like those adults hanging around the comic book section, some afraid to grow up, it makes sense.  And in a day when there is so much stress, people are looking for distractions and ways to unplug.

            As such, I’ve realized getting any kind of “following,” the probabilities are against.  Reading other writers’ sites, where real understanding is shared, few thumbs-ups and commentaries are found.  So, I had a choice, and for a time, I sought to write to those who are really wishing to understand, perhaps encouraging those on the fence (so to speak) to start thinking for themselves, but do so by pondering and following their own rabbit of reason.  If they can find the right rabbit(s).

            I realized I have a couple of things working against these articles.  1)  I never try to get anyone to agree with me, never enduring them to me, but to think for themselves, and 2) As time passes, I soft-shoe less, mince words less, and head to a point of clarity.  In other words, people who are reading anything written to “feel good,” won’t find that here.  But if they feel good, I gather it’s because I’m writing what’s already on their minds but they couldn’t find the words, or I’m saying what they’ve thought with different words.  And I support those who write with clarity and understanding.  Since it appears, on blogs, to be rare, the challenge is quite a challenge.  Many are angry when someone writes anything that gets them thinking for themselves, we suppose, because they’re looking for something that unplugs them from reality. 

            That’s a choice I guess I made many years ago.  If I am discussing a real issue, then I realized I had to understand it myself, then frame the words in such a way that went straight to the point, but allowing others considerations which I also learned from others.  I had tried soft-shoeing, using round-a-bout ways of making the points, even using humor, but I found when I did that people were able to jot is down as an opinion and not that I meant it for real:  for everyone.   So, I guess, with time, I knew no other way.  I had to go straight to the point so the brain and societal conditioning didn’t get in the way.  But, perhaps, that’s an area I still need working.  Perhaps, I can find a way to build up to the point with some creativity, a little humor where needed, and that might lessen gut reactions to their own negative experiences.  But as it stands, that is what it is.  But like parents who are turning to home schooling, I greatly encourage them, for what they’re doing will return in their children’s appreciation and grateful memories.  As I’ve said before, whenever I’ve met someone home schooled, I usually see they’re leaps and bounds ahead of their peers.  For at home, they discuss and debate with their parents, their tutors, their siblings, and perhaps friends, something very short on time in the public arena.  In many educational institutions, teacher creativity and skills are being reduced, the individual often taken out of the equation.  Mass learning….  Not my idea of learning. 

            But to the point of the article.  With the elections very close, I want to share some thoughts.  I’ve been considering what kind of nation I want America to be, holding to the U.S. Constitution which is the best framework for the best nation in history.  And of course, I believe the framework is best for “the people,” best for this and future generations, and best for other countries we defend.  And I wish to make this point.  The U.S. Constitution is not a deterrence to real freedom as some anti-American people would argue.  Capitalism is not the enemy of freedom.  They are, in fact, supportive of individuality and freedom.

            You see, as you may already know, for centuries people discussed what the best government might be.  Many had believed a King was the way to go, among other systems.  But people, over the centuries, pondered upon this.  With time, some focused on what is the best situation for human beings.  Books were written.  And over the years, we got closer and closer to the U.S. Constitution.  In other words, if people spent the time, honestly searching for what is best for individuals and everyone, themselves and others, they would all eventually arrive at ideas encapsulated within our founding documents.  They would realize what the founding fathers stressed over, talked at length, read and researched, is what we could discover on our own, though they had great reasons to write and prepare a nation.   And what thoughtfulness.  To me, it’s like a dream that America actually happened.

            However, not everyone is looking for what is truly best.  Unfortunately, many don’t want what’s best for everyone but what they think is best for themselves, then they go about trying to change everyone else.  But their motives are wrong.  Their motives might be from selfishness, from feeling jaded, from not getting what they wanted in life, or something else. 

            Let’s try it this way.  On a make-believe small island, there are about a thousand people separated by hundreds of miles of ocean from anywhere else, but they don’t know exactly how far or in which direction.  Not only that, there aren’t the resources on the island to build anything for an ocean voyage.  Well, realizing they may be stranded for the rest of their lives and beyond, they all decide to begin a new civilization.  So they create a document that supports freedom.

            With time, some people become great fisherman.  Others are adept to building homes, even in caves.  Others are skilled at farm work while others enjoy clothing design.  However, on that island, there are a few people who don’t have great skills and self-motivation, so they find they don’t like this freedom thing.  They see others getting richer, having fuller lives, but they grunt a grumble through life.  And along the way, they work at bringing other people down, sometimes using their skills to get money from others without doing the hard work. 

            Yes, that’s over simplistic, but simplicity can be used to make the point.  But there will also be people who don’t like the idea of living honestly, morally, and responsibly, but under the current document, they must follow the island codes and regulations to protect.  So what do they do?  They talk amongst themselves, whispering how they can “change” things, so they can have their cake and eat it too.  With enough time, we will see some things similar to what we are seeing today.

            What I see today is outrageous, something I never imagined while growing up.  I’ve pondered how things have fallen so far in such a short time, for while growing up, freedom and opportunity were very clear.  Which then caused me to ponder, wonder what forces were at work, and how and who were involved.  That led to thinking, asking questions, listening, reading, researching, but in my own time.  A little here and a little there, but over time, creating a picture.  From the founding fathers’ own words, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the great thinkers of the past, to the Soviet Union (Russia) and other communist countries and their efforts to get into our institutions and large companies, also into our entertainment industry, to what we see today in the media and other institutions, the picture clarified.  Though the parts are many, what is becoming clear is the complete opposite of what our founding fathers wrote, provided “the people” continued to hold their leaders to their words of responsibility and continued to be a moral and concerned people. 

            What do we see today?  1)  People who can’t truly think for themselves, think from emotions and propaganda, and aren’t together in one important aspect:  freedom through the U.S. Constitution.  Many people are frustrated, find they can’t find like-minded people at work, but if they do, they are afraid to say what they truly believe.  This has been created over time through a variety of means, which I leave to the reader to discover.  2)  We see outrageous programs on television, shows and commercials that are filled with trash, demean parents, more notably the father, but encourage irresponsibility in both adults and children, making ridiculousness appear as rights.   In other words, irresponsibility and silliness is raised to normalcy in “their worlds.”  They even put trashy commercials right in the middle of family and children shows for the unsaid purpose of indoctrinating people from early in life.  They also use shock, because shock has a hypnotic quality, and over time, can transform people is ways that are not in their best interests.  In this way, people grow up with horrible values, thinking their thoughts are their own, and become unable to speak up because they’ve (without knowing it) bought into what appears as normal life to them.  It isn’t.  If people only knew there are those in our country, but also without working on our institutions, to turn reality upside down, appealing to the worst in us, for the reason of taking down America.  3)  The growing movement of home schooling is part of an awakening, something that the recent closures opened the door, for more and more parents are realizing their children don’t know what they should know, but that their minds are filled with unexamined thoughts based upon things they’re taught without following the rabbit of reason.  In other words, many young people don’t realize they don’t know.  They’ve been encouraged to accept ideas not of their own making, some of which have no business in education, and the parents are realizing they need to take on the mantle of instruction and guidance.  In many places, it may not be as bad, but still, the youth are not encouraged to think for themselves, agree and disagree without anger, and debate quality topics so people can “see” the reasoning process, and come to their own conclusions.  4)  We’re inundated by fear:  fear of the future, fear of medical needs (The high cost is directly related to political regulations.), fear of what we’ll have at retirement (So people look to an over-riding entity to take care of them when that’s what they should be doing for themselves, but high costs and the devaluing dollar creates a panic that never ends.), fear of fitting in, fear of speaking up (This created by the title “hate speech” and propaganda.), fear of being outed, and fear of the thought police coming into our lives and taking over, and more.   An yet, without knowing it, they look for help from the very people attempting to take their freedoms away, one hand with a smile, the other subverting their awareness.  5)  From every corner, we see a media that constantly works in certain directions, antithetical to a free country, attacking real freedom and those who support the constitution.  6)  Talking with a friend today, I realized something a little more.  When Ronald Reagan was president, he was known as the great communicator.  He was a decent man who understood real freedom with responsibility.  And he encouraged people to love their country, love their lives, and see the future as bright.  The unfortunate side of this was those who do not have your best interests at heart realized the path to socialism/communism/country break-down was in language.  In other words, by watching Ronald Reagan, they learned to use language for your votes, though what they’re really saying and what they’re really doing is the opposite.  And whenever they’re caught, like brats on steroids, they point the finger.  7)  There’s an old saying, an old technique.  Blame others for what you’re doing, and if you do this enough, enough people will believe.  Repeat the same lies over and over, with enough support, and more and more people will believe.  This is in part to pressure, appearing believable, and eloquent language.  I remember, in a discussion, some people trying to get me to believe something I completely disagreed, but because I knew the truth.  Their last effort was to say that was what the research showed.  So, I said what they hoped I never would.  I said, show me the research.  Of course, all they could say was I could look up the information, so when I said I already had, they were angry.  Why angry?  If they really believed, wouldn’t that mean they would have researched themselves, would have the information and sources at hand, and be more than glad to share them with me?  Of course, they didn’t, in part, because there was no real-research, just the statement that research shows.  And of course, my friends wouldn’t speak up because they didn’t want real discussion, knowing understanding was not what was on the plate.  I knew that too, but I wanted others to realize. 

            8)  One of the biggest, and perhaps most difficult, is the corruption.  Consider the Roman Empire.  Consider throngs of people in the stadiums watching slaves slaughtering each other, soldiers killing slaves, slaves thrown in with the lions and tigers, and much more, and “the people” cheering on.  What the hell?  You mean people were watching terrible things for entertainment?  What caused the people to fall so far to have so little compassion for others?  What caused the people to enjoy terrible things?  What was the purpose of such distractions? 

            **Distraction is the key, for while they’re distracted, they’re not thinking about the real problems in society.  But there’s another thing.  Demoralization.  Demoralize a people, corrupt them, even the youth, and the people won’t stand together.  They can’t stand together because they’ve become disconnected from principles.  They’re disconnected from true humanity.  They’re losing the capacity to care for others because they don’t care for themselves.  And they’re becoming monsters as in Pinocchio.  Yes, right before your eyes, over time, they’re losing their identities.  In our society, people are losing their identities as true Americans, for America is about the constitution:  freedom with responsibility.  And in such a society, the puppet masters know how to pull our strings, create division and chaos, and swoop in for our votes.  Because people won’t vote what they’ve lost inside. 

            As I said, with time, following the rabbit of reason, we go directly to the point.  I once attempted to write a book, with similar understandings but for a different purpose, and an agent explained he liked the work but wanted me to blog to see if there was a following.  So, I started the blog, and it has been an eye-opening experience.  I decided, if I couldn’t encourage people to think for themselves through a book, then perhaps in a blog, though one person at a time.  And it’s worth the time.  For one person that understands can have deeper discussions with others.  But it’s a steep climb.  And I suppose, some people don’t comment or offer support for what they know is real because it troubles them.  But that’s the point.  To get people to not be comfortable with what is going on around them, then to do the hard work of reading and thinking for themselves.

            In the coming votes, our future is in our hands, though efforts are being made to distort the elections, getting many uniformed voters, perhaps including those outside, who don’t follow the rabbit of reason.  But this is very important, and yes, real communication can change things for the better.  Right now, we’ve had a few amazing years, and to continue the movement towards a truly constitutional nation, one of real freedom, supporting democratic nations, then we must not succumb to pressure, but do what is best for the country and future generations.  No, I won’t vote for a candidate for myself.  Even if what I want doesn’t happen, I have to vote for the country, the people, and for future generations. 

            One more point, and this was an eye-opener.  My friend was teaching at a school, and they had a mock election.  Some students liked one candidate, others, the other.  Yet, my friend explained (though they didn’t have to write their names on the ballots) the ones who liked the unpopular one changed their votes to match their peers.  My friend asked why, when they told her, would you not vote by what you believed?  The couldn’t say the words. 

            My hopes are people don’t listen to the media, don’t listen to propaganda, don’t follow what they think is the crowd, but when alone, vote understanding.  Or, they learn to separate disinformation from the real.  You never have to tell anyone who you voted for.  I don’t care if people vote who I will vote for.  Just that the truly follow the rabbit of reason, for I believe, if everyone searched their heart and researched, ultimately we’ll have the best candidate.  Overall. 

And, What About…

I explained this to others before:  how money is made.  In one example, a couple designs a business, then with their friends’ help, go to the bank.  The bank loans them $100,000 for a great idea, but with interest.  So, the couple runs their business, and with time, have enough profits to pay the bank back the $100,000 plus $20,000 interest.  The 20K is created money, over and above. 

But I also thought, when my grandparents were raising children, they only paid $10,000 for the home (3 bedrooms, patio, and spacious backyard).  But today, that same home would run well over a hundred K, maybe two.  Though I understand how money is created, what has devalued the dollar so much?  As a kid, we could buy a lunch bag full of candy for about a dollar, but today, you might not be able to buy one candy bar for that.  Comics were $0.25 back then.  Our family’s first new car was just less than 4K.  But things keep going up.  That’s not normal.  That’s caused.

Follow the rabbit.  What causes the devaluation?  All the excess printing of money that has to be paid back though our debt continues to increase?  All the regulations that add to the real costs of products?  And what else?  Then, when you do discover the one’s purporting to help are the same that cause rising debt, but you have to really understand and not listen to rhetoric.  Meaning, uninformed people will point their fingers at the wrong people.  It takes understanding of principles.

Have You Considered

            There is an old saying that sometimes, the one who smiles isn’t your friend.  The one who says they’re going to give you everything is the same one taking everything away, raising costs.

            How many have considered that the ones who seem concerned and caring, wanting you to have universal healthcare (Which is not possible.) are also the ones who created the rules and regulations that caused massive insurance increases.  Not only with insurance but in all facets of life, from regulations that greatly increase home prices, to cars with unnecessary technology, on to everything else. 

            When our grandparents were young, they had the town doctor and paid cash on the barrel.  I remember once accidentally cutting my leg with a saw, then going to a town doctor where I received some stitches and a shot, $100 out the door.  I couldn’t have afforded much more as I was working without insurance.  Of course, I was younger and never thought about it.

            Do the research.  Find out about all the regulations and frivolous lawsuits that ramp up costs.  That a friend pays 20K + per year seems ridiculous.  And I suppose, many without are frantically worried as they get older.  That sets the stage.

            The answer is to stop all the regulations and frivolous lawsuits, getting back to what once was normal and pretty much any family could purchase insurance without going bankrupt.  I truly believe, with quality controls without going overboard, decent health insurance shouldn’t cost more than 3-5K for a family.  Follow the rabbit. 

The Blue or Red Pill

In my youth, like my friends, I was big into science fiction, but more so into comics, and more so into Marvel over DC.  I guess, like many, we enjoyed the fantasy world where anything was possible.  Hey, if I could have been bitten by a radio-active spider then go swinging through the cities, I’d  have put my arm out.  And I sure any of my friends would have gone to outer space if they could yell, “Flame On,” or turn invisible.

            But like most of my friends, real life took precedence, so away went the comics and a lot of science fiction shows.   And with real life, I pondered upon the meaning of things, like most people.

            That I watched “The Matrix” was simply by happenstance.  I never planned on watching, didn’t go to the theatres much, and was getting more into “real” movies, older movies, and reading about real people, though I did like some “fantasy” books, but only when the characters were very “real,” the story substantive.

            But some people told me “The Matrix” was excellent, though I think for different reasons, so I got a Redbox cd.  And when I watched it for the first time, many times since then, I was dumbfounded by how such a movie ever hit the screen.  Outside all the science fiction and drama, here is the core message to Neo.  From mankind’s birth, a blanket was thrown over their eyes by a sophisticated computer system using people as batteries to power themselves.  Of course, the absurdity of such a concept would be fun for a movie, kind of a “what if.”

            Here’s what I took (and some others).  “The Matrix” was a movie about how people grow up in lies, from birth.  From the moment we’re born, it’s all around us.  The home we live in is a progression of societal rules and regulations (The tiles, the fiber boards, the lawns and lawn care, and all the other products produced by companies responding to regulations and advertisers.  Just look at masks, how all these companies came out of nowhere to use the current climate of fear to support that fear, for fear will open our wallets and credit cards.).  We’re surrounded by magazines, billboards, and the environments, but also people that have “bought into” the conditioning.  We do this and do that, say this and say that, read this and read that, behave in this way and that, from a conditioning that has always been with us.  From preschool, we’re surrounded by a system of things that is not a making of our own minds, but becomes so, then conditioning occurs there.  It’s everywhere, good and bad. 

            Now, I was becoming aware of this as I grew older.  So, to “take a break” from “the world” so to speak (I had recently been in college, but took a year to work.), I took off to another state, working at a zoo.  While there, there was only one television which people rarely watched, worked 10-12 hour days taking care of the park and animals, then enjoyed any days off by going to town, going skating, walking along the river, or going to a ranch.  In a very real sense, I had unplugged from a system of things, to a more natural one, around people who also wanted a break from the city.  I might wake up one day and look out the back window, seeing a couple of deer.  And there have been other ways, after that time, like going fishing, camping, hunting, walking along beaches, and more.  And for one year or so, later when I started a career, I didn’t have a television.  Without television, smartphones, and computers, one starts to think more for themselves for there’s plenty of time, even while working.

            But when I finally decided to complete a degree, then get into teaching, it was all so obvious.  But there was another thing:  working at summer camps, teaching people about crafts and how to ride horses, animals we took care when customers weren’t around (mucking stables, cleaning the horses, taking care of tack, and more.)., going on hikes, and more.  In that environment, more so with managers that encouraged spontaneity and effort, we found the idea of thinking for yourself a breath of fresh air.  Teaching anyone how to ride a horse was easy.  Teaching someone about leather tooling and wire sculpture was simple.  And people worked at their own speed, letting understanding lead the way.  And we, the trainers, facilitated.

            Then, back to the world we all know.  As a teacher, I wondered why many instructors thought as they did.  Why teach a certain way when better ways exist?  Why would a group of teachers agree to group think, when each adult must have their own ideas and creativity?  But this observation grew to other places.  Wherever one goes, there is group think.  Even one of my friends who was very independent started using the word “we” whenever he was discussing an idea.  I understand why he changed:  he was attempting to “fit into” a system of things, a matrix if you will, to have the life he wanted.  But with that meant becoming a different person from what we knew in his younger years.  Of course, in any society, there is some need for cooperation, but I wonder what is going on when people change their core values, what forces are about to cause such changes, and what the long-term meaning of more and more people not thinking for themselves.

            Well, we’re seeing it in spades today.  In sports.  In commercials.  In shows.  On Smartphones.  On the computers.  In magazines.  In books, publishers publishing galore.  When you go to the restaurant, grocery store, the gym, and everywhere else.  It’s everywhere.  But it’s always been everywhere, from the moment we were little.  And some of us were pondering.  More are pondering because it’s like changes on steroids. We couldn’t just allow the blanket to remain over our eyes.  But some people don’t even know the blanket is there, going along happily, or as happy as they can be.  Some are complaining, but they’re complaining by the matrix rules.  They don’t see, giving into the worry, fears, and regulations as the norm. 

            But I suppose, people are always attempting to make their world the world they want, or think they want, and those who are able to lead, to organize, and direct are going to do so.  But this is America, land of the free, home of the brave.  This country was formed on the principles of freedom, getting away from group think, and allowing the best ideas  to rise.  And to do this, there must be freedom of speech, even speech we don’t like, because no one is going to like every idea.  But for freedom to exist, people have to be able to choose.  Some will make terrible choices, but they get to experience the consequences so they can make better decisions.  But by free speech, we can hear all people’s ideas, then throw away the ones we don’t like, walk away from the ones who blather on and on, but listen to the ones that are really saying something.

            I told a friend, all the “controls” we’re seeing today, all the parents taking on the responsibilities for their own families (which is good), and the people walking around like zombies, unwilling to speak and make others more aware, and all the propaganda and rhetoric we hear day in and day out, had to happen.  He asked why, though I think he did know.  Because, the more people don’t think for themselves, the more people give up their constitutional rights (unaware of the puppet masters and their eloquent language:  lies contained within truths), the more people don’t take responsibility for their children and what goes into their minds, and the more we watch programs that are in fact, “trainers”, the more difficult it will be to get people out of “The Matrix”. 

            Why?  Because people become addicted to their lives:  good or bad.  People trained to think certain ways, believe certain things, and live a certain ways, have more difficulty waking up the longer they are in that system:  a system they’ve become used to, which becomes their identity.  Why do you think, when the Great Depression occurred many decades ago, many people went crazy when they lost everything they had?  Because the life they had was their identity.  In other words, they weren’t standing on firm ground, on principles, but on sand and error.  So, I told my friend, we can’t become frustrated by the problems we have today, because those problems had always been there, increasing, and what we’re seeing is all those problems exposed.  Some will ponder and wake up.  Others will go deeper into sleep, becoming puppets themselves.  Yes, they can be wakened as well, but we just have to think for ourselves, speak honestly, and allow the process of returning to the principles of liberty take the time necessary.

            I have heard people talk about the end-times.  Some thinking it’s coming soon.  And some of them are eager for that to happen, sitting in their homes and doing little.  What I’ve said is maybe times get tougher because we’re not doing anything to encourage understanding.  Perhaps, an end time would be a self-fulfilling prophesy, that if people would wake up, observe, talk, debate, and encourage others to realize things for themselves, the world we live in would become a truly wonderful place.  Maybe things end because people quit trying.   But changes often come slow.  It’s what we do each and every day, even one step back and two steps forward.  Back and forth.  But keep pondering, reading, researching, discussing, and unplugging from rhetoric and propaganda.  Learn to hear truth.  The founding fathers never gave up, and all the people leading up to them never gave up.  The believed.

            Times have their ebbs and flow.  The more people think for themselves, truly looking to understand, never settling for common thinking, continue to realize and by example, encouraging others, the more people will also see and understand.  And it doesn’t happen all at once.  It’s a lifetime, benefitting the next generation, and that generation benefits the next.  And so on.

            But it starts today.  By unplugging from the rhetoric, propaganda, and other lies.  Or, by unplugging for a time, then returning with the purpose to understand.  For some of us, what we see is so easy to understand, but it wasn’t always that way.  It took years of pondering, watching, reading, researching, taking time off for fishing and camping, talking with people from time to time, not in a hurry, but patiently observing.  I believe our best years are in front of us.  But that takes people getting out of the matrix of lies.